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Sep 4, 2012
Aug 4, 2008
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Oct 11, 1995 (Age: 28)
Gilneas City, Gilneas.
Champion at League of Legends.

Kannira the wolf

Traverse Town Homebody, 28, from Gilneas City, Gilneas.

Kannira the wolf was last seen:
Sep 4, 2012
    1. Asterisk
    2. Asterisk
      I hope you come back D:
    3. Asterisk
      Bah ..okay >>
    4. Asterisk
      KK, go ahead.
    5. Asterisk
      I still think its Ruon's characters xD she'll love,
    6. Asterisk
      Oh..all right, well, we'll see.
    7. Asterisk
      Wait ..Jeanna and her boyfriend?..
    8. What?
      Thank you.
    9. Asterisk
      Cause they are ..enemies?
    10. Asterisk
      Oh ..well since you met Ruon and the other guy, probably them.Enjoy that : D
    11. Asterisk
      Done.And what's with Jeanna suddenly falling in love with someone?..is it Aaron or whoever she battled with?

      Also I think it would be smart if you put all bios on the front page.
    12. Flyn Pnut
    13. Spaze
      I read it. Yeah, your doing good.
    14. Spaze
      No, at least I'm not. :P But I just wanted to let Rayquaza out and he was talking to Entei. Nuthead randomly came up and took out Kyogre O.o
    15. Spaze
      Oh! Amashi left you because you were gone so long xD And then Tai and Natalie went to the Pokemon Center and Tai met his friend Davis (page 23 I think) Tai said rude things to Natalie and Natalie fought in a battle with him and lost. After that, blahblahblah... Natalie went off went away from Tai and Davis because she got slightly upset and then Kenneth followed her. (nutheads char.) Tai and Davis found Natalie with Ken and where like "You okay?' blahblahblah You had this post with Articune coming up to Entei, Rayquaza, and Kyogre and they're still there waiting for a reply D: Natalie got licked by her Lickilicky and she and Ken are walking up to Tai...and Davis.
    16. Spaze
      Well, nothing much has happened. What was the last thing you remember everyone doing?
    17. Spaze
      Sorry about the Rp D: I guess short post go by faster then the longer ones. And this Rp has been running for how long? 2 or 3 days? It does have alot post for that amount of time O_O
    18. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      Know anybody that would want my friend code for the pokemon ds games?
    19. Asterisk
      You said she flew towards them, not landed ..and your aware I posted already, right?
    20. Asterisk
      Gonna post with Articuno?..you said she was heading for them >>
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    Oct 11, 1995 (Age: 28)
    Gilneas City, Gilneas.
    Champion at League of Legends.
    * As a Brony/Pegasister myself, I say that if you're a totally insane brony, then just go away.
    * I love TF2 even though I'm really bad at it
    * I play LoL, so add me if you want. ZephyrArcturus
    * I am very absent minded and ditsy
    * Annoying fangirls, emo kids, scene kids, and weaboos should just fall off the face of the planet
    * I am brutally honest
    * If I don't like you, it's VERY hard, if not impossible, to change my mind.
    * I have a very dry sense of humor.
    * I am very hard on myself. Don't ask why, I just am.
    * Call of Duty needs to go die in a fire along with it's stupid fanboys.
    * I love making new friends, and I'm actually very nice, as long as you don't get on my bad side. I don't care if you're black, white, Asian, Canadians, Gay, Straight, Bi, or Trans, if you're nice to me, I'll be nice right back. Plain and simple.
    * I'm open for debate on various subjects. Feel free to start one if you wish.

    Gaming and my boyfriend.


    Rainbow Dash is best pony.