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Hangin with Teru, giggling over Kurosaki
One word- SCHOOL!!


Destiny Islands Resident, from Hangin with Teru, giggling over Kurosaki

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Feb 19, 2018
    1. Deathsight44
      Yes. I'm still in shock, but kinda delerious from it all. I mean, not for nothing, but this is gonna be new for me. I am....one of THE most closed in people you will ever meet. I'm good with talking to friends, but if I don't know people, I get real quiet. Meanwhile, she has got to be one of the most social people on the planet. We're total opposites in the aspect. So now im nervous as frik ._.

      and ya, I know exsactly what you mean. Is the guy who she makes the contract with going to be an important charecter to? Like around the same importance as her, or more of a side charecter? (ik, soz for the annoying questions. just helps me think when I knows these things)

      Hmm. Well then, is there any villains planned out? (last question. then I can helps ya out. promise)
    2. Deathsight44
      Ok. Just because I need someone to talk about this about, I need to get this out there. Slightly delerious about this right now. But I THINK I just got a girlfriend o.0
      Idk. In the last 2 hours of tonite, I got a girl. Feeling light headed as I type this, so soz if I dont make sense XD
      But idk if she's my girlfriend or not. Its weird, cuz she still has a boyfriend, who she's gonna decide whether or not she's gonna break up with this weekend. SHe's confused about it all, and I told her I was fine with whatever made her happy (I honost to God want her to pick me though >_>), but she's just been confused about the whole thing. But then before we hung up (her mom got on the phone and cursed me out -.-'), she says outa no where "I love you", and I said "I love you to" like an instant reaction. So now I just don't know anymore. I'm so lost ;_;

      And hmm. Alrite then, whats her personality gonna be like? It'll probably help if I know more about her charecter.

      And so ya. Basically she gets dumped on him, and he just makes what use of her he can?

      Lol. You've got that energy about you. Scrubs, as corrupt as certain people may be, has a type of innocence and naiveness about it XD (yes, I know exsactly how weird that sounded. like said, cant think right now. Delerious xD). But ja. I love the hell outa that show. Dr.Cox ftw ^_^
    3. Deathsight44
      Wicked xD

      And hmm. I thought that was what football was for when it came to impressing cheerleaders... Oh well. have you at least been TRYING to get his attention? Last time I spoke to you was months ago. You must have tried to make a move by now, right? xD

      How old are the two charecters?
      And for what purpose does he contract her?

      Oh hey, and I know that this is a random queston, but do you watch Scrubs? Or at least used to? Not sure why. The way you are, and the way that show is, just seems to click together in my mind xD
    4. Deathsight44
      Hmm. Pride for scholarships. Wow, nice trade =D

      Lol, once? Wow. Well he isn't still going after that one chick, is he?

      Hmm. That was gonna be my next question. Is this guy just a normal human?
    5. Deathsight44
      Ya. But you still like a cheerleader.
      I honostly don't know what to say. I mean, a CHEERLEADER. Thats just awkward. I didn't know guys could be cheerleaders xD

      Have you AT LEAST gotten his number by now? xD

      Hmm. Alrite. Does magic exsist in this area?
      And are there a lot of people that are like her? or just a little?
    6. Deathsight44
      OH MY GOD!!! XDDD
      In other words.....that means.......YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON A CHEERLEADER!!! XDD

      Hmm. Alrite then, makes sense. Whats the setting like? Do you have an idea for it yet?
    7. Deathsight44
      Yes, you are. Wait, wait, let me guess. You aren't a cheerleader now, are you? I wouldn't be surprised XD

      Hmm. Well, ok. So then lets get started with the main charecter. She can summon a scythe, ok. But whats so special about the scythe?
    8. Deathsight44
      Hmm. Well, is there any other parts of your story that you've got figured out so far? Or is it just the begining?

      Lol, and I was jk you know. But now that you mention it, you are kinda right. Those <3 things are so girly. makes me laugh xD
    9. Deathsight44
      Lol, not too cheesy? xD
      If you want, I could help. I'm REALLY good when it comes to stuff like that. I suck at my own plots, but I'm good with other peoples xD

      And wow. Just wow. Don't even know what your typing. How blond-ish xP
    10. Deathsight44
      Lol, whats it gonna be about? if I can ask ^^;

      and you say haha a lot, rofl xD
    11. Deathsight44
      lol. its all good. i'll pm it to ya. heart break, ambition, and much much more XD (would rather not talk bout it on vm since a certain person mite read up, and biutch to me bouts it laer :/)

      And as for the story, have you already started writing it? If you have started, then can I read it? I love reading original stories. I just find it more satisfying to read it from people who aren't publishers or anything like that instead of actual authors. I honostly don't know why though xD
    12. Deathsight44
      Its all good. Trust me, you wouldn't want to be bothered with the details. Things have just been getten a lil too dramatic for me, thas all xD

      Lol, and ya, I guess ik how ya feel. I left for a lil bit to, but I always seem to end up coming back. This place is too addicting ^^;
    13. Deathsight44
      Lol. Things are good. Things have been a little rocky lately, but I'm making the most of it ^_^

      So, what brings you back to khv anyways? Its been like....years xD
    14. Deathsight44

      Wow, ya, it has. I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty shocked to hear from you again. How've ya been? Its been AGES xD
    15. KingdomHeartsFanGirl7952
      Thanks for the add ^^
      btw do u have a mangafox? Cause I think I know you on there lol
    16. melissar7Rikufan
      Thanks^^ .....................
    17. melissar7Rikufan
      Thanks for the add and I like your Zero icon and your Yukki and Zero profile pic
    18. Deathsight44
      this kind of vid looks like your thing so I thought I would send it your way. :P

    19. Deathsight44
      lmao, its all good. I've been goins through a lot lately so its not like u missed anythen on the thread ^_^

      Hey, do ya know if any of the new vampire knight episodes are out yet? I cant find them >.>
    20. Deathsight44
      yo, thread is starten. read meh last post. sry i couldn bump it but the stupid posts fused or somethen >.>
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    Hangin with Teru, giggling over Kurosaki
    One word- SCHOOL!!
    I lived in a cave untill I found kingdom hearts.

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