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Mar 5, 2015
Jan 29, 2008
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The World That Never Was/ Twlight Town
student delayed....

fire mage

Hollow Bastion Committee, from The World That Never Was/ Twlight Town

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Mar 5, 2015
    1. Legion
      welcome back
    2. Emzy ♥
      Emzy ♥
      ...Wow you're alive @_@

      HI 8D
    3. HellKitten
      It's okay. Take your time lol I'm avoiding responding myself.
    4. Emzy ♥
      Emzy ♥
      I must agree, I suppose it's just life, really. We can't be here every day to respond to everything.

      May I ask, what part of Cali are you guys from? I need it to conclude an argument.
    5. Legion
      hey there.
    6. Emzy ♥
      Emzy ♥
      I most certainly did. My type of fun seems to cause conflict, but on holiday, when most are intoxicated with alcohol, all is fine and dandy.

      How have things been going?
    7. Emzy ♥
      Emzy ♥
      Hey, I'm back.
      Hope you're doing good and stuff. x
    8. *TwilightNight*
      Lol. Thanks. I figured I should after a while, especially since he did come with them to the base.
    9. Asterisk
      Whatever suits you best I suppose.

      Meh, so she says.

    10. Asterisk
      If I control them I'll just have every character commit suicide, so I don't think its a good idea.
    11. Last of the Organization
      Last of the Organization
      Sorry to just jump off like this but I figure I should be heading was nice chatting with you and I hope your day goes well tomorrow...goodnight and take care...
    12. Last of the Organization
      Last of the Organization
      I have considered that...and since I am going to change my major to business it would indeed greatly support it...I will probably wait until school starts up though that way all the highschoolers will quit for the most part and open up a better opportunity hopefully...
    13. Last of the Organization
      Last of the Organization
      Indeed...sounds like you do have an idea...very demanding and stressful...which is why I'm considering finding another...definitely can't deal with that kind of stuff while attending college too...
    14. Asterisk
      Then you can set up the fight yourself and claim you won?..
    15. Last of the Organization
      Last of the Organization you can say you are fine is beyond me...but I wish you the best in all of those things...*huggles*...if I hadn't told you before I work in a food is definitely not something I am enjoying working with either...sigh...
    16. Asterisk
      Well, I would if perhaps you led the rp, but you know how it is right? Anyway, have your sister fix the whole confronting Nero thing seeing as I won't continue.And you can always try and play if you wanted ..why don't you just take the hearts?
    17. Asterisk
      Then you guys can play them, doesn't matter to me anymore. I don't like playing rp's with bad leaders anyway, so its no loss to me.Enjoy.
    18. Asterisk
      Yeah, you've said that plenty of times before, thanks I guess.And I'm hesitant on doing any favors, your sister 'kicked' me out anyway or whatever she said, I wasn't paying much attention.Like I said, just take Turks and Nero's hearts so you guys can be happy happy about everything.
    19. Last of the Organization
      Last of the Organization forget about me about yourself?...I hope things are going well?...
    20. Asterisk
      Well, considering the lack of respect going around and me appearing to be the bad guy at every turn, I have little incentive to even complete a characters death.Magick was the only person I played with in that roleplay for a reason, and seeing as she's cool with me leaving, and that she's getting bored with it anyway, everything works out for me.As for you, I can't say.
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    The World That Never Was/ Twlight Town
    student delayed....
    I am very shy

    martial arts, video games, rpg, bike riding, anime , horror films, techno/alternative music, art



    Axel the Flurry of Dancing Flames

    Number VIII of Organization XIII