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Mar 5, 2015
Jan 29, 2008
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The World That Never Was/ Twlight Town
student delayed....

fire mage

Hollow Bastion Committee, from The World That Never Was/ Twlight Town

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Mar 5, 2015
    1. Legion
      greetings from the world of the living.
    2. Vladimir Makarov
      Vladimir Makarov
      Okay, thanks. ^^ I'll post the bio tomorrow. ^^
    3. nobodynerd100
      Yes a bio is needed in the organization files role play, but the one for Axel is the only one required. If you want to make one for Leon you can, but you don't have to.
      If you're talking about civil war, then no. All I'm going to ask for that role play when it is made, is just to explain whose side your character is on
    4. Vladimir Makarov
      Vladimir Makarov
      Yeah, considering the fact Saix knew Axel's human name. ^^
    5. Vladimir Makarov
      Vladimir Makarov
      Yup, xD but, I gotta thank NobodyNerd for that one. ^^
    6. Vladimir Makarov
      Vladimir Makarov
      Thanks. ^^

      The Original Ais...

      Ais was a strong, powerful man with a strong fascination for the moon. He was a mercenary who sold his body and his power to the highest bidder. One day, on a usual army mission, he met Lea. They started out hating each other. But on the mission, Ais was gravely injured. Lea ran through enemy lines and dragged Ais to safety. After the battle, they became best friends. They would sit on the clock tower in Twilight Town and eat ice cream just as Axel and Roxas do. Lea and Ais were inseparable. They spent their days talking, laughing, and eating ice cream. They were happy. But, one day, Ais was sent on an army mission without Lea. His mission was to defeat a small group of enemies. Little did Ais know, they were heartless. He lost the battle, and his heart.

      This is all that involves Lea. ^^
    7. Vladimir Makarov
      Vladimir Makarov
      Hey there. ^^ Before I make my bio for Ais/Saix in 'The Rise of Organization XIII' , I need you to approve of the bio since Lea/Axel is involved in it, please?
    8. lightbeliver3
    9. Akua WaterDragonKing
      Akua WaterDragonKing
      Aww....Okay! See you tomarrow! :D
    10. Akua WaterDragonKing
      Akua WaterDragonKing
      Like........normal.... I have a LOT of cousins, on each side. I'm usally the one with my eighth grade cousin, who takes care of them. But shes different! She makes funny faces at my cats and scraes them :lolface:
    11. Akua WaterDragonKing
      Akua WaterDragonKing
      Okay I replied, sorry I took so long. (My NEW little sister needed me)
    12. Legion
      I'll be a little slow in reply.
    13. Legion
      tell me when you're done.
    14. Legion
      the ball of darkness, you sent saix into a dark portal and I said that he materialized in the altar, however he is still shrouded in darkness.
    15. Legion
      what have you been up too?

      also, did you appear out of that ball yet?
    16. Sora_Kairi_107
    17. Legion
      welcome to the world of the living.
    18. Akua WaterDragonKing
      Akua WaterDragonKing
      Doesn't any Org. RP? lol
    19. Akua WaterDragonKing
      Akua WaterDragonKing
      Okay. and if this thread DOES die......Maybe we should make a REMAKE. And you me and Water should Moderate of watch over it. We could be all Powerful! *laughs evily*
      But serious we should. xD
    20. Akua WaterDragonKing
      Akua WaterDragonKing
      Yep!!!!!!!!!And proud of it! :D
      And I guess I will..........(leaves to post)
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    The World That Never Was/ Twlight Town
    student delayed....
    I am very shy

    martial arts, video games, rpg, bike riding, anime , horror films, techno/alternative music, art



    Axel the Flurry of Dancing Flames

    Number VIII of Organization XIII