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Ego Imperium

Twilight Town Denizen, from I reject your reality, and substitute my own.

A therapist suggested that I vent my anger by writing letters to people I hate and burning the. May 30, 2018

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Dec 13, 2018
    1. Love
      indeed it will. but you will have to figure that out yourself on how thats going to be played out with your characters.
    2. Love
      They are just fighting anyways. Once their battle is done it will end. Anyways, this is a revised version of a already attempted and finished rp, so I know what to do in the beginning. anyways its easier then just waiting all summer for that rp to end anyways, I don't have as long a vacation as most kids do so yeah.
    3. Mixt
      It's a relic, until someone destroys it it is still there.
    4. Ansem59
      What was the filler for anyway? One thing I know I don't like about Kai is the missing blood, and being able to actually see someone hit another person. Did you see when vegeta got out of the healing chamber how his nakedness was covered up? I was not expecting that. It was so terrible drawn too.

      Why was it harder in Rewind? Btw, you might want to change that. The plot in the keyblade war series can usually drag on and on... I've been on it for years waiting for it to end. In it's own way, rewind is actually a sequal to Deciders of Fate since Torxber has come back in time from that story. I hope you understand that. Just becuase the last one ended quickly doesn't mean this one will. You just wait to see what riku1186 has in mind with the story. I've experienced it once, and I'm about to experience it again. And you for the first time. Of course with the time travelling Torxber, things are going to be different. But generally the same.
    5. Ansem59
      Don't even get me started on the Kai series. I only watch that becuase I don't have the money to buy the Dragon Ball Z dvds and I want to see the original art and all that. I really don't like the absence of Faulconer music. It almost makes it a different show (It kind of is a different show). I noticed that they have been using music (differently composed) from the Dragon Ball Z Budokai games, strangely enough.

      And yeah, you have to establish your characters. You probably already know this, but I'll be annoying and tell you anyway to keep your characters out of major conflicts, since your going away. This is good though. I haven't really gotten the chance to RP with you yet. I look forward to seeing your style. I already noticed that your one for detail. You like to know your surroundings, of both the battle field and your character. And you like to inform others of those surroundings. I don't think you will like my style though. I am more to the point. I prefer dialouge to inform and enjoy making conversations. Although I can make do when silence is called for.
    6. Ansem59
      Indeed I do, It's always nice to meet a fan of his work. I, personally, love his music but find it annoying that sometimes its all bunched together. I also especially get annoyed at the fact that most of it is unreleased. However it is owned by funimation now and not Bruce. I wish Bruce Faulconer still owned his music, then maybe the rest of it would be released. btw, are you coming back?
    7. Love
      a little bit more and we are done
    8. Love
      Ah thanks so much for posting earlier then expected. But yeah it was perfectly timed due to that fact I had to come home from vacation early due to emergency reasons ovo';
    9. Ansem59
      Hey, listen dude, that was a great last post. Sorry I didn't get to RP with you. Maybe if you come back we can do a little more RPing in the Keyblade War. I'll see you when you get back! :D
    10. Love
      Ah okay, I will just make the X-blade is not born till after you have your thing done.
    11. Love
      Like maybe around 3 days tops. But thats after I return from my trip. But maybe I can do the event today if needed, Are you sure you can't just post it now ?
    12. Love
      Well I don't know if I can do it, since I have to go somewhere this week as well and I can be on for only a few hours a night.
    13. Love
      which event do you want me to make happen?
      Mixt has to kill Phisoxa, it's suppose to happen like it did in the original.
    14. Love
      Correct, they shall be.
    15. Love
      Its almost over actually, the battle in Sunset Horrizons for the X-blade has started, and when Mixt gets online someday, he will help us end it by killing off Phisoxa before the X-blade is born. But I don't know if hes going to get on today so yeah :l I suggest you should bring the twins to the Secret Cave in Sunset Horizons since she will be making appearance there before the Final battle takes it course.
    16. Love
      Hmmm I don't know what would fit her :l
    17. Love
      Have any ideas >x> <3?
    18. Love
      That works just as well then c: Its better then carrying the old man aside anyways >_> (no offense ansem) Just lesser people to worry about.
    19. Love
      Then we should skip to a time when Cornelius has already capture Ansem and the twins and all that jazz and has him locked up in a cell within a light fleet ship in space. And that would be good anyways since they are many ships including the Robbie's ship and the seeker's ship crusing about so that calls for action
    20. Love
      But you see I don't actually have the time to wait around you see, I have to take as many opprotunities as I can due to the fact my summer could get pretty eventful and that might mean more time off the computer which is not good. , I try to help but everytime I always have somebody complaining about this and that. I'm just tired of trying to help people and they don't even accept my help, it's just bogus. Theres nothing I can do about the supposibly "10 pages post boost" except help with the rp summary, you see nobody is going to stop wait for somebody who is not even involved with said event. There are about 2 paces going on in the rp.You are on one pace which is much slower then everybody else and I am fine with that, me and riku actually wait for you to post on zei, the captain, Ansem's, and cornelius's side of the story. If you actually want more to go on during that, you can just ask us.

      So I don't know why you should be having any trouble, if you need action I can give you action really and maybe I can post a link of my reply so you don't get lost when trying to search for it through the other posts. I don't really want you to leave but it's just nothing will be changed unless you agree to have some help, I just hate when people leave and they never tried asking, it's stupid
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