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Jul 3, 2023
May 14, 2007
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Apr 17, 1993 (Age: 31)
Ireland somewhere


Hei Long: Unrivalled under the Heavens, 31, from Ireland somewhere

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Jul 3, 2023
    1. Spunk Ransom
      Spunk Ransom
    2. Akino
      lulz. Daxma~ I acceptie your friendie requestie! :D
    3. daxma
      Thats your new nickname lol
    4. crazyaxelfangirl
      im not the joker but ok
    5. daxma
      You know what i said Joker
    6. crazyaxelfangirl
    7. crazyaxelfangirl
    8. Roxaspartanti
      Peace out, Daxma.
    9. Rissy
      I dunno.
      I'm not feeling very well, and I'm having a pretty sh*tty weekend, so I dont FEEL LIKE RPing RIGHT NOW.
      Got it?
    10. micketymike
      are you leading everyone to the black gate cause that is the orc city
    11. micketymike
      can you do me a favor. i would like you to be fight coordinator because you have a way of keeping the enemys strong and can you and i know this is kinda anoying of me to ask but since im a rookie can you and overload trade off playing my part aswell for a bit im in a bit of a fix right now so computer hours will be limited. just so your prepared to lead this scean when you arrive at giyunty there is an enormas army of orc attacking. after that scean if im not back i will try to give further explaination. im telling the same to overload in hopes that you two can manage in my absence. remember to keep the same feel i have been working so hard on throughout i have much already planed out (i wrote a book on it) so if im not abel to get on much ill have to rely on the two of you to keep this one going. i will ask that you inform everyone of this when the time comes even though i will post it on the main page that when you enter new towns there are new options availible (weapons, if you want new characters you can get them in the citys that would fit thier atributes (dwarfs mines) that kind of stuff again ill try to check in soon. dont leave giyuty till i speek with you again. thanks and sorry again that ill be goneoh and three more things 1 do mintro justice please i know hes not your own character but treat him as if he were 2. do not meet with the king and his adviser till i either talk to you or return, stall in any way you can but like i said this is based off a stinkin 300 page book i wrote so there are detail i must inform you of. lastly since i know you are both so good at this i would like it if you adapt when the situation fits to characters that either speek to the group or journey with them that come with the story not with the user submitted ones. if youve both seen it try to keep this having a feel similar to that of lor o the rings. i'll send it to your pm boxes aswell so you can hang onto it. thanks!
    12. crazyaxelfangirl
    13. crazyaxelfangirl
      so how have u been
    14. micketymike
      and could this be thy has gone away befor his first post! sir i hate to inform you but we cannaot wait
    15. micketymike
      what does thou think of my rp sir?
    16. micketymike
      thou must run hard to catch up with us that or you shall have to come from ahead. we are no theives but prepare to do as the thieves do
    17. micketymike
      check the story on the main page i am allways updating it
    18. micketymike
      its called wind (something simple and easy to remember) destiny hasnt gon online since i sent her the link but check it out any way i think i did a pretty good job on it
    19. micketymike
      hey why dont you join my rp were in a battl ight now so this could be fun...reply to this and ive come up with a good way for you to enter
    20. crazyaxelfangirl
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    Apr 17, 1993 (Age: 31)
    Ireland somewhere
    None of your business if you have to browse my personal profile for information.