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Hangin with Teru, giggling over Kurosaki
One word- SCHOOL!!


Destiny Islands Resident, from Hangin with Teru, giggling over Kurosaki

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Feb 19, 2018
    1. Deathsight44
      ummmm, b4 anythen though, what do u think a good title would be for a thread about Hommunculi's? o_O (ik, stupid question, but idk what to call the thread TT_TT )
    2. Deathsight44
      Maken the thread now. Sry i'm out of things to talk abouts ^^;
    3. Deathsight44
      lol. Every girl I know talks about nothen but 'edward this' and edward that. is funny :P

      A. Cuz its a chick movie
      B. I'm gonna get the book >.> but only so ik wth everyone is talken bout >.>
      C. Cuz it pisses off every girl Ik when I say that I'm not gonna see it for the sake of getting them angry ^_^

      those reason are good :P
    4. Deathsight44
      I've heard. Lol. Just so I have an idea, ur u one of the giggly girls when he took off his shirt or were u one of the normal ones? o_O

      and just for the record, I have not actually seen it, and dont plan on it ^_^
    5. Deathsight44
      lol, trust me, dont see it. Yesterday my friend nyko dragged me along wit him and his gf to go see it (let's just say that she talks alot >.>), and I had to spend the entire time watchen the movie. Trust me, u dun wanna see it ^_^

      have u seen..........TWILIGHT!!!!! :P
    6. Deathsight44
      Nothing either.

      Have you seen the new 007 movie? o_O

      and since we've run out of things to talk about im gonna get to maken the new thread once im done beaten this one thing in ff8 :P
    7. Deathsight44
      lol. she's just jelous of ur awsumosity :P (I've never used that word before O_O )

      lol, np ^_^

      lol, so besides all this, whats good? :P
    8. Deathsight44
      ur so funny when ur losing :P

      lol. good. dun want him gettin the wrong idea >.>

      oh wait, so then why were u and lindsey gettin weird then? I thought it was cuz she was moven >.>

      of course u feels speshul ^_^ who wouldnt feel speshul knowing that they will be getting an amv present from the great awsum mike ^_^ (I have people call me awsum mike sometimes so......ya :P )
    9. Deathsight44
      k. cya later then :P

      n if I dun see u later then happy birthday ^_^
    10. Deathsight44
      that and also ur come backs are so easy to counter ^_^ its almost cruel how I have arguments with someone of ur intellegence :P (wow, that really made me sound like a nerd XD)

      lol. poor kairi. always setting herself up for defeat ^_^

      lol, ya, sry. idk, that kind of stuff always gets me too worked up I guess. :sweatdrop:

      ummmmm. Ya........dont let him do that >.> Not for nothen but.......how do I put this......if you tickle a chick then that sort of makes you feel like ur able to get away with more I guess. Just sayen >.>

      oh, lol. u guys still friends though and not *****y enemies atleast? :P

      ik. I kind of used that song to help me get some insperation for meh new rp, since I mean, idk, that song is just really..........well, let's just say that its really good, since I'm to manly to use the words that are used to describe that :P

      lol. In that case I'll makes u a b-day amv ^_^ (lol. as rediculous as that sounds, I'd actually like to make an amv and i have a lot of spair time tonite, so ya). Besides, if I make u a good b-day amv then that means that I can make other peoples that I know b-day amv's :D

      ish a picture of her. evil verizon f'ed up the pic, but its the best I can do ^_^ (its one I took at my old house though)
    11. Deathsight44
      lol. fighting with u is so much fun. idk why but ur probably the only person who I can fight with that won't freak out if I say something (idk, but for some reason fun fights always turn out to be not so fun fights for me TT_TT )

      OMG, REALLY!?!?!!?! THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING! PRETENDING TO HAVE A LIFE WITH FRIENDS? WOW!!!!!! (XD u shoulda seen this comment coming :P )

      lmao, its pretty funny how the thing started up though. Cuz see, I got this thing from my dad with this guy yelling 'hey everyone, look at me, the guy with the phone! I suck ****!", and basicly sayen stuff like that (I dun wanna say the whole thing since ik that ur gonna end up sayen ew, lol), and I wanted her to play it first. then during lunch when my friends were at our table, I walked away to the bathroom, and I sent the message to all of them at the same time :P poor dudes never saw it comen, but I got them good ^_^ today was a happy day ^_^

