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Nov 6, 2012
    1. Rhiscx
      Quite honestly, that's why I stopped watching the anime. Too many fillers. I love how the manga is all on the main story, and has it gotten good. I can't wait to see how Kishimoto is going to finish it up.

      But wow. You seem to have a lot of free time huh?
    2. Stardust
      The Top 5 has been delayed over the last couple of weeks due to conflicts I have with school, lack of entries, etc.

      I always make a note in the sticky if I can't get them up in time, so you guys aren't left wondering. I'm hoping to get them up by the end of this week. Sorry for the inconvenience. x:
    3. Rhiscx
      Oh, well mines coming up soon. But I guess you already know that.
      I have to write some papers for my classes to. Will probably have some blocks as well.

      Naruto huh? First season or Shippuden?
    4. Rhiscx
      Yea, maybe your right. I just have to prioritize my life.

      Are we? Funny, I really didn't notice that. Ha ha ha!!!

      So, what are you up to right now?
    5. Rhiscx
      Me? Walked to college, taking in the mixture of autumn and winter. Yea I'm kind of like that as well.

      I do.....or I did. I really don't much anymore. But I used to play all kinds of music. I just just lost my passion.
    6. Rhiscx
      A woman of many talents? Always a good thing to have.
      I have a bro, and two sisters. But none of us are close. But I'm glad you watch over yours.
      I saw your post. Thank you for your input. I will keep it in mind for the future.
      Oh. That sounds most interesting. A shame I couldn't read it.
      Kari is it? Nice to meet you. For now, you can just call me Van.
    7. Rhiscx
      Your a drawer as well? Ver nice.
      The FM can not be abstained here. You would need to buy them online.
      James Patterson? Hey, an author I've heard of. Very interesting.
      No friends? :(:( Well, you seem to have a good relationship with your brother, and I'll admit, I'm kinda jealous of that.
      But I'm glad you have that connection. And my best wishes to you and your bf:):):)
    8. Rhiscx
      I shall not waste your precious time by posting twice, so I'll respond to both messages here.
      I understand. Most children don't seem to be interested in history. I was one of those unique ones in my younger years.
      I love mythology!!!! Greek and Roman at the top, but my first will always be Egyptian. Hence the anklet I always wear. I'm now in a U.S History class. It's pretty interesting, even thought iI already know half of what the professor lectures about. lol
      *whistles* Dang!! You been all around huh? As for the FM games, I recommend them. They are the only versions of the games I play.
      Mario......Ah the memories. I loved Kirby as well. Heck, I still do!!
      As for Naruto, yes I play the games, and read the manga. My favorites are:
      Sora no Otoshimono
      Omamori Himari
      Love Monster
      Beach Stars
      Spice and Wolf!!!!!!! (Love with a passion)
      KH (If that wasn't obvious. Lol)
      Oh, just realized you asked anime and not manga. But that list is mainly the same, and a few more could be added, but I won't bore you with the details.
      Why thank you. You seem like a interesting person yourself, I dare say.
      Ha ha ha!!!! I'm always looking for new friends. You can never have too many right.
      Love to talk to you more.
      Edit: Almost forgot. I heard you like short stories. I actually happen to be writhing a story on this site right now. You can check it out in the Creativity Corner. Or the link in my signature has it also.
    9. Rhiscx
      Btw, I do apologize. I don't quite know how YahooIM works. *embarrassed*

      I also meant to ask what games and hobbies your had but the first message was far too long. (Darn you huge game list of mine)
    10. Rhiscx
      Well, my dad disagrees and agrees with my choice, but thank you:) I'm thinking High school or College level. IT's not that I don't dislike kids, (I get that too often) But it's much harder to get a younger class to be interested in a subject like history.

      You did? I'll have to check that. I do apologize. I'm rarely on that, but I do check it. I guess I'll make that more of a routine. Of course it's alright my'dear. You may ask me anything you wish, and I'll try to answer to the best go my ability.

      Games. Here comes the list:
      Assassin's Creed (All of them)
      COD (Call of Duty) World at War, Classic, and Black Ops
      KH (All of them including Final mix versions)
      Dissidia (Both of them)
      Dante's Inferno
      Prince of Persia (All of them)
      All FFVII related games
      Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm (Both of them)
      Second Sight
      I think that's all of them. I do apologize for the long list. So, what games do you play?
    11. Rhiscx
      Hmmm, thought one. Well, I recently have gotten into writing, and am going for a history major to be a teacher.

      But other than that, I really don't have a talent. I mean, I play guitar, dance (Very little), act (very little), and play video games in my spare time, but that's about it.

      A painter huh? very cool. I know a lot of people who are artistically talented. Good luck with your future career dengal118:)
    12. Rhiscx
      Ah, high school..... the memories..... An art school huh? What form of art are you interested in? Not a problem. I really did like the vid. You have a talent there missy.
    13. Rhiscx
      Hey just checked your vid out. Really awesome! I loved it!!!
    14. Rhiscx
      Thank you. I'll check it out asap.

      Me? I'm employed at a local Giant store. And yes I am. A community college right now.

      So, what about yourself?
    15. Rhiscx
      I love the complete version myself. And as you said the Cloud and Sephiroth scene was well done, and was even better when they added Zack near the end. So you uploaded a vid? Very cool. May I see it?

      As for me? I'm ok. My house has heat, but I couldn't go to work due to the loss of power. So now I'm here chatting and preparing to get some papers done.
    16. Rhiscx
      Well hello hello. I noticed form the great profile pic you have. I used to be wolf themed, but I just felt the need for change

      So, another FFVII fan I see? *falls over from the epicness* Wow!! You've done it all huh? I love Crisis Core, and I recently got my hands on Advent Children Complete. I love the extra scenes they added!!!

      So, how are you at the moment?
    17. Rhiscx
      Hey there. Wanted to be your first VM and say that I like your profile pic. Wolves are my third favorite animal. Also something tells me your a FFVII fan as well?
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    my name is Dengal118 but usually I go by Kari lol. I'm new to making amv but so far I really like it

    my interests are kingdom hearts, final fantasy advent children and ff 7 and wolves