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Dec 13, 2018
Jul 10, 2009
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Ego Imperium

Twilight Town Denizen, from I reject your reality, and substitute my own.

A therapist suggested that I vent my anger by writing letters to people I hate and burning the. May 30, 2018

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Dec 13, 2018
    1. Mixt
      I got Love to post so now we're waiting on you. If you don't post soon I'll have to move your character myself so we can continue.
    2. Jayn
      Oh, alright. It's all good. c:
    3. P
      Yo. Thanks for the critique for round one; it really highlighted where I should improve.

      Aside from thanking you, I wanted to mention that there was some foreshadowing/explanation for how KHV-tan stowed away on Faust. It's stated
      He saw her arm twitch, so he roughly grabbed her and shoved her into his pocket, on the rationale that she may be some fun to nail to a wall later.
      To be fair to you though, it was only a single sentence, and very easy to miss.

      Keep up the good work! I'll be looking forward to more criticisms from you.
    4. Mixt
      Well Riku is waiting on you, and everyone else seems to have trouble deciding what to do. Once the conversation between Torxber and Mixt is done I'll probably fast forward to the ceremony. I was hoping people would use the time to get to know the other characters, but evidently without something to go off of nobody wants to do much of anything.
    5. Jayn
      Yeah. All of the judges have been. ...I don't know. Late. I have a policy, but that would mean I had to fire all of you.

      You'll have to write--a lot for each person, twelve in total, and you can't be lazy about it. You must post ON TIME, at least two paragraphs for each and every member, no exceptions UNLESS it's later in the Season and there's really nothing to be said. That's a total of 24 paragraphs required for the first round. This is so that all members get equal feedback and equal footing and chance to improve. If I can't get in touch with you for judging, or you don't get online, or you don't post your critiques, or aren't there for the group discussions without adequate reason and discussion with me, etc, etc, you will be dropped and replaced as a judge with a back-up judge and also be placed on probation for future seasons.

      Probation is more of a detention period, in this case. Meaning that you also will not have access to becoming a judge until later Seasons when enough time has passed. The reason for this is because it is entirely unfair to me, the other judges and the contestants for you to be inconsistent, or deem the work is too hard for you and just leave, lol. Please do not sign up for this job unless you can stick with it until the very end. Of course, this all excludes EMERGENCIES. So if something suddenly happens, like someone dies, or your power blacks out for a month or something, or your falling wayyy behind in school or something (and you don't have a history of claiming so and remaining super active everywhere else) then okay no punishment and it's understood. The last competition took two months for reference on how long you'd be committing. (It'd probably not be that long this time around.)

      So. I'm going to chalk it up to this having been the first round, so everyone is getting into the swing of things and the next challenge will run smoother. Btw, check the group in a bit. I'ma ask something in just a few minutes.
    6. Jayn
      It won't be like this the whole competition, right? Both you and one other judge are already two days late. I kind of need you guys on top of things and committed, to do this successfully. I'll just assume it's because it's the first time, so hopefully the next times will be on-time and ready to go.
    7. Jayn
      Alright .
    8. Mixt
      Yeah. I had last thought you were. or was there a message I forgot about?

      We're still missing the third, so that might be a continual guest posistion. But yeah, if you're still willing to judge (outside of your own matches) then I would be glad for it.
    9. Mixt
      Sorry, I've been busy trying to get kh1 recording going, and we're short on people.
    10. Mixt
      Allright, I'm gonna be jumping off the computer soon so I'll look it over later. But knowing you I'm sure it will be fine
    11. Mixt
      No one has asked to judge yet. You can do both, you just wouldn't be judging your own matches obviously. And I'm not sure if I made it clear clear in the thread but judging is an OOC job. IC it is only Mixt.
    12. Mixt
      Well to remove the bias and preferences is why I'm doing a panel and not just judging them myself. It isn't perfect, but it is better.

      In theory it should not matter how "well respected" you are. I will admit that it is impossible to completely remove bias, but the judges should judge based off of the posts and not the person. A person who joins today should have the same chance as someone well respected in the RP arena for years.
    13. Mixt
      Essentially crowd pleasing. How entertaining are you making the fight?
    14. Mixt
      Well look at the judging chart. Offensive and Defensive deal with the fight very directly, but realism, style, and efficiency deal with how you use your character. (well efficiency kinda overlaps) So yes, the one who is winning when the match is called would have a significant advantage in the judging, but it isn't a sure thing.
    15. Mixt
      True, but also keep in mind that it is by a panel of judges to continue. You could defeat you opponent and still technically lose the match.
    16. Mixt
      I'm really just playing it by ear since comparing many fighters is like apples and oranges. I expect the fighters in Nation's Wrath to be more powerful than you seen in most RPs but they need to have some balance and a direct weakness (hence it being on the app. So with all the spells your character might not be that good physically and might not do well at taking damage with what does manage to land.

      In short you can't be good at everything and you have to be weak against something.
    17. riku1186
      When i was younger I lacked the understanding of words, so I would use the same spelling for most types of words or get them mixed up.
    18. riku1186
      When RPing I do it out of habit.
    19. Jayn
      That is a major compliment. I don't want to change or add anything that the members don't like. :/
    20. Jayn
      Sorry for the late reply. I'm glad you had a good trip. c:
      Is this a good or a bad thing? Haha.
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    "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure." - Marianne Williamson​