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Sep 25, 2006
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Indigo Plateau


"pumpkin", from Indigo Plateau


let sget it on May 14, 2014

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Apr 28, 2024
    1. Yozora
      Glad to hear you're doing well, mhm. And Im doing well, also.

      And no, lol. Since I want to win tho, I'll just lie and say yes.
    2. Yozora
      How are you doing, Darky?
    3. Llave
      I do illustrations, more like powerpoint art for right now, but i should be getting an opportunity soon to do some short comics. That would be great, i would like to get into the manga business if i can hahaa! I want to get into the manga industry, but that'll be the day...

      Indeed. I have actually had to deal with trolls today on the other forum... it was interesting. But the problem should be resolved and i hope i don't have any more problems from them. (The site is new, so it doesn't have a firm backbone like this one.)

      Hahaa cool! yeah i knew it was something in Japanese... and yeah i have heard of that lolol!

      How about yourself, good sir? what are you majoring in and hope to get into?
    4. Llave
      Hahaa pretty much the same with me. I am interning at a company for graphic art every day of the week. Yet no matter how tired i am, i always find myself back on here everyday now... Yeah i see what you mean. There is a certain comfort in knowing all you have to do is be on here and have a good time rather than focus on duties.

      I dunno if you could call it unusual, but i seem to look forward to something like that... I suppose i like to help others and keep things in order. I can deal with crap, there really isn't anything they can do...

      How did you make Admin? I have some experience as admin, i am one on another forum site, but it isn't as "lively" as KHV...

      I am curious as to what your name is from/means? Mine is Keyblade in spanish: Llave-Key, de-of, Espada-sword. (Just in case you didn't know)

      Oh and thanks, it will be a BLAST. (Sarcasm) I am not premium yet, but i already know the process and all that goes down. It is a race to being the best i suppose...
    5. Llave
      Hm... yeah. but you don't need to be staff (or have been) to be around and make a difference i suppose.

      'Tis quite a nice place. I was a lurking guest once or twice between 2007 and 2009. Then i finally had the sense to join almost exactly a year ago. However, I hadn't been active between then till about 1 month ago. During that time i only had 27 posts... I am trying for premium. (Then eventually staff...)

      Well that's my history. How bout yours? (If you don't mind sharing it of course...)
    6. Llave
      Hey there, I couldn't help myself but to send you a vm and say hello.

      I've been around for a year and haven't seen you on much, i know you were one of the early staff members, really cool!

      Hahaa i dunno if you will reply, but you seemed like a cool fellow.
    7. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      Thank you Pumpkin <3

      Are you all moved in now?
    8. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      Hello there, just to let you know a message has been left for you in the Premium Postbox!
    9. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      Hello there, just to let you know a message has been left for you in the Premium Postbox!

      Again :b

      Hello Pumpkin <3
    10. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      Hello there, just to let you know a message has been left for you in the Premium Postbox!
    11. Misty
      I do really like it, though I admit, I have a soft spot for any Misty fanart. <3
    12. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      Pumpkin <3

      Pretty good ta, and you? Even though we have spoken on MSN since this VM haha
    13. Sabby
      You are a bum, mr. hubby
    14. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      I like how you still have "Super mod" as your occupation. XD
    15. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      Right?! Pow!
      Man, I totally miss that show. I have the final season on DVD, but I do wish they kept the spin-off going. It was actually pretty good.
    16. P
      In the Creationist thread, you mentioned something about Electromagnetism explaining how gravity made the Universe. Any chance you know of a good place to read up on that?
    17. C
      Darkwatch! Hi
    18. Cloud.Strife.
      oh, sorry.....
    19. Cloud.Strife.
      Are you still staff?
    20. Darkandroid
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