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Jul 30, 2009
    1. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      Yeah, it's some form of mad, but at leat we can both live with it. I'm still debating whether i'll do it or not; i'm kinda leaning towards no. I'll probably post a departure thread if I do, but i'll tell you way before I post the thread.

      Ah, but you didn't really find a reason for me to apologize even though I was feeling lowsy. Okay, i'll accept your apology, to make you feel better.

      Oh, but you said that we're practically the same age; that your still a teenager yourself. Weren't those your exact words faded. *shifty-eyes* I'll probably sleep mine off today, or maybe get hyped up on suger. I wanna see the MTV movie awards Sunday; they say they're going to show a scene from New Moon.
    2. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      Thank you for saying your not mad at me Erika, you made me feel a lot more better than before. Just to tell you i'm not pissed off at you, just a little steamed. I promise that I will keep talking to you--you're one of my best friends, hell you're my sister--but i'm not going to tell you everthing. I definatly need some advice for awhile. I've actually thought about taking a small break from the site, a week, but I really can't see myself leaving this placeon my own free will.

      I get it all the time from everyone that i'm a strong person even though I try to see myself as normal. I would like to thank you again for telling me this, Oh! And you don't need to apologize to me, you have no reason to be sorry.

      And you're one to talk, you're as up as late too! True you have homework and such, but it still doesn't matter. My trip to walmart actually did help me think up of something to say though, and someone did recognize me from the talent show.
    3. Ol'Sephy
      Hells yeah! Perverted girls are the best ones... To tease. I love to trick those truly sick and twisted gals into thinking that I'm the same way when I'm alone with them. Then, when their friends are around, I act normal. xD Man, I'm evil...

      Fady, tell me why I find this stuff entertaining? Why am I so evil? *gives you puppy-dog eyes*
    4. Ol'Sephy
      I want to meet this insanely perverted person...

      Wait. Boy or girl? O_O
    5. Ol'Sephy
      Fady, you are, by no means, innocent. We both know that. xD

      Well, maybe more innocent than me... But that's kinda easy to do. :P
    6. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      I'm so sorry faded. I just read your convo with David and I hope he's readling this too. I'm so sorry with what has been happeing. Almost all the way thorugh the end of the convo, I began to cry at what you were saying. I don't wish to hurt my friends in anyway possible. I love the both of you like brothers and sisters, and I deeply apologize for what I did. I'm asking, begging, the both of you to forgive me.
    7. Ol'Sephy
      ZOMG!!! She's gone!!! No thumpity thump thump tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!

      O_O Wow. I'm crazy... Well, you already knew that. xD
    8. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      BTW, the reason it took me so long to reply is:

      1. My mom saw the compute and started reading your post
      2. We went to Wal-mart to buy last minute things.
    9. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      Okay faded,

      First off, I want to thank you for kicking my ass right now. I can't lie though, I am a little bit upset at you, and a little myself. It really helped me open my eyes to what i've been saying. I know you've been trying hard to not makeme feel bad right now and i'm the one acting like a jerk trying to stay mad. I don't know what's wrong; maybe it's just that I needed to just rant.

      Thank you for your tough love. I really do love you as a sister, someone who is very close to me who I don'w wish to hurt. You doing this really helped me ope my eyes to how much my rebellion was hurting you, more than I ever intended it to do. Yeah, we are the same age but we're going through different stuff like with my heart problem--but that is still no excuss for what I did.

      Thank you for helping me through this. Somehow, even though i'm a little buzzed, you actually did make me feel better. Thank you for kicking my ass.
    10. Ol'Sephy
      God, I don't remember you being this motherly. O_<

      I guess it's for the best, like you said. I just hope that it never comes to that between us. I know that he will probably come back tomorrow, feeling better, so I don't think that we need to worry. If I ever need to have a "tough love lecture" thrown at me, I'll probably do the same thing. xD I don't take tough love very well most of the time. Just a forewarning for if you ever feel the need. >.<

      Well, I'm off to make a video. I will still be on, just don't count on me replying. Oh, wait. That's your line. xD JK!!!
    11. Ol'Sephy
      Okay, okay. I feel like such an ass right now. I read all of what you said to ol' tummer, (twice, =D ), and I think that, once again, you have shown that you are compassionate and reasonably down-to-earth. I think that many people would have been really short and perhaps a little rude in a scenario like this one. You were able to state the facts and say what was on your mind very matter-of-factly. I liked that you weren't rude or condescending, at all. You did a better job at giving a therapeutic speech than my therapist does, and he's educationally qualified to do so.

      Oh, and tummer, if you read this, don't take it the wrong way. I was just going to post something on your page and that huge wall of text caught my eye. I had to show my appreciation to a feat of typing that beats my own. xD You understand, right?

      Now, to the Happymobile!!! xD
    12. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      Fine, I'm sorry i'm inpatient and i'm sorry for blowing my own problems out of perporton. I guess stuff might happen for a reason, and I do know I am impatient; but it's just stuff that I have to learn to grow out of. Try and remeber what it was like for you at my age, all your emotions triggering all at once; sometimes your happy and sometimes you want to just kill yourself then and there. I know that i'm not worse off in the world, but just try and see how i'm feeling right now. Hopefully when i'm your age I can be more grown up like you.
    13. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      Yeah, I understhand what you mean, sometimes (more like rarely) good stuff happens to me, but I know you're not an idiot like me and forget to get in touch with your old friends. Maybe this could be a sign to something, but it's a little hard to see what good me missing my friend will come. I'm sorry if i'm sounding like a complete ass right now or i'm getting you mad (again), it's just that I want to talk to someone about these things.
    14. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      I get it, life's suppose to change and usually not for the better. But for me it's never for the better, it's always worse when my life changes. I't like God's playing some sick game with me. For once I just hoped that she didn't change.
    15. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      LOL I know.

      I did have her number and we text using my mom's phone but I lost it and she didn't save the number. I also blame Arch Awesomeman for part of this because the two of us went to the same school and I constantly asked him to give my friends my e-mail; but he never listens to me. I'm sorry if i'm a forgetful peson most of the time; I just...really miss how my old life was. I can only hope she stays in town for the anime convention.
    16. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      I kinda got into it, but I decided to quit all together. The only girl that's really on my mind is the real life Lime-chan. She's a year higher than me (which means she's already graduated) and I met her last year before I moved. Life was always fun with her and I think it made her cry when I had to move last fall. She's actually the reason I started watching Haruhi or doing the damn dance. I just wish she'll come to the anime convention this year so I can at least get her e-mail or talk to her. She was one of my greatest real life friends.
    17. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      Yeah, your generally a kind person, someone who I could easily talk to.

      Yeah, we're on skype, but just IM'ing each other. My sis has her boyfriend over, and guess what else; he came in unexpectedly. They're both here, IN THE LIVING ROOM, making out. Oh God, I guess I shouldn't have made fun of your situation huh?
    18. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      Yes, that would be way out of character for you. I knew that you weren't the real you by reading it. XD

      BTW, Say Hi to David, he's still reading our posts. Why don't you post on skype again; and real posts not your weird typing things David. It get's quite annoying.
    19. Ol'Sephy
      I kinda hoped that I wasn't that person. And it's probably a good thing that I don't know him/her. We'd both be dead because you went insane off us yapping all the time, right? xD
    20. Scarred Nobody
      Scarred Nobody
      Yes, I know what you mean. I do that all the time, but my damn problems won't leave. Beside, i'll get over it real easy, you're one of my good friends; like i'd ever take you saying "YOu suck, go die" seriously. I know you too well.
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