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March 7
Near, far, Jafar.


#stalker, Female, from Near, far, Jafar.


On your left. Apr 13, 2014

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Mar 29, 2019
    1. Noroz
      It's Petter with two T's ;p That's a very important detail :p

      But anyway, nice to meet you too Danu
    2. king_mickey rule
      king_mickey rule
      Haha omg, I would do the same thing xD. I would probably laugh for 5 and a half hours after that haha xD
    3. king_mickey rule
      king_mickey rule
      5 and a half hours? Jesus Christ, that's a long time xD. I would laugh my ass off while running away in a situation like that xD
    4. Hiro ✩
      Hiro ✩
      hi again Daxa
    5. Noroz
      Oh, and the videos are pretty old, my voice has become a little better now, but I don't think I'll have an upload until May or something. :p Just putting it out there. I also have a lower voice now, somehow

      EDIT: I think Remembering Sunday is the best one
    6. king_mickey rule
      king_mickey rule
      This has to be the most epic school story I've ever heard xD. If only we could do that too ;/
    7. Noroz
    8. king_mickey rule
      king_mickey rule
      Seriously? In my school the whole class would get detention at the very least for doing a thing like that xD
    9. king_mickey rule
      king_mickey rule
      Haha omg, epic! xD
      It was also my french teacher who pissed me off ... hehehe you inspired me xD
    10. Noroz
      Winnie the pooh... Ugh. I don't like it, too childish for me (no offense ;p)
      Oh, the fanfic, KILL THEM ALL! And let them reunite in Kingdom Hearts, because it turns out they both had hearts! o.o
      All my teachers like me :b

      Well, I've sung in front of a lot of people before, 800-ish or something. One thing that usually works if you're nervous (which it seems like you are) take these things in consideration: There's a reason your school lets you sing. And you are better than most of the people there. :)

      Oh, And I have a youtube channel where I sing and play guitar (I have also uploaded a couple of AMV's there, but it's supposed to be my music page) :p

      Don't worry about performing, but it's always a good thing to be nervous, it's healthy! ;)
    11. king_mickey rule
      king_mickey rule
      Haha well, guess I'm not the only one with irritating (!) teachers :D. Yeah, yesterday I just stepped outside the class, couldn't stay there one more minute with that stupid woman. And then she says I'm in fault hah! x)
    12. king_mickey rule
      king_mickey rule
      Good but had a hectic day at school, one teacher really pissed me off yesterday but I wanted to apologize (even though it was my right to be mad) and she didn't accept my apologies so yeah, I was pretty mad xD
    13. king_mickey rule
      king_mickey rule
      Haha :D. So how're you doing today?
    14. Noroz
      I don't like prejudice either, I think of it as ignorance.
      I love Donald Duck, he's the best Disney character ever, and if you disagree, you're wrong xD
      I am writing a Pokémon fanfic (lovestory between Ash and Misty, but I want to make it more real, seeing as he should be pretty grown up by now, so physical relationship, not the "puppy-love" )
      Hugs are fun, unfortunately I'm hug depraved at the moment o.o
      My star sign is Cancer, born 22nd of July 91 (So I'm turning 20 in not too long)
      I have never been drunk or even tipsy, though I do enjoy some casual alcohol for the taste of it.
      I love dogs, though I have never owned one because of my parents.
      I have 1 older sister
      I hope you mean the color pink and not the artist!
      I love to smile, because I don't see any reason for not to, unless you're sad or angry. Even though I'm in a meh mood, I try to smile.
      I suck at doing homework. I always get it done, but I usually do it the night before.
    15. Misty
      I can't complain. Been busy between school, work, and driver's ed, but I've got spring break in a week and a half so I'm just holding out for that. =]
      How about you?
    16. Noroz
      I have not been seriously injured yet, but with my luck I believe it's right around the corner.
      I have no problems crying, though I try to avoid it unless I am alone
      I know everything there is to know about me
      I like a lot of music, but I HATE!!! Techno/Trance (to me it's all the same) and I don't like pop. (there are some exceptions). I don't like Hip Hop either (except for some songs)
      I get really into games with good stories, as well as manga and anime
      I'm gonna get a degree in computer science, but except for working with computers, I want to make music and live off it, Or I want to be a voice actor in a game.
      My humor is usually full of innuendos.
      No, there are not enough gentlemen in the world.
      I am not easily agitated, so I'm usually very calm.
      However, I am either Happy (most of the time) or pissed off, nothing in between
    17. Misty
      Thank you. <3 I actually had this one a few months back (god, almost a year now?), I got tired of the Misty one and thought I'd give Kairi a go for a while.
    18. Noroz
      I don't think I can say I have a favorite band, because I love so many bands and music means everything to me so it's impossible for me to choose.
      Legoland is fun, I used to love it but now it's more videogames and computers.
      Michael Bublé is one of my idols, because he's awesome.
      I do like fish o.o but I prefer meat.
      Never played that game o.o
      I'm lazy so I don't like running, but I love soccer. Played actively for 12,5 years before I quit because of mono and infection in my heel.
      I'm pretty good at maths, but more of the practical math, being physics.
      I love computers!
      I suck at drawing, all I can draw is anime/manga eyes, and barely that.
      I think Macs suck, because PC's are awesome.
      I love the rain, when I don't HAVE to walk in it, but I love walking in it if I want to!
      I have a tattoo
      I'm a romantic and a gentleman.
    19. Noroz
      I'm Christian, but I'm progressive, so I have a very modern view on it.
      My style is rock with a touch of emo, but unfortunately I have lost a bit of it.
      30STM are AWESOME!
      My Chemical Romance is awesome
      I don't really read books :p
      Depending on the song, I can as well
      Fav Pokémon... hmm, I think it's Blastoise because it's pure awesomeness!!!
      Why are you going to Denmark?
      I'm going to the US for ten days in a week!
    20. Noroz
      I like being alone :D
      I like to sing (I don't really know how well I sing, but I've been complimented)
      I remember random stuff
      In some ways I have amazing memory, in some I don't.
      Pokémon is awesome, I finished Black a week ago or so

      I get B/A's in every class so far (Knock on wood)
      Norwegian and proud of it! :D

      My favorite color I think has to be black or blue.
      I love two color things (like Vans)

      I often wear converse, one black and one red.
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