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Feb 16, 2024
Dec 6, 2006
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June 23
Researcher and student of the mystic arts


Word of advice: Let the wookie win. He's Chuck N, from Classified

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Feb 16, 2024
    1. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      You know I was only kidding...and YOU'RE ONLINE! 8D
      ...yes the crazy weekend made me hyper~
    2. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      ...that might be true. xD
    3. Forever Love
      Forever Love
      Ah, wonderful. It fits. ^_^

      *shoots finger-ice at you, causing your finger-saber to freeze*
    4. Forever Love
      Forever Love
      *blocks laser*

      I was only kidding, you goof!

      *shoots finger-fire at you*
    5. Forever Love
      Forever Love

      *fires back with finger-laser-of-death*
    6. Forever Love
      Forever Love


      Hee hee!
    7. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      Oh, darn it! D:
    8. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~

      ...I don't want to study Spanish/Chem. D:
      Well, Chem is on Moday, but still I don't want to study Spanish.
    9. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      Yes, yes we do.
      You have to admit though, it's fun.
      ...I'm multislacking right now as a matter of fact. xDD
    10. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      Oh yes. Like today in study hall, I so could have finished my math, but I just kept on making jokes with friends while doing my homework, and well, my work in my math homework was slacking. xD
      I'm always multislacking when it comes to studying/schoolