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March 27
Inside a cupcake :3
Herps and derps


Traverse Town Homebody, Female, from Inside a cupcake :3

Apparently I suck balls at making RPs :,c May 7, 2013

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Feb 2, 2015
    1. finalform32
      Hello you o:
      I haven't talked to you in a looong time.
      Hai c:
    2. Midnight Star
      Midnight Star
      I'm sorry if we're slow, things that were just meant as a laugh between our battles have ended up taking a little longer than expected. Also to move the plot along, it might be a good idea to rp as Sasha. If you look back at my posts as Liv, she's given Sasha the prophecy in responce to Demetrio. I just made her turn back to Karol as you didn't seem to be responding to that. I don't know if you just simply missed it.

      Also I'm sorry for not posting in Running Edge but after not posting for a bit I have no idea how to get back into it. I keep looking at it but you always seem to be in the middle of something. I mean Hanna can be quiet and blend into the background, she's there just not noticed but I still don't know how to get back in.

      I seem to be apologising to you a lot. Hmm, that's not good.
    3. Midnight Star
      Midnight Star
      Okay I want to apologise for my slowness in posting lately. I've been busy and at points I didn't know what to do, I want to make my posts as good as possible. Anyway I'm sorry and I'll try my best not to do it again (If Mya & Demetrio get all soppy and me & Feenie don't post, that doesn't count - just saying).

      Also, with the prophecy thing is it all about Mya or might it have other characters in it - they all have different roles to play kind of thing. Now I don't know where this is headed so I'll go with whatever you say. I was just wondering.
    4. shidonic
      i havent talked to you in ages, how have you been, btw, how do you like the picture i put for my backround?
    5. Ienzo
    6. Ienzo
      Someone has left you a message in the postbox.
    7. Rhiscx
      (Darn. They caught on)

      Well that's good. I have to say, this site is going through another slow and sad time eh?
    8. Rhiscx
      It's not a problem. Credit should always be given when it is due.

      So, what's up with you?

      (No, I did not intend for that to rhyme.)
    9. Rhiscx
      Hey there. Just wanted to awesome name and profile pic. Very creative.
    10. Feenie
      U mad ?
    11. Pinekaboo
      You last posted in Guardians on page 19 (we're now on 21), but here's a recap anyway;

      Most of the Choosen have arrived at Fighting Clan, where Joseph Archer (my character) was waiting. After giving a brief speech, he's now about to start training them up in the basics. Kurisu made a remark, which Joseph countered.
      terminallyCapricious is no longer involved in the RP, so her character Josette is going to be left behind, by the Elder's order.

      And that's basically it.
    12. Sora's Apprentice
      Sora's Apprentice
      they are my FAV band!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    13. Sora's Apprentice
      Sora's Apprentice
      hey ya like owl city???
    14. Midnight Star
      Midnight Star
      So, how old is Mya?

      Right...so that's a no even if it doesn't affect the cure, okay.
    15. Midnight Star
      Midnight Star
      Okay 2 questions about 2 different rps xD Sorry for the delay on posting with both.

      1) WfS: How old is Grey? And Mya for that matter? Because I've always imagined him being a fair bit older than Liv (mid 20s maybe), to the extent that 6 years ago when she was about 10, she'd have seen him as an adult. Then Mya I saw as older than Liv but still not that old. Thing is with you showing the pic where both him & Mya are 15, it made me think how old is he?

      2) Biohazard: Okay, I've been toying with an idea and I want your opinion/permission. Okay, Rhian is currently one of the only ones that didn't have the infection when the rp started and I was considering making her naturally immune, otherwise with all them so close to her she'll catch it pretty fast. It won't affect anything until much later in the rp, she just won't develop it and she won't realise to much later. It doesn't mean she's in any less danger in that enviroment, there are many more things that can get her. It could also put her in danger if her blood is needed to help make the cure and becomes in demand. Obviously it's just an idea, so if you don't want her to you can just say and she won't be, I just want your opinion.
    16. Midnight Star
      Midnight Star
      Empty your inbox!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      and Sorrrrrry!!! I was initially waiting for Feenie but now I keep starting to reply and getting distracted, it's hard.
    17. Feenie
      Bleh. I guess not.
      I just need some way to bring him back in.
    18. Feenie
      Lol, it's okay xD

      Also, in WfS, I was thinking of having Karol become possessed by some dark magic that Sasha didn't manage to get out of him. He would then go and attack one of the pairs in the house. Is this okay?
    19. Feenie
      Hey! I just wanted to let you know that I posted another character OC but you didn't respond to it.
      Anyway, here it is;

      Username: Feenie
      Name: Kanonno
      Age (Keep it above 18): 18
      Appearance: http://images.wikia.com/aselia/images/1/18/KANONNO.jpg
      Gender: Female
      Current location: Slums
      Weapon(s)/Training (optional): Skill with the sword, though has no recollection of where or who she learnt it from.
      Infected?: Yes
      Stage (Ignore if you put no above): 3
      Bio: Having lost her memory completely, Kanonno had no idea what was going on when she awoke in the Slums surrounded by shady people. Feared for her safety, she grabbed the blue and silver chunky sword that lay beside her and swung it skilfully at them, slightly wounding them and knocking them out. After this incident, she ran around like a headless chicken in search of safety. Eventually, she found a small building in which she claimed as her own. She has no recollection of her past before waking up in the slums, her name and blade skills were the only thing she could recall. She now helps around with some of the younger children and protects them from any Raiders.
      Other (optional): She is a very kind hearted girl and is always willing to help those in need.

      Stage 6 is pathetic.
    20. Twilight_Nobody13
      I think I'm out of Biohazard. I get so very bored freakishly quickly of realish rps...
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