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Nov 23, 2010
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October 16
Iron Island


Traverse Town Homebody, from Iron Island

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Sep 20, 2012
    1. nickoboyzx
      well the tea party start today you know that right?
    2. Daxa~
      Why thank you dear,that is most kind~
    3. Daxa~
      Why thank you dear <3
      Darling Droid made it for me as a surprise gift.
    4. Pinekaboo
      I'll be honest; I've seen nothing of Kuroshitsuji except the characters themselves.
    5. nickoboyzx
      sorry to interrupt

      but i wan to ask you a question and it's important

      i just wan to said well

      since we are the partner of the tea party
      i just wan to said
      what time you online and offline in here

      and you online tommorow?
      i wan the answer though and it's really important to me
      please reply
      thank you
    6. Pinekaboo
      That's what I mean. The flamoyant annoying guys are the worst, even more so when they're claiming to be straight. >:c
      Of course Grell is the exception to that. He's a beautiful woman.
    7. Pinekaboo
      As opposed to silently chasing shirts.
      There is little worse than a guy who won't admit he's in the closet.
    8. Krown
      Enjoy the show~
    9. Pinekaboo
      Isn't is Cillan or something stupid in the dub? Yeah, Greenhair McSissypants. He's so flambouyant it's horrible.
    10. Pinekaboo
      They're apparently setting something huge up. They're not after Pikachu at the moment, but I think that's still the trio's eventual goal, but they're just focusing on this thing first.
      May was okay, but she was clearly there for fanservice. How often did she get into a bikini or other show-off-y outfit? Dawn... well, she was an attempt to go back to Misty without having her be Misty. Which resulted in them using all the 'nice' sides to her, and not of the tsundere-ness. Meaning it failed. Iris is good; she's not an attempt to replace the last girl, she's completely different. She has a clearly defined goal (becoming a dragon-type master) and actually gets involved in things herself. Which I like, because Misty was never that great for me. It's Dento I can't stand...
    11. Krown
      Meh, I rarely ever get dessert.
      Why would you be an outcast for that gymnastic thing?
    12. Krown
      Gasp! Lol.
      North Americans.
    13. Pinekaboo
      I agree.
      Wait, you watch NCIS too?!
      You are my TV buddeh now.

      It's a bit of both with Team Rocket. They're idiots, but they're being competent for once. I rather like that they're actually able to do something, but I also noticed that they're staying away from the twerps in order to do it. Which is how it should be; the only reason they did so badly is because they were always up against Captain Mary-Sue and his team of superfriends.
    14. Pinekaboo
      Dunno where you heard that, but I doubt they'd end the Pokémon anime. It's a major advertisement. One that's too good to give up.

      But yeah, no. You can't get rid of Brock. They learned that in the Orange Isles season, so why make the mistake again?
    15. Pinekaboo
      I know, right? And having him age would only have matched him up with the Black/White protagonists anyway.
      Gamefreak really messed up with the anime imo.
    16. Krown
      Britains drink tea; we drink soda.
      I like apple pie.
    17. Krown
      Drink tea of course! Silly girl. ;D
    18. Pinekaboo
      I refuse to watch any of them, they're all too mainstream for me, and too long. Nanoha is the only series I'd bother watching that many episodes for, if it had them, and even then that's only because I've already watched three seasons of it and know I love it to death.

      Nope, not a dub mistake even slightly. The thing is; if they said that Ash had aged, it'd no longer match up with Red, who was his template. And since viewers are morons, that would obviously confuse us all to hell.
    19. Krown
      I believe so. If I knew what it was about.:D
    20. Krown
      Lucky; it is four-thirty nine here.
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    October 16
    Iron Island
    Previously of KH13.

    A few things you should know:
    I am a Southern Baptist Christian, and I am very, very serious about that. Feel free to ask me about it though, I'm always willing to share. :) But I won't force it on you. I've made that mistake before, didn't end well. :|
    I don't support yaoi or yuri.
    I don't support gay rights. That is not to say I hate all gay people. They're just people, like everyone else, and some I'll like and some I won't. I just won't agree with them on a few of their views.

    Men, Reading, Writing, Drawing, TALKING! :D


    Just call me Heart. ^^
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