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Jan 25, 2017
Apr 6, 2012
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March 11
Come alone

Judge Sunrose

Destiny Islands Resident, from Come alone

Hold up, let me guess. The most handsome/best pilot of the bunch? Aug 1, 2016

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Jan 25, 2017
    1. Judge Sunrose
      Judge Sunrose
      You can't slack, when you can't work.
    2. Judge Sunrose
      Judge Sunrose
      Off on weekend vacation, be back on Sunday.
    3. Jayn
    4. Jayn
      I just wanted to let you know you did the judging PERFECTLY. I was worried about not being able to go first as an example, but you nailed it. Great job, my dear!
      1. Judge Sunrose
        Judge Sunrose
        Oh, err.... Thanks? *embarrassed*
        Just finished editing the remaining mistakes I left there, hm... Whoops. :P
        Aug 29, 2012
      2. Jayn
        ...Oops. Sorry for making you uncomfortable, looool. I'm such a creeper. ;___;

        Ah, okay. No problems, haha.
        Aug 29, 2012
      3. Judge Sunrose
        Judge Sunrose
        Noooo! You weren't making me uncomfortable! That's just my usual reaction to compliments... D:
        Aug 29, 2012
    5. Judge Sunrose
      Judge Sunrose
      You have been awarded a trophy: Worst Skype Convo Administrator
    6. Styx
      I have never nominated anything. Heck, I didn't even know it was time for the user awards already. I would have nominated you if I had known though. Such poetry deserves a chance to be read and rewarded, and I'm not just saying that to be nice. In case you didn't happen to be nominated, don't let it put you down. Remind me next year and you'll definitely be up there.
    7. What?
      Oh gosh I did as well!
      Well it is good that we have amended this! This has happened to myself with many others a number of times as well, hm.
    8. Jayn
    9. ~Acy_XIII~
      Well, it's not really mine. I got to share it with the rest of my family. I forgot to mention that I played both Dissidias and Theathrythm FF ^^ I'm such an air-head sometime.
      I played KH 1, CoM, 2, re:CoM, 358/2 Days, BbS and Re:Coded. I finished all the story lines but haven't finished all the rest (Bonus bosses, journal at 100%, etc.)
      Once you get the ability to levitate him in order to use some helluvas blast. He's the easier partner to play, no damage like Beat with the flames, no guesses like Shiki with the cards. Just get the numbers right and then FUSION!
    10. ~Acy_XIII~
      I played FF 1, 2,4,7,8,10-2, 12, 13, 13-2 and also FFTA, FFTA2 and FFT:WoL. I haven't finished some of them since I like taking a break from game I'm stuck for a long time in the same situation ^^''
      If you want but I should really go check the nomination list, I'm sure I could nominate you in something pretty nice.
      Yeah, I missed my Composer's theme so I decide to bring it back before KH 3D is out. "Pink" is sure awesome <3
    11. ~Acy_XIII~
      Geez, thanks!
      Hey, wait a sec... How did you know I like the mage class in FF?
      Sorry to answer this late btw.
    12. ArosFarron
      Nice. Next song might be The show must go on
    13. ArosFarron
      Someone knows the song! God you are my new best fwend
    14. Jayn
      Thread. c: Thank you for asking. I see that one is often confused. xD
    15. Jayn
      Hello again, fellow role player!
      Just a friendly reminder here! Please try to nominate and vote for the KHV Awards this year!

      The role play section of the awards has always been pretty dead, so please try to support us! Nominate your fellow role players, any fun role plays you're involved in (or were at some point during the year), etc. Even if you've already sent in your RP nominations, if there's anything you left blank, try to fill it! There has to be something or someone worthy of nominating from your time role playing this year, hopefully?

      You may recall me doing this last year (or not, if you're new). We actually got more nominations than usual, but let's try to kick it up a knotch and support our community here on KH-Vids. If you have any questions, please let me know and I will do my absolute best to help you out. It doesn't matter how often you RP, either.

      The nominations thread is here and you can PM your nominations to me.

      Please try to let other role players know as well.
      Good luck and thank you! ♥
    16. Patman
      You have the Play Your Cards Right pin, too. I figured as much... Which game?
      I met the requirements for that pin both in Resident Evil Apocalypse and Texas Holdem Poker.

      Anyway, that's gotta take some serious determination to pull off. I mean, I know there are people that do it, but it's just plain mindblowing! O__o
      Is the feeling of accomplishment really worth it? Is it more fun that way?

      Sure, I'd try to do it as well--if I had time, that is.
      Mindless grinding can get quite boring if it requires more patience than skill, I can' t imagine anyone would describe it as fun per say. As for defeating morbols and even water/earth elementals with Vaan alone it was quite challenging and definitely satisfying. I suppose any self-imposed challenge is satisfying one way or another, whether it' s fun or not, as weird as some of those might look to an exterior eye we wouldn' t impose them on ourselves otherwise. Also, there may be some OCD behavior here in some cases (not in mine).

      I' m 32, I grew up with Nes games that were often insanely hard and barely gave any indications to players, let alone any tutorial (and they were all in English anyway, which I didn' t speak a word of back then), so when it comes to video games I' m used to experiment, figure out the in and outs empirically when possible, and create my own rules. Nowadays the trend is reversed, it' s hard to find a game that doesn' t babysit us through the whole thing.

      OH! And how come you've 600+ posts, but only 5 friends? :c
      I still don' t know what' s the point of that friend thing. I accepted every friendship request I received but nothing came out of it. Is it just a sort of quicklink to other users Profiles ? If that' s what it is then whatever, I don' t have any problem finding people on my own when I want to VM them.
    17. Patman
      Impressive... Never thought people actually did stuff like this.
      Lol, you' d be amazed ! ^^
      There' s all kind of challenge you can go for in FF games : silly grinding, low-level challenge, shortest completion time, you name it. I collected all of FF XII in-game trophies except the one that requires to complete the bestiary, and I didn' t try to get every item either (some rare monsters/items are too ****ing random to get, even for me).

      What I did in FF XII isn' t that crazy/hard compared to some of the stuff that can be found on you-tube, for instance I met a guy on a French forum who uploaded this :


      He explained that he was tempted to give up at lv80 but figured what the hell, it' d be a shame to give up so close to the goal, right ? Turns out you need as much exp to get from lv1 to lv80 than to get from lv80 to lv99. :lolface:
    18. ~Acy_XIII~
      Boredom is sure hard to get rid of... ^^''
      Thanks for the advices, they'll surely help.
      Yeah, I should check out what's out there before joining...
      I love watching people RPing but I simply suck at it. (I try twice in real life, my luck stat is low. Dices hate me.)
      I don't really plan posting more of my work since I wanna practice more before doing it. I want to get a bit more skills, and tips from my younger sisters. About the TA entry, I really did lack time to complete it like I wanted it to be... >.>
      Don't worry I won't do everything at once, I love keeping surprises!
      I don't think Sora would be able to put such a stunt, he's hard to miss. ^-^ The giant bosses climbing make me thought of Shadows of the Colossus, I should finish it one day...
    19. ~Acy_XIII~
      Hiya! How are ya doing these days?
      Sorry to answer back so late, my web connection is pretty bad and I was so busy with work... >.>
      I would like to post some more but I tend to overthink before posting and it holds me back.
      It would be fun to use the keyblabe like the hook-blade, so much possibility ^^
    20. Ienzo
      Oh wow, the original Nutty Professor? xD That is quite cool. I haven't even seen the new one but originals are normally better.
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