Destiny's Force
Apr 16, 2007
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November 3
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With Amber <3
Girl Hypnoknismolagniac, Ecchi Fanservice Writer

Destiny's Force

Mess with the best, lose like the rest..., from With Amber <3


Giving closure. Mar 24, 2013

    1. evil_monkey
      Hey! If you no spend more time with amby and stop leaving her all the time, then me sue you... yea..... me sue you.... bleh........ sue
    2. Amber
      Aw... You were on?

      I was shopping with my mom...

    3. shurik
      Dude switched is an awesome story I was cracking up every munite of it lucky soras an anti pervert utherwise namine would tack control of one arm and SMACK. That was just to give u an idea on upcoming chapters so yu not stuck with writers block
    4. Xemnas XIII
      Xemnas XIII
      I'm having difficulty finding the wedding of sora and kairi that you spoke of in your "Switched!" story (which i very much enjoyed) but i'm new to this - can you tell me where i can find it?

      EDIT: nevermind. found it
    5. Amber
      I got your text, but for some reason, it wouldn't let me reply. :(

      EDIT: Wait, never mind, it sent. Stupid phone.
    6. Amber
      Well, that was predictably depressing. After the ball dropped, they showed a ton of couples kissing. I dunno if you saw it or not. I miss you. :/
    7. Amber
      This'll probably be my last post of 2009... Some way to enter the new decade, huh?

      We haven't talked in about 74 hours. The fact that I know the number of hours is kinda sad.

      149 days until we can finally meet face to face. Less than 100 nights we can have together before then. But every single one of those has got to be better than what I'm going through now.

      "Happy" New Year. Here's hoping next year goes better than this one. And by this one, I mean June forward. It was pretty okay before then. I'm kind of fond of the area between February and May. But I digress. Hope you're having more fun than me right now.

      Hey, you know that tradition of kissing someone at midnight? That'd be nice.

      I think I'll go watch the ball drop. Miss you. <3
    8. Amber
      I'd leave you a ton of messages again, but there's not much I can say that I haven't said in the past, so... just read our past conversations, including this one, starting from the beginning.
    9. Amber
      No idea when you'll see this, but I have no other way to talk to you right now, and saying things on here makes me feel a little bit better.

      I wanna go back to the Wednesday before you left. That was a good night.

      I can't sleep anymore. I try, but I toss and turn all night thinking about the uncertain future and how helpless I am to control it.

      I hope I get to talk to you soon.

      I should probably stop typing random things to you and worry about my friend who just said his kitchen was filled with smoke. :3
    10. Amber
      *stalks your profile in hopes that you'll magically come online at 2:30 in the morning even though you don't have internet*

      What? A girl can dream, can't she?

      Well, actually no, since this girl has insomnia.

      ilu :<3:
    11. Darkcloud
    12. The Mender
      The Mender
      hi i don't know you bit want to talk
    13. evil_monkey
      hey dude tis been awhile huh how've u been
    14. kittykat88
      Kookie Kastle, NAO! -> ....... Please?
    15. Sakura1
      Hi nice to meet you im Sakura
    16. Vladimir Makarov
      Vladimir Makarov
      I love 'em. ^^ Great job. My favorite is the Team Xeahnort one.
    17. Vladimir Makarov
      Vladimir Makarov
      Wow... you created the Ultimate Team-up series?
    18. kittykat88
      Yeah, probably either "Kitty Pryde" "ShadowKat" or "Sprite".
    19. kittykat88
      Oh yeah, I forgot about that. XD
    20. Princess Luna
      Princess Luna
      Sweet. Welcome back. =]
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    November 3
    Home Page:
    With Amber <3
    Girl Hypnoknismolagniac, Ecchi Fanservice Writer
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    Masked Mega Man
    Creator of the KH Ultimate Team-Up, Negima! Eng/Jap Comparisons and SoKai's Wedding &amp; Switched

    Favorite Series: Kingdom Hearts, Mega Man, Ken Akamatsu (A.I. Love You, Love Hina, Negima)


    Sigs by Hallsth-Eien. Avy by ViChaN91312. Last Update: Wedding Finale: 3/24/13​
    To those who wonder what happened to me, I've been busy with life and such. Since I can't really contribute to the forum anymore, all story updates can be found at my DeviantArt Account. Until we meet again...
    Creator of the KH Ultimate Team-Up Series