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Sep 27, 2006
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Dec 10, 1992 (Age: 31)
Twisting like a flame in a slow dance, baby.


You're such a loser., Lord, 31, from Twisting like a flame in a slow dance, baby.


What is life? Why do people live? Someone asked me that, and then I beat him within an inch of his life. Nov 7, 2012

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Dec 6, 2021
    1. Makaze
      I got a rep from Amaury.

      07-30-2012 09:27 PM
      Thread: Alternate Spoiler Format
      "Nice idea."
      I think you deserve the credit for this one.
    2. Chevalier
      Oh yeah. Kites did tell us about this. I was informed What? had done something about it. Maybe he forgot. Thanks a lot, I'll check it out.
    3. Sabby
      Ah alright, I'll talk to them.
    4. Sabby
      In that FF thread? How is he provoking you?
    5. Makaze
      Don't feed him and he'll give up. If you rise to the taunt too early, the laugh will be his. You'll win, but he'll survive.
    6. Makaze
      People used to do that to me too. Isn't it annoying?
    7. Kites
      well in that case i am quite flattered for being your super cool ghost of VMs past or something like that lol.
      i am good, i have no idea why i'm still awake i'll probably be passed out until this afternoon but yolo summer time etc etc. how about you?
    8. Kites
      i'll ask ashwin to talk to him tomorrow that's his jurisdiction lol
      do you realize this is the first batch of VMs you have sent me since 2009 and they are about Amaury? do YOU REALIZE? say something cool to me omg!!11
    9. Kites
      I agree with you, it's such an easy way to rack up post count without actually doing anything. I spoke to the others about it and Ashwin is going to make a sticky in the section to make posts in there include variety. We both know Amaury will definitely look at it. Thanks for mentioning it to me! ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
    10. Terra254
      Is...she really 30?
      I don't find that very hard to believe because alot of Middle-Aged women play video-Games, But still.
    11. Terra254
      Why did she step down from staff?
      And yourself?

      I know SJ did it because he made an inappropriate comment or something.
    12. Makaze
      Still, once you get into someone's trust they'll take your words seriously. You can inspire them to change.

      You don't seem like the type to be good at getting close to people, though. Different tactics.
    13. Terra254
      I heard she was pretty judgmental to everyone, and always thought of herself as superior over the rest of staff.
    14. Makaze
      Patience, old one. We must take the strategic approach if we wish to expose idiocy for years to come.

      Though you can be a bit too harsh on idiots. We've been over that before. You probably don't care, but you're more likely to scare them away into their flaws than change them for the better the way you've been going. Low success rate if you're aiming to help.
    15. Makaze
      Yeah, same. If he does it in a conversation with me I'll mention it.

      Oh, you should probably calm down. You probably didn't look into it but we arranged a compromise with the staff where basically we called a truce until further notice. There might be a bit of worry as to you flying off the handle and ruining it for those of us who argued with them in the thread. We're holding out until they really do something stupid, if they are going to, and we'd rather avoid being the first to make a move.

      It might be too much trouble, but it's a worry.
    16. Terra254
      Hmm...Sara was on the other day.
      By other day I mean like 3 months ago.
      I think he posted a thread about animal abuse?
    17. Terra254
      But you were not part of the forum switch?
      And why had you left in the first place?
    18. Terra254
      Hmm, I see.
      Were you part of the forum switch?
    19. Terra254
      ...And they did this three separate times?

      Hmm...I'm trying to become a cynical *******, I already have the mindset, BUt how do I get there?
      Whenever I notice something I sometimes consult it with Makaze if anyone, because I can never bring myself to post it.
    20. Terra254
      But...Weren't you a mod like three separate times?
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    Dec 10, 1992 (Age: 31)
    Twisting like a flame in a slow dance, baby.
    I come and go, i'm a blade of grass on the wind, if i'm around say hi, if not don't worry about it, I'll appear somewhere, usually when I'm needed, more likely when I'm bored, this is my curse, this is my destiny.


    When all else fails you can still die fighting.

    GT: Crimson Azoth PSN: Azure_Azoth Steam: CrimsonAzoth
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