      XD if only I could be there. Not for nothen, but the only exception I will EVER have to throwing the first punch is if I'm punching a pedo, cuz those guys are messed up. I mean, my 2 cousins, my 2 nieces, and my 2 nephews are all younger then me (sept for my third nephew, but he's 18 so he's older then me. hard to explain ^^;), but it really just sort of gets on my nerves, you know. Lol. its pretty funny to since this kind of stuff always happens to all the nice chicks that I know, lol.

      lol. if anythen though, long as the dude dont put his hands anywhere near u, right? he hasnt tried anythen like that, right? o_O

      my memory is amazingly scary for me to even remember who lindsy is >.> but yes, u were talken bout ur best friend thats moven, so I THINK that means lindsey.

      lol, thnx. I havn made that many but after I finished by second one I wanted to make a kh one of Blurry :P (puddle of mud)

      good thing I asked then. :P I usually use youtube to listen to music though, but bearshare is still good to have for amv's ^_^

      lol, ic.

      its ur birthday tommorow? :D wait, so then that means you'll be 15? o_O

      XD my kitten riply is so cute. I was goin to pet her and when she saw my hand, she jumped like 5 ft into the air :P
    12. Deathsight44
      well its not like its really the best, but idk, its kind of addictive. I mean, the dudes look pretty freaky to, but when the rapper dude starts singen it gets all awsum :P

      lmao. its the only song by that band thats actually worth listenen to, so I dun suggest u look up any other songs, lol
    13. Deathsight44
      I really doubt I could voice an oppinion. Highlights seem so fake to me, lmao. But then again, ur hair will probably turn out bein blonde anyways ^_^ after all, people always tend to like how they act :P

      how? 'oh wow, its so cool making VIRTUAL friends and doing VIRTUAL fishing, and mkaing VIRTUAL money, and VIRTUAL food'. ya, real fun :P

      lol. I'm only jk, sheesh. Lol, I was tryen to get my friend veronica to listen to this thing today so then I got meh friends (tyler and colton) to start chanting 'peer pressure' with me while we sorta gathered around her. it was fun ^_^

      you should kick him in the shin randomly some day or somethen. XD I bet he's never even had a gf b4 XDDDDD

      jus keep ur distance from him as much as possible then. You should try and and have a GUY friend sit next to you on the bus so that way he backs off >.>

      Listen, I'll just say since I get what you are saying. I mean, if you really think that he is a person that you want to be friends with, then be friends with him. If he likes you, then even if he does say something, then you should atleast let him know that you want to stay friends. After all, if he really did like you then he would atleast wait until you might actually be into him atleast, right?

      lol. how have things been goin wit the whole friend fight thing?

      and its perfectly alrite. i havn't made any threads in awhile, and I only thought that I would bring it up incase u might be interested. though ik that my awsumness should be enough to keep ya entertained, I thought that I'd bring it up anyways incase u wanted to ^_^

      oh. b4 on youtube I sent you a message asking if you still had a link to that bearshare download thing. I had to get rid of it b4 cuz some dude had to come to hook up my internet after I moved and I didnt want him to see it, so I had to delete it sadly TT_TT

      lol. Jus wonderin, but how come u always just joined me and varnors threads? I mean, idk, thought just occured but I mean its always just been our threads that you've joined, lol. Just curious ^^;

      :D I'm so excited! I'm stayen home tommorow from school becuz at my new place (which is high up on this hill) I get to watch this giant tower thats gonna get blown up by a demolishen team and then I get to watch it fall into the Hudson river. ITS GONNA BE AWSUM!!!!!!! :DDDDDD
    14. Deathsight44

      best song ever :D
    15. Deathsight44
      I dun gets why chicks get highlights. I mean, not for nothen, but to me highlights usually worsen how a girl looks instead of maken one look better, ya know. >.>

      *eye twitch* thats just..........wow. I never thought I would ever find a lamer game then dr.ds surgery, but I think I just did >.> just wow. that game is so lame that nerds diss it :P

