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Miami, FL
School, writing, Work


Hollow Bastion Committee, Male, from Miami, FL

Fighting for that better tomorrow. Sep 16, 2015

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Nov 6, 2018
    1. Zarexu
      Dude, i'm not getting any new games till christmas. Track doesnt start for me until spring. i'm lifting after school but not for that long. So basically, until christmas, i have alllll the time in the world to do this xD. we can get started whenever you want. we just should come up with a story and characters and such. oh, I do hang with my friends almost everyday, but from like....6:00 on i can do whatever. so when you wanna get started?
    2. Zarexu
      hahaha alright! Has Doxyc or Jaxed been online? andumm....black sinner. we were the oriignal members right? have they been online at all? we could always recruit new people for anew story or something. either way. I AM PUMPED FOR THIS!!!! XD
    3. Zarexu
      hahaha. lifes same old same old for me. not amazing, not suckish, right smack there in-between. i'm happy for you man, finding god's a good thing. and YOU GOT YOURSELF A LADY!!! CONGRATS MAN! LOOKS LIKE MY WOMENIZING SKILLS RUBBED OFF ON YOU AFTER ALL hahaha j/k, but seriously, congratulations. Have you been rping at all lately? I was thinking an enigmatic reunion. but if your too busy don't worry about it, enjoy life.
    4. Zarexu
      HEXIN! holy sh** man its been ages! hows it been? i stop on the site once every while. i thought everyone left this site a long time ago. damn man. how is everyone doing?
    5. Hexin
      I've been well, Doxyc. Life is at it's peak right now. 8D And darn. I missed the audition. Sorry Mike. >.<
    6. Doxyc
      Woh! pretty good! yeah it's been pretty intence. I've been writing a fanfic from the enigmatic knights...i think the first chapter is on this site somewhere...? how 'bout you? :)
    7. Mike
    8. user26444
      yeah you can be tidus, so your in kk
    9. Hexin
      Lolololol!!! =D
    10. godsgirl
      omigosh! you copied and pasted my thing in your siggy! you are the first! <3333
    11. Virtuoso
      Well, the "+" is just in my name so no we're not friends....yet.
    12. Doukuro
      xD Thank you.
    13. Flamedancer
      Hi there! :D
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  • About

    Miami, FL
    School, writing, Work
    I like long walks on the beach, prefer exercising in the day time, and love dogs. :D UUUUh I mean, I love Kingdom hearts!!! I'm an easy going kind of guy, but when I get passionate about something, I go all out.

    Games I play: Action, RPG, first person shooters, and tabletops!
    Books I read: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Manga/comic books
    Shows Currently watching: Space Dandy, Supernatural, The Walking Dead
    Games currently playing: Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Hawken, Vindictus

    Projects in the works: In the Times of FairyTales(KHFanFic), and Project Nullus


    In all seriousness, I enjoy spending the majority of my time writing, drawing, jotting down ideas for a potential project, allowing my imagination to unfold when brainstorming, and just working on Media related content. Currently, I am an undergrad in art major in my local College, where the teachers range from kind, to strict; which is a good thing. They help push their students to their limits, and beyond. I feel privileged and welcome to have friends who constantly push me to better myself as I strive to one day be able to work with big time films, or video game designers as whatever role I may manage to land: 2D-3D Animator, Background designer, digital effects, texture designer, Character Designer, as a Concept artist, or Illustrator. It will take a lot of hard work and dedication to which I am VERY willing to persevere through.

    As a boy in middle school, I've always enjoyed writing and creating spin-offs based off of my favorite movies, games, or comic series. I would constantly be drawing, and making my own small comic series which I enjoyed showing to my friends; I'd even collaborate with friends from time to time. This hobby has carried out to even my adulthood as it has driven me to choose 3D Computer animation as a major.



    Check out my in the works KH Fan Fiction! If you're tired of reading stories involving our usual Kingdom Hearts Heroes, then you might like this! This is where the Legend that started it all begins!:


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