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Sep 12, 2013
May 4, 2009
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I'm a student, and a secret spy... O.o shh


Merlin's Housekeeper, from Pigfarts.

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Sep 12, 2013
    1. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      Well, think about how you and your friend made other people feel? I won't sugarcoat it for you sweetheart, what you did wasn't funny. If that offends you then that isn't my issue.
    2. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      If you know what trolling is then you know why a deal was made out of what that account did :v

      It was more, kinda sad, than funny.
    3. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      Odin Sphere is a great game.

      Do you know what Trolling is? What your friend did was that.
    4. Pezz
      I have to get going for now, I have something to do. I get back to you and explain, when I come back.
    5. Pezz
      you wan to give it a try?
    6. Pezz
      :D Yeah I spent too long on it.
    7. Pezz
    8. Zeonark
      I don't get it though. How does one get banned for hating a character? xD Mother Nature is so nice isn't she? <3

      I wish I could've seen that topic. lol.
    9. Pezz
    10. Pezz
      oh, I see.
    11. Pezz
      teacher? That very different from your two other choices.
    12. Pezz
      Just to let you know, It's a very competitive business. A lot of people don't make it in. They look for people who've got the skills they need. Be sure to have a back up plan.
    13. Pezz
      because I just said that I can be mature, and many people view that as an immature career choice. Lolz. I just want to design levels. I want to build the world inside a game.
    14. Pezz
      Computer gaming and simulation
    15. Pezz
      You're going to laugh :D
    16. Pezz
      Lolz I know, I was just kidding. XD

      I actually am mature, but I just enjoy acting immature sometimes. You know, just to make people laugh. Like I said, being goofy takes the tension out of life.

      Of course, this has made a lot of people decide to never take me seriously. That has it's ups and downs. Sometimes I take advantage of it by actually being serious, but in a way that doesn't sound serious. It can be amusing at times.
    17. Pezz
      ........ sooooooo your saying I'm immature.......
    18. Pezz
      lmao, Yup I'm an old man lolz. I thought you knew, My age is up on my profile. 21. I tell you, going on this site really does make me feel old, but I have fun. so whatever :)
    19. Pezz
      right now it's probably over a 3.80. but next semester it will be wiped clean to a 4.0 since I'm transferring to a different college. Since I'm sure that Brain would have a 4.0, I can't be Brain till next semester.
    20. Senbonzakura Kageoshi
      Senbonzakura Kageoshi
      ya but we're not major
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    I'm a student, and a secret spy... O.o shh
    A few details about myself?? hmmm. Uh, I could write so much more, but to sum it all up... I'm weird

    Masque &amp; Mime! and... uh... yeah, that's it.


    In the middle of the night when I'm in this dream,
    it's like a million little stars spelling out your name.​