      In other words you give into peerpressure easily ^_^

      wait, hold up. Let's have a replay of that completely awsome 'WHAT THE ****!!!!!!!" the I just said, becuz I don't think I have ever been more disturbed b4. I mean, WHAT THE ****. You have an 18 year old ****** who is hitting you on (a 14 year old), and is constantly talken bout how things would be like if you were in a relationship? o_O b4 I was jk around but now that actually sorta pisses me off to hear. I mean, idk, if it was some desperate loser that was hitten on u then ya sure, guess it dun matter. but now that its some freaky pedo, I'm just gonna say then, watch out >.> make sure that he never meets up wit u anywhere or ANYTHING, cuz I'm jus sayen, thats kinda scary to hear. How do you think he would react if you hurt his feelens or somethen? o_O not that im tellen u to, but still.

      lol. don't worry about it, it isn't really your fault. Still though, you really need to realize that if he thinks that ur comen onto him then it is his fault >.> besides, you know that he likes you, right? jus cuz of that doesnt mean that you cant atleast try and be more friendly towards him, right?

      lol. also, I'm just gonna say. if ur interested then I gots a new thread comen out today, so check it out if u want :P
    16. Deathsight44
      btw, did you get my message that I sent you on youtube? o_O
    17. Deathsight44
      Lol. Well u definatly are a blonde if ur MAKEN FUN OF A LITTLE KID!!!!! (I was really young, I 4get how old, but ik that I was a really young kid so can u blame me? o_O )

      How did I ever guess that u were gonna say exsactly that >.> either way, whats it about? o_O

      Lol. Giant box of cards? DId u by chance see the faces of all the people that were lauphen at u for bringing out a giant box of pokemon cards? XD

      that reminds me of this ep of GTO (great teacher onizuka) when this really nerdy teacher's apartment is covered with pics of the main chick charecter in it, and he has a telescope that he looks into her room with and super headphones that lets him listen to everything she says XD but hearing that doesnt exsactly help u now does it :P
      ummmmm, seriously though, that just sounds creepy. I mean, the one kid that talks to u cuz he likes u is one thing, but actually sayen that kind of stuff to a girl is just.........>.> What kind of kid is he? I mean, what kind of social group?

      well ya, ik what ur sayen, but still though. not for nothing, but I mean, iidk, its a weird thing, cuz ur sorta right, but ur sorta wrong to ^^;
    18. Deathsight44
      XD no no no. I think u misunderstood. You couldnt find the save butten. I didnt know what the save butten WAS XDDDDDD

      why? o_O

      lol. No, I really don't actually. If I like it then I don't plan on giving it away, so I honostly wouldnt know at all. And I guess ur right. After all, i guess it was the right choice of u to give them to kids who are probably gonna end up biting off some of them, wifen their noses with them, ect ect XD

      XD why does he creep u out? What does he usually talk about?

      *sigh* so troublesome ^^;
      well i guess it makes sense, but still, thats kind of mean, lmao. why do u think that he likes u?
    19. Deathsight44
      lmao. sry, but u know that I had to say that :P
      but ya, lol. Those were such good times. Lol, u know, just being able to play that game though. WHen I was a kid it took me a week to find out what the save butten was for XD

      lmao. animal crossing XD that game is so lame. I mean, just the theme of it is absolutely lame! Only time I ever saw someone play it was my friend, who is also a huge WOW freak since apparently he is 'famous' on there, so that doesnt give the game a very good rep :P

      D: DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW MUCH U CAN SELL THE OLD ONES FOR!?!?!?!?!? I gots this venosaur one that sells for more then 200 right now, and ur just given urs away >.>

      (evil gaara glare :P )

      does he hide behind stuff as he stalks u? o_O

      lol. why dun u like him?

      lol. it sucks even more cuz the day b4 I had this quiz for my english honors class (which i've sorta been doin bad in >.>) and I screwed up royally cuz I didnt read ANYTHING that the quiz had to do with. I epicly failed TT_TT
    20. Deathsight44
      I'm shocked that u remember them to. Blondes arent supposed to have good memories after all :P

      lol. When I was a kid I used to collect teh cards all the time. I STILL have the cards, but only so years later I can sell them to those people who collect em still :P

      lol. of course u are. sure sure ^_^

      ur welcome. Just being a good friend ^_^

      Lol. thats shocking. Why would u have a stalker XD
      seriously though, why does it creep you out. I mean, do these people really STALK stalk you, or do they just crush on you?

      nm. I've been sick for awhile, and for some awkward reason I've been real bummed, so nothen too much besides my evil science teacher who has given out a pop TEST b4 and gives us pop quizes without telling us the right things to study >.>
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    Hangin with Teru, giggling over Kurosaki
    One word- SCHOOL!!
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