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Sep 20, 2012
Nov 23, 2010
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October 16
Iron Island


Traverse Town Homebody, from Iron Island

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Sep 20, 2012
    1. Krown
      Oop.~ I changed it. It was this one before. [/spoiler]

      Awesome. Of course I would, I would be honored to. c:
    2. Pinekaboo
      Nope. Might as well go do so though, since I'm never going to play the game itself.
    3. nickoboyzx
      i see

      it keep giving homework
      every time ........
    4. Krown
      I completely understand. I wonder how he got the keyblade...

      How do you like my new avatar?
    5. . : tale_wind
      . : tale_wind
      Not entirely. o.O

      Me, I just don't get why. Sure, Lea's one of the good guys. But, I don't see why having a Keyblade seems to be a necessity for the KH heroes as of late. He's a perfectly competent fighter without one, and it just doesn't seem to match up with his character for me. :/
    6. Krown
      I noticed it, after I sent that VM. I don't see what the reason of giving Lea a keyblade was for... Guess we'll have to play the game, to find out.
    7. Krown
      What the heck, really? Where did you see this?
    8. nickoboyzx
      isn't my old buddy in the tea party

      OMG how you been?

      long time no see

      miss you~~ XD
    9. Keyblade Heroine
      Keyblade Heroine
      LMFAO OMG Really?! OMG I totally thought me and my obsessed gaming sisters were the only ones who pretended gaming characters were real! Lmao We totally make up that we have a "Gaming Hotel" and all the characters come and stay. Rofl Omg Lol This is so funny and awesome! XDDD

      So far, Kadaj and his gang along with Cloud are our oldest guests. Lmao
    10. Keyblade Heroine
      Keyblade Heroine
      Lmao Ikr! I think every KH fan girl is like that. XD I wish they were real. T___T
    11. Keyblade Heroine
      Keyblade Heroine
      Lol Never watched that show. XD

      Lmao Roxas is cute--Imma glomp him someday. X3 Lolz
    12. Keyblade Heroine
      Keyblade Heroine
      Lol Everybody loves Roxas. :) He's one of my favs. ;)
      What's NCIS?
    13. Keyblade Heroine
      Keyblade Heroine
      Lol Np! ;)
      Lmao Is Xaldin your favorite? :)
    14. Keyblade Heroine
      Keyblade Heroine
      Lol I didn't mean Even/Vexen! XD I meant those guys and some Organization XIII guys. :P
    15. Krown
      Ah, cool. I'll have to see it once you are finished. c:
    16. Krown
      Is that stuff hard to do?
    17. Krown
      How close are you to finishing it?
    18. Krown
      Oh my. You have a lot on your plate then.
    19. Krown
      I have Friday off, for the next three weeks. I feel lucky.
    20. Krown
      I just got back from school and I now have a three day break.
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    October 16
    Iron Island
    Previously of KH13.

    A few things you should know:
    I am a Southern Baptist Christian, and I am very, very serious about that. Feel free to ask me about it though, I'm always willing to share. :) But I won't force it on you. I've made that mistake before, didn't end well. :|
    I don't support yaoi or yuri.
    I don't support gay rights. That is not to say I hate all gay people. They're just people, like everyone else, and some I'll like and some I won't. I just won't agree with them on a few of their views.

    Men, Reading, Writing, Drawing, TALKING! :D


    Just call me Heart. ^^
    Jesus died for you and me. He paid a debt we could never pay. If you believe, and is not afraid to admit it, copy and paste this in your signature.