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Nov 15, 2011
    1. Misty
      I have some but I've yet to eat them. They are very tasty though. c:
    2. Misty
      Wow, it sounds like you have a lot of KH dreams. c: I've only had one or two that I remember.

      Happy Easter to you too. =] I ate a lot of chocolate too.
    3. Misty
      Oh, that's so cool. =] I wanted to be a video game designer for a while too, it seems like fun.
      Have you considered writing fanfiction? It might be fun to use that dream.
      And yeah, Riku/Sora shippers have been around since the first game came out. I really only ship Sora/Kairi and Aqua/Terra.
      I've never seen The Simpsons, sorry!
      I've never heard of it.
    4. Misty
      My favorite key is Oathkeeper. I'm usually using either it or Ultima Weapon. I'm not really sure about favorite characters though, it changes a lot.

      And that's pretty cool, I've always wanted to build myself a keyblade, but I'm not very handy.
    5. ilovekh15
      i have playd and beetin kh 358/2 days, and i luvd it. yes i think i was, and wat is ur fave keyblade and kh charactr from the series and y?
      i lke xion and riku, the sole eatr and the obliveon. i also like sora and othkeepr.
      [and u can pik more than one, its hard 4 me 2 pik only 1.]
    6. Misty
      Heh, at this point, anything is possible. KH has some crazy plot twists. Have you played 358/2 Days, though? They explain how Xion was created, if I remember correctly.
      I always liked quiz things like that. ;o I don't think I ever did an Organization XIII one.
      Is what you're trying to upload an image file?
    7. Misty
      You can upload an avatar here:
      That's a pretty interesting one too, but if I remember correctly, Vexen says that the Riku Replica was his first successful one.
      And I have heard it, I'm not much of a Fall Out Boy fan though.

      And it's fine! I don't really know anyone in my day to day life that likes Kingdom Hearts (though I've tried to convert some friends into fans). I guess that's why forums like this are nice, you can talk to people about it. =]
    8. ilovekh15
      hav u herd of the song thanks 4 the memories? i's luvs that song!!!!!>:}
    9. ilovekh15
      thers a nuthr thery i hav, its that u kno how vexen can make copys, well i think he rely made copys of all the othr includin him, exsept the other ones at castel obliveon and sora and othrs hav to strt ovr.
      [ how do u set up an avitr?]
    10. Misty
      Well they're both pretty interesting theories. =] As you don't know the storyline of BBS, I'd recommend watching the cutscenes, which you can do in our Cutscene Archive:
      Your KH3 & memories theory is pretty good, too.
    11. Misty
      Well, I'm definitely one of the people to come to if you need help. =] A good place to start is our FAQ:
      If you have additional questions let me know.
    12. ilovekh15
      i hav a thery that kh birth by sleep [ by the way i hav nevr plyd b4] is the kh game b4 kh1 and Ventus [the reason y he luks like roxas, sora, and vineas is becuz ventus lost his hrt and reganed it sum how so he must hav a hrtles and nobody, and i think sora is his nobody and vineas is his hrtles, and sora's mom claimed him as her own. riku and sora bcame frends instently, that sumhow gave sora a hrt, and wen he lost his hrt in hollo bastun he gained a nobody so thy all luk a like!!!!!!!!
      [But this is just a thery.]
    13. ilovekh15
      i lives xion,she has a keyblade.
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