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Sep 27, 2006
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Dec 10, 1992 (Age: 30)
Twisting like a flame in a slow dance, baby.


You're such a loser., Lord, 30, from Twisting like a flame in a slow dance, baby.


What is life? Why do people live? Someone asked me that, and then I beat him within an inch of his life. Nov 7, 2012

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Dec 6, 2021
    1. reptar
      give me your azooooooothhhhhhhhh
    2. Yozora
      I'll give em a year.

      There's already been a thread made about the post count thing in the premium section. Its been noticed.
    3. Fork
      His original username is Ace. Another member called Luxord got banned a few months back.
      And he's alright. Not that bad of a guy.
    4. Makaze
      Nope. Maybe that wasn't her.

      Or maybe ignoring only hides things and does not disable them.
    5. Makaze
      I could be wrong, but I'm 90% certain.

      The thing that is really bothersome about her is that she has delusions about not being serious, and yet she takes everything more seriously than anyone else. She has to get over that sooner or later.
    6. Makaze
      Before I read, do you think she set you to ignore? I think she did that to me...
    7. starseeker3
      All I have to say: Wow, You will understand me, or anyone willing to be nice to everyone.
    8. starseeker3
      1ST: This could be concerted belligerent, mainly because you NEVER let it drop. That, and often you continue to comment on it when you notice I am being disturbed/Enraged by it.
      2NT:I say I didn't care because I was in drum roll please... The spam zone! And concerting I shared a part of my life then you using it to insult me is completely idiotic.
      3RD: The D.O.O.D.S IS the society of Deadpools, I was giving him a JOB for rep, whom I wish to target is my choosing, they do not have to accept, but if they want a job (Which they all do) they will. I was trying to speed up business and they have nothing to do with this.
      4TH: You do not understand. DO YOU THINK I AM AN UTTER IMBECILE! I understand that I have to get better. This is something I have been working on, but I was not ready to "Try" and share it because there was LITTLE OR NO REAL PROGRESS YET! And lately I have been showing extreme Improvement, so I have begun to integrate it into my life on KH-V. Your insults hurt me, but I can choose to throw you off my back like the few others I have. I am willing to give everyone more than enough chances, hell, I have given more than they deserve to try and become nicer, and look past flaws, but your on my last nerve. If you cannot be a nice and easy going person, get out of my life, I could care less. If you even so much as look me in the eye after this and have a rude comment you want to say to me, keep your mouth shut.
      5TH:I take this not only as an"insult" but an utter bullying session that I walk into whenever i go into the form parts I don't know you meander in. And by taking nothing "Serious" I mean more or less, I relax and have fun, not choose to nit pick on ALL spelling errors I see, If I did, it would drive me to the breaking point.
      And not to put a finer point on things, I have survived near death twice, having a mother who if she had her own way would have kicked me out of the house at age 7 because of me playing with a toy when I wasn't suppose to, and have absolutely no luck, to top it all off, I live with three smokers, In Las Vegas inside of a GIANT dust bowl and because of it I can barely use my lungs for anything. How much worse can life get?
    9. Fork
      ...Now that's just silly.
      I think it's a sort of roleplay they're doing? Eh, thought it was serious for a moment there. Might have needed to get you some bodyguards man.
    10. Fork
      Uhh what. Care to explain this "hit" thing? How did you find that out?
    11. Fork
      Ignore it? Don't bother answering? Stop getting into useless arguments? ;~;
      But yeah, I'm the only one allowed to do that. I should ban those who dare to take my place.
    12. starseeker3
      Game or not, it's still telling on someone for pointing out a fact, they're an awful speller and they do nothing to remedy this fact, I have every right to mock their terrible grammar if they choose to purposely not improve it.

      I tell you to tell them because I should not have to interact with this person based on the fact they didn't want to come to me personally with a problem, so why should I go to them to call them out on their cowardice.
      Cowardice, no. Putting my own special fingerprint on everything I do, yes. Besides, My "Hit" was not spicily for grammar Nazi(ing?), but rather to give the Doods a kick start in the right direction, and to see if you had a sense. of humor, which is not evident. As well as being rude, you have no sense of humor, and are a harsh grammar Nazi, and considerably rude since you don't know that I have not been trying to get better. In fact, I have a learning disability, and I have very mild damage to the memory portion of my brain, making it hard to learn even basic things like simple addition, and I have to deal with people like you, whom harsh on me for my grammar and spelling although I am trying to get better, just because I have bad grammar and don't "seem" to be learning doesn't mean I am not or not trying to. Good day to you, you belligerent idiot.
    13. adamboy7
      Okay, I will send them the message. However, if you know who called the hit why are you asking me to send the message? If your offended you may take it up with them, but don't over look the fact its just a game.
    14. adamboy7
      lol I am afraid I do not follow it at all. Law is not something I have never really thought about looking into. Your second point is a very good one. But if you want to look at it that closely, I said "takes off bomb and puts it on the ground and walks away" before I said everything explodes. Implying I walked away before the explosion. But besides the point. From the looks of your first response you are a bit lost. I am a member of the Disorganized Organization of Organized Deadpools, or D.O.O.D's. To sum it up, its a game. We go around hiring each other or others hire us to "take out" targets. If you would like, you may look more into it here
    15. adamboy7
      Hello kind sir, I've a bone to pick with you.
      *Pulls out a mile long scroll*
      *Scroll unrolls all the way*
      (On closer inspection there is only one thing on the list)
      You have been charged with a Dyslexic's worst nightmare. You have been charged with the highest offence of being a grammar Nazi.
      *Takes off jacket to revel a bomb*
      How do you plead?
      *smiles in an evil fashion and pulls a pin*
      *takes off bomb and puts it on the ground and walks away*

      *everything explodes*
    16. Fork
      **** if I care
      I have better things to do like sleep and play video games.
    17. Fork
      Don't do it, it's a trap.
      But seriously he asks for everyone's MSN >_> It gets...creepy, for a lack of a better word.
    18. Rean
      What's your MSN? I'll add you.
    19. Fork
      Yeah, I thought about you when I find out that people started losing posts >_> It's meant to be, Vivi.
      I lost 120 posts. Pretty annoyed about it.
    20. Fork
      True. We'll just have to see >_> I'll just force people to do it with my awesome mod powers.

      ...That explains a lot lol. I'm part PC Gamer and part Console gamer, so I'm good with both, really.
      You use to play Maplestory? I was a boss at that game back in the day.
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    Dec 10, 1992 (Age: 30)
    Twisting like a flame in a slow dance, baby.
    I come and go, i'm a blade of grass on the wind, if i'm around say hi, if not don't worry about it, I'll appear somewhere, usually when I'm needed, more likely when I'm bored, this is my curse, this is my destiny.


    When all else fails you can still die fighting.

    GT: Crimson Azoth PSN: Azure_Azoth Steam: CrimsonAzoth
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