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Oct 15, 2019
Aug 27, 2009
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Duel Acedemy
Student of Duel Academy


Moogle Assistant, from Duel Acedemy

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Oct 15, 2019
    1. Charonus Rex
      Charonus Rex
      *comes from a temporal rift behind Dman, with a fifth dragon head added to his aura* So, you wont become part of creation, I guess then that means you want to become part of destruction *I stab my claws into Dman's chest and remove his heart*
    2. Charonus Rex
      Charonus Rex
      *takes time in one hand and space in the other* Ever hear of the Big Bang, well my little friend, YOU ARE ABOUT TO BE THE CENTER OF ONE!!! *pushes the combined Space-Time orb into Dman, then makes it explode*
    3. Charonus Rex
      Charonus Rex
      You are PUSHING it *his aura grows another dragons head* HOW DARE YOU RUIN THS SANCTITY OF MY UNIVERSE!!!!! *time and space are even more distorted*
    4. shidonic
      wanna see a cute kiten, no?
      TO BAD!!
    5. Charonus Rex
      Charonus Rex
      *his aura grows a third dragons head* I am trying to make this world a better place, and neither you, Dman, or whoever else will not stop me *creates a doorway to the ouside, pushes Dman through it then permanantly seals it behind him*
    6. shidonic
      No its not stupid!
      i dd not hide anything, im not lying ^
    7. KeybladeMasterJoe
      your highper again
    8. shidonic
      jaden yuki knows but hes not on =3 Saddens me to the point of crying ='[
      Highlight with mouse for a secret messadge
    9. Charonus Rex
      Charonus Rex
      NOW LOOK WHO IS CAUSING HAVOK!!! *my blood red aura forming another dragons head* I am trying to give a desolate world life, if you insist on causing chaos, I will have to banish you from MY UNIVERSE!!!
    10. Tifa L.
      Tifa L.
      No, unfoutunately.
    11. Tifa L.
      Tifa L.
      Modern Warfare kicks sooo much ass it isn't even funny. I'm a hardcore gammer girl, always have been.
    12. KeybladeMasterJoe
    13. shidonic
      do you know wat baka no terru means?
    14. #8-Axel
      sat what ?
    15. Charonus Rex
      Charonus Rex
      You wanna disturb what I am trying to do for this desolate world, I am more than chaos incarnate you know
    16. Tifa L.
      Tifa L.
      A concert, a state fair,videogames, just stuff.
    17. Tifa L.
      Tifa L.
      It's cool, just checking.
    18. Charonus Rex
      Charonus Rex
      *closing his eyes for a moment, he starts charging up, a blood red aura starts to form around him, encasing him in a dragon shaped cloak* HOW DARE YOU! *he opens his eyes, revealing the sharingan eyes he got from Nasirrich, crimson sparks start coming from his body, and time and space become distorted around him*
    19. Tifa L.
      Tifa L.
      You mean can't wait right?
    20. Tifa L.
      Tifa L.
      That's awsome.
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