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May 26, 2012
Dec 27, 2010
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April 7
I live in a mustache, bro. Whut now?
I have no job. -_-; I'm a failure to life! But not

Destiny's hand

Traverse Town Homebody, from I live in a mustache, bro. Whut now?

Destiny's hand was last seen:
May 26, 2012
    1. Pinekaboo
      Yes, but only two of them at any one time. The bed can only handle so many at once~
    2. Pinekaboo
      Yes, Darkeh always needs huggles from his twincestous lover.
      Oho, Day is fine with joining in our kinky threesome escapades, so long as she does not interupt the consummation, which Loxare has declared will cause half of the world's population to off themselves in envy since it will be broadcast on live television.
    3. Pinekaboo
      Mine did too. ;_; Still tearful even days after watching it.
      Well don't think you're left out. You've been voted as Best Man despite being female. <3
    4. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      GAH. I must finish my HW. Ttyl~
    5. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      I 2 poor 2 upgrade.

      I cant even spell rite.

      2 lazy.
    6. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      Lol u always changin yo font.

    7. Pinekaboo
      What did ye think of Stern/Levi's death? ;_;
      Also, myself, Kelly (Korosu), and Loxare are now involved in a threesome, and we're all getting married.
    8. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      HOLY **** U2 (my fav band)
      French? Eh.
      AH? HATE
      Adv. LA? Oh that's eeeeeasy.
      Chemistry? I'M A FUKING WIZ
      Algebra? (see above)


      Downloading Infamous 2 demo and playing DCUO.
    9. Te Deum
      Te Deum
      So what's new with chu?
    10. Te Deum
      Te Deum

      Can't hate a sistah <3
    11. Pinekaboo
      (****ing VMs. Advanced mode kills my computer every time with you)
      Uh, no. Neither. Darkeh has been watching it. Here, it's about 4:40 in. Sounds quality isn't great, be careful of ear rape.

      Just post straight away, nobody needs accepting into anything. Just do what you want.
    12. Droid
      Oh sure, you can have your people wherever you want(I'm just being lazy about updating the first post, eheh..)
    13. Pinekaboo
      Yeah. I haven't seen enough to know if it killed them or not yet. I'm still working on just trying to know what order everything goes in.
    14. Pinekaboo
      The fact that she's called Unbreakable Dark, is actually the Defense Program side to Reinforce, and winds up killing (or at least critically injuring) the Materials means she had better be decent looking, or she literally has no good points about her at all. :/
    15. Pinekaboo
      I had a feeling, but... you're wrong. Of all the Pokémon games, B&W had the best storylines, and ours isn't quite finished being planned out (like, we have no idea what their origins are yet or anything). I dunno if I'd say either was better than the other.

      Well, other than the fact that their pupils are always dilated to the maximum, which is slightly creepy, but other than that the Materials are adorable. Their leader isn't so bad looking either.
    16. Pinekaboo
      ...what? I did not get that joke at all. DAY. Y U NO MAKE SENSE?

      Read again. "fooking love".
      Yeah, I won't hold liking Ryan Reynolds against you. He is playing Deadpool in the movie, after all. But just look at these three. They're ****ing adorable.
    17. Pinekaboo
      No comment.

      I quite like the storyline we have for Black and White. :3

      It's not as good as the Materials fic I've found though. I fooking love those Material girls. I can't wait until the manga is translated, I will just fangasm everywhere.
    18. Pinekaboo
      Oh god.

      Uh... I guess that's okay, but we probably should get them headed out... unless you want me to godmod control of her just for the trip to Rokkaidon? It's not like the journey would be very eventful.

      ...okay, that's now canon in the RP. I don't even give a **** about the eyes, it's fooking canon.

      Meanwhile I've found a Nanoha/Evangelion crossover fic. Nanoha gets recruited by NERV to become a magical girl. Angels proceed to be befriended.
    19. Pinekaboo
      Are all of your friends named after things to do with existence?
      Day, Dark, Life. Who's next, Death?

      Also; good. Have some shortbread.
      Did ye finish the posts you were preparing?
    20. Pinekaboo
      Because it's life.
      Finished your homework now?
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    April 7
    I live in a mustache, bro. Whut now?
    I have no job. -_-; I'm a failure to life! But not
    *Karate Chops a Poptart*
    Good Poptart, Best Friend~!

    SO MANY THINGS~ icanteventellyou.


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    Eternally in Jayn's Debt. *Bows*

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