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Oct 15, 2019
Aug 27, 2009
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Duel Acedemy
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Oct 15, 2019
    1. NightofNights
    2. NightofNights
      lol I would of been too^^ lolz that was a work of genius^^
    3. NightofNights
      yaaa. hehe. *stamps your forehead* approval stamp b**ches^^ lolz that made me laugh.
    4. NightofNights
      I think everyone does once in their lives. No matter how spoiled they are.
    5. NightofNights
      daamn. how much more annoying could parents get??
    6. NightofNights
      Heh sorry. :sweatdrop: so. what's been keein you from the site? a girl maybe???
    7. NightofNights
      uh ya well..:sweatdrop: I use to do poetry.. and rapping is poetry only with a rythm and flow. which is always on the go. it never stops not for a second, though it aint hard i reckon.
    8. nasirrich
      Aite that's what's sup homie that's how you get things done my dude.

      See told ya you would be surprised ^.^
    9. NightofNights
      Dman! *surprised* uh uh.. I blame Nas >.< jk. though it is his fault I started in the first place >.< I'm not very good am i.
    10. nasirrich
      Yo what's good see I helped spice your rap up for ya. You can even check in the Rapper's Corner, and my dude you will be surprised in who posted in there.

      Anyways my bad you what's good homie*Gives you dap.* You a lot has changed since you last where on here how was your va-ka and all of that good stuff.
    11. 5f4hhkz
    12. Sonic the Hedgehog
      Sonic the Hedgehog
      Hey there! Long time it's been!
    13. nasirrich
      Yo for your rap you can be like this...

      Dman coming at ya homie can't you see that I be the man. Your girl gets out the limo better get back in as fast as you can. See I'm a bad maf*cka, I will hurt you badly stupid f*cka, Nas got my back don't say sh** to your motha. How can you be the boss when simply I am the man. Like Rick Ross, but in my own way. 23 means 2 shots coming at you from 3 ways. Not that way, but if it was then it would me my girl and yours at my krib to stay. I've had it with these suckaz talking down to me. When I'm the boss so try to take this crown from me. See my shots fire so fast you'll need to hire. Someone who's more fit for this attire. Come at me dog you wack. Talking that good sh** you'll get smacked into next century. That's when your heart rate will return to normal be. Can't you see I'm a threat come say sa in kid I'm always ready. Never underestimate me Nas homie I'll kill this track be. If you come on it will be wrong for this to even be considered a song. See his girl said I'm a... your... no hands not just because your Da man. You always got a plan because you do more then people say you can. Your a bad maf*cka, will protect me from these sorry no good f*ckaz, got a style like no other, bring that pain to any sucka.
      Yea I know Dman is back got better you know I'm strapped. With that heat ready to eat any clown that wants to step up to me.
    14. nasirrich
      Oh aite koo koo so when is this trip gonna pop off?
    15. NightofNights
      Hmm.... I've got nothin X_X
    16. NightofNights
      Hm... What to do to relive bordome....
    17. nasirrich
      Yep so how bout you doing big thangz for summer va-ka?
    18. NightofNights
      No problem^^
    19. NightofNights
      yes we're eating chocolate cake..
    20. nasirrich
      Back and don't have to go back until Monday the week when I get my check yessssssssssssssssssssssss.
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