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Nov 23, 2010
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October 16
Iron Island


Traverse Town Homebody, from Iron Island

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Sep 20, 2012
    1. nickoboyzx

      spring break?

      lucky you
      in my country i'm still in school plus a ton of homework

      are you using spell or something
      how could you be that lucky?

      LOL joke.joke
    2. Krown
      It's really good. I can't wait until the next chapter. c:
    3. Pinekaboo
      Well the link's in my sig; Darkness. I don't know if it's all on the first page or spread out though. I'll have to sort it out at some point...
    4. Pinekaboo
      Which is why I abandoned chapters altogether and just wrote it as it came. Eventually I might re-install chapters, once I've fleshed the story out a bit. So far it's a little... fast, I think.
    5. Lite
      I'm sure it will. Practice makes perfect, after all.
    6. Pinekaboo
      I've been working on my writing for about 6. More than just a chapter's worth, but it's still irritating I've not finished yet.
    7. Pinekaboo
      From what I can see, you've got good awareness of layout, which really helps. Good punctuality and grammar, all the basic stuff, and you manage to make dialogue interesting without looking like you're trying extremely hard to do so. I like it. If you want something a bit more critical, maybe post it in the fanfic section of KHV?
    8. Lite
      It's fine, it was my only tiny gripe.
    9. Pinekaboo
      All looks good to me. Why'd you ask?
    10. Lite
      I've read it over, and it was really well done. Though it seemed like there were some skips in time here and there that initially made it a tad bit hard to follow, but I quickly figured things out after reading along a little further. Overall: Very good! The name is pretty clever, too. ResurreXion. Nice.
    11. Lite
      Good luck! c:

      Sure, I'd love to.
    12. Lite
      They're just jealous. c:

      Oh...Well, I guess the best advice I could give is to heal when necessary and to hit him. Yeah, my advice sucks, but I haven't played KH1 in years.
    13. Lite
      Yeah, KH1 can be hard sometimes. But that's when you go mindlessly kill some Heartless to level up, makes things so much easier.

      I'm sure you could draw them better than I could. I can barely draw a face, let alone it's features and hair.
    14. Lite
      That it has. Not much, just enjoying my spring break right now. That and playing Sonic 2 HD. It's like my childhood in HD. ;_;
    15. Keyblade Heroine
      Keyblade Heroine
      Thanks, schweetie. X3
    16. Keyblade Heroine
      Keyblade Heroine
      LOL XD I'm happy I don't have a brother. Just me and my three sisters. ;)

      I gtg. Me and my sis are gonna watch a movie. ;)
      Ttyl and take care. ^^
    17. Keyblade Heroine
      Keyblade Heroine
      Yes, the hijab is the headscarf. :)

      Lol Guys are idiots. XD
    18. dahlia-petals
      yes the deadline is pretty close already..
      i wish i had joined earlier so that i could spend lots of time preparing the art for it.
      you should go for it and enter if you have a piece in mind.
    19. Keyblade Heroine
      Keyblade Heroine
      Awww! Friendship that turns love is always the cutest to me. X3

      Lol I don't really mind. Islam says no cuz it's for protection. :)
      It's just annoying how I wear the hijab when I go to school and some guys still have the nerve to come up and try and hit on me. -___- I'm like "Dude! What does this scarf mean?" XD
    20. dahlia-petals
      i'll have to take a look when they get posted! =^D
      i did try to make a comment on one of your art threads when i first joined but my post got eaten by the moderation mechanism..
      i've been trying to do art for about a little less than half a year i believe. maybe 5 months?
      i haven't got a solid grasp of anatomy yet but i am going to try a full body picture for the traditional art of the month fun contest.
      <3 i like its theme. "love".
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    October 16
    Iron Island
    Previously of KH13.

    A few things you should know:
    I am a Southern Baptist Christian, and I am very, very serious about that. Feel free to ask me about it though, I'm always willing to share. :) But I won't force it on you. I've made that mistake before, didn't end well. :|
    I don't support yaoi or yuri.
    I don't support gay rights. That is not to say I hate all gay people. They're just people, like everyone else, and some I'll like and some I won't. I just won't agree with them on a few of their views.

    Men, Reading, Writing, Drawing, TALKING! :D


    Just call me Heart. ^^
    Jesus died for you and me. He paid a debt we could never pay. If you believe, and is not afraid to admit it, copy and paste this in your signature.