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Sep 25, 2006
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Indigo Plateau


"pumpkin", from Indigo Plateau


let sget it on May 14, 2014

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Apr 28, 2024
    1. Asterisk
      Snorlax should be able to endure that team long enough to set things up, assuming it's a double battle.Weavile take Aero and Garch well enough if made correctly but..Charizard really isn't any good against that team.I'd grab Arcanine again.And Alakazam should outspeed most of that team. A Nice Psychic or Confuse Ray works.And have you ever considered Toxic for any of them?
    2. Asterisk
      Well if you want Stealth Rock use a Dugtrio, their always quick..or use someone else to set up a Light Screen or Reflect.Nice nickname for him lol.

      Oh, gotcha. So tell me your team and tell me his.
    3. Asterisk
      Lol your first pokemon is really important.It can set things up that could change the flow of the entire battle.And tell me what exactly a STAB pokemon is?..I'm familiar with the words but not the meaning.
    4. Asterisk
      ...Gyarados can learn Thunder?..Water+Flying..the two things Thunder can pwn against..and it learned Thunder?..He either hacked or bred it with something.Grab a fast Pikachu and hit it hard..or an Electivire,
    5. Asterisk
      LOL big time, might wanna grab a Quick Claw xD or a Weavile with Ice Punch, Speed trained.
    6. Asterisk
      It might be their natures, might wanna check.

      Lol, eat and run!
    7. Asterisk
      Oh..pft, you could beat him with ease if its four on four tho.

      LOL excellent strategy.He scores in pokemon, you score in his fridge.
    8. Asterisk
      Lol, might just be what he's been fighting.He must know what he can handle and what he can't.
    9. Asterisk
      Hah, I'd work on one too if I didn't lose my DS charger V.V And don't worry, I'll let you know exactly how I feel xD

      and if you do, watch out for the bugs and fighting types man.
    10. Asterisk
      You could always attempt one of those Weather teams. Like, a Hail team or a Sandstorm team..I tried a Sandstorm team once, just didn't work for me xD
    11. Asterisk
      Hah, I do the same, I don't have WiFi and all that so sucks for me I guess. ^^' Also could tell that team wasn't in game..something about it didn't feel right.

      Nice to meet you too man!
    12. Asterisk
      Nah, not insulting, just starting up a conversation.I've never really talked to you before, and that trainer card was a good place to start.
    13. Asterisk
      It's what I do..couldn't resist anyway.I assumed since your a Pokemon player that that team was for PvP or something..just wanted to see if you had a strategy down.
    14. Asterisk
      And what if you encountered a Hitmonchan with Ice Punch or Thunder Punch?..Plenty of holes in that team.I don't even pvp >>
    15. Asterisk
      An Infernape could probably wipe out half your little team bro
    16. Panda Face
      Panda Face
      all fixed. :D
    17. Panda Face
      Panda Face
      oh, damn. will do. thanks. :D
    18. Mike
      That sounds good. Are you excited?
    19. Mike
      Chilling as well.
      I'm so bored, I think I'm going insane. xD
    20. Mike
      Yo, what's up?
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