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Aug 7, 2012
Sep 26, 2009
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The sky


Traverse Town Homebody, from The sky

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Aug 7, 2012
    1. Alex856
      Hey, twin. Do you remember me? :c
    2. kitty_mckechnie
      lol, cheers! Though, there are many others out there far more wittier that me. I appreciate the comment though! <3
    3. SonGoku
      thanks for the rep!
    4. Makaze
      Thank you!

      How does one be silly? I can't quite master it. Noooo...
    5. Makaze
      Aah. It has been a long time since someone repped me or commented on such a thing, so please accept my apologies if I seem skeptical about such things.

      I know; it is perfect for me. That is why I use it. It suits me, does it not? *imagines showing off a dress like a young schoolgirl*

      Even I have my moments of immaturity. They need to come about more often, or I may die with the boredom that my level-headed mind induces...
    6. Makaze
      Ah, that picture is worth a thousand words. Which post was it this time?
    7. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      Muahahahahahaha and the next stage of my plan is complete
    8. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
    9. P
      Nope. All safe in Wellington here.
    10. P
      Yo, Gobolo. Not in Christchurch, I take it?
    11. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      Well, he was wearing a suit...>>
    12. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      Really? He took my virginity.
    13. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      Oh, him? He's pretty cool D:
    14. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      Good! That ******* owes me money!
    15. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
      What? Where?
    16. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      What IS theatre sports though? I have no idea what that is.

      Anyways, I mostly logged in to ask if you have an email address or something, because I'm really not here often enough at all anymore and I feel bad about not responding to messages for ages. Its cool if you haven't, and sorry if I am sounding like a creepy stalker :b

      How are you and how are things going for you? I'm sorry you were stressed with exams D: hope you're feeling tons more relaxed now <3
    17. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      Local theatre sports team? That sounds rather interesting, elaboration plz? You should always do what you love <3

      I fully agree, maybe if the world stopped being such jerks to each other, things would be a whole lot better :l but I guess it is a part of our nature that the majority of us just prefer to seek out and destroy anyone and everything around us. That being said, I definitely have my moments where I am anything but nice, as much as I hate to admit it ;-;

      Smart ass :b you knew what I meant

      Haha, I remember sometimes I'd be like, "I'll get back to studying...right after I finish this level...and this level...and when I come back from going for pizza"

      Indeed :b Indiana Jones was my freakin idol, I was such a lame little kid, I know those films by heart, except the most recent one which I refuse to watch.

      So how you been? Sorry I vanished for a while, I haven't been online like at all lately except to check emails and stuff, sorry if it looked like I was being rude, I wasn't, I have just been really busy ;-;
    18. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      Indeed :b

      From the age of about 6 until I was 18 o: Though most intensely between the ages of 14 and 18

      Shush D: I'm sorryyyy D: at least it shows I care D:

      I'm sorry that something like that happened to you, that sucks, in which case, instead I'll just say, if you ever want to talk I'll listen :b despite the fact I ramble a lot of crap, I am a pretty great listener <3

      Ah I see, well in that case good lick when they start :b on the plus side, woohoo three more weeks and you're done, thats got to be awesome :glomp: remember to take breaks though

      Nopes, not anymore, I graduated uni a year ago, I'm a qualified archaeologist, just really sucks 'cause with the economy as it is, I cant get a job in the one thing I've wanted to do since I was a little kid ;-; well, that and I want to be a writer and a photographer :b but I always figured I could do them at the same time y'know? Le sigh ;-;
    19. Cloud.Strife.
      Oh yes I did.
    20. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      Well since I'm not that good, I just sing what I feel like singing :b I'm not good enough to sing set pieces and parts

      Oh? Sounds interesting o: I miss acting sometimes :l

      Yes that was me, haha wow my face is now so red from embarrassment x:

      Aww I'm sorry to hear that, I hope it isn't something completely terrible *hugglecuddle* if you ever do get it back, let me know plz, also hope your exams are going well <3
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