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Feb 19, 2018
Feb 10, 2007
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Hangin with Teru, giggling over Kurosaki
One word- SCHOOL!!


Destiny Islands Resident, from Hangin with Teru, giggling over Kurosaki

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Feb 19, 2018
    1. Deathsight44
      That's........an evil lauph o_O ? XD

      Idk, I really liked him at first though. I mean, idk, I liked the whole theme of the dude in his position all alone like that enden up gettin with Yuuki. But now that I know that he's been doin all this >.> O_O Oh no! But that means that zero can't do anything since he is maken Yuuki his lover doesnt that mean that Zero can't do anything becuz Kaname is given him his blood? o_O I feel so bad for thinken he was awsome TT_TT

      lol. sheesh, godda calm down. Not for nothen but u are extremely pissed off right now. Godda calm down ^_^ lol

      :D its the full moon! Is it the same where u are?

      Lol, u like to said rofl alot, dontcha :P
    2. Deathsight44
      btw, just sayen, the thing at the end of that message was sposed to be something else, not a wink >.>
    3. Deathsight44
      awww. I mean, I just started to notice how he's doin all this creepy stuff. I mean, idk, at first he seemed pretty awsome, but now he just..........TT_TT I feel so betrayed :( lmao.

      also, since ur haven trouble with ur friend then I mean, idk, maybe u should just sorta spend some time away from her for a bit or somethen, idk.

      Anythen else up with u? (sry im not that good for conversation. I've been a real bore today ^^;)
    4. Deathsight44
      lol, well, if u say so :P

      Lmao. I gots a question for a second. I remembered awhile ago that while I was watchen Vampire Knight, you said somethen bouts Yuuki and Kaname not bein able to get together. Is that cuz of how he gets all evil like? o_O
    5. kairigirl22
      oh nottin just some conflict between me and my bestie.... she's been really weird and I'm gettin sick of it, but I think it'll all get better once she's moved back into her house... long story ^_^
    6. Deathsight44
      awwww. alrite. anythen I can help out with? (lmao, ya, thats sorta funny since im only online). Still though, if I can help then tellz meh.

      alrite then, i'll seeya then ^_^
    7. kairigirl22
      oh rofl ^_^

      idk dippends on what's goin on, lots of drama so far so that's one of the reasons i havn't been on ( my friend is moving to Idaho =[ )

      srry gtg cya
    8. Deathsight44
      lol. I can definatly take that as a no :P
      Its kinda like AIM and Myspace but its really simple. idk, Ive been usen it a lot lately so I thought that I might as well ask :P

      soo. Is this like a once in a blue moon visit or are ya comen on more often? you know, just wonderin ^^;
    9. kairigirl22

      ummm what's chatango? should I know what it is? XP
    10. Deathsight44
      oh, lol. idk, I'm weird like that. If I'm talken to one person then I only remember certain things bout them and not about anouther, but then when I'm talken to a different person then I completely 4get about the person I just talked to..... even though thats probably really confusen ^_^

      hey, u dont have chatango, do ya?
    11. Deathsight44
      lol, its alrite. Only reason why I'm able talk right now really is cuz I convinced my mom to let me come on since I use the computer for all of my hw anyways :P

      did things ever clear up with that thing that happend wit the soccor dude?
    12. Deathsight44
      Nothens much. Things are goin slow here, slow with school, so its just been slow for me basicly ^_^

      sup with u?
    13. Legion
      weird, i can't pm you.
    14. Deathsight44
      Hurray for visitor messages ^_^ (wonder why they have these though, lol)
    15. Deathsight44
      You really dont have enough visitor messages, lol, so I'm gonna post here, since I'd be an ass if I didn't ^_^
    16. Hopefulwishes
      Oh my, a fellow Vampire Knight fan!! yay! :glomp: Let's be friends! ok, desu~?
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    Hangin with Teru, giggling over Kurosaki
    One word- SCHOOL!!
    I lived in a cave untill I found kingdom hearts.

    Hmm lets see dancing, dancing, and dancing.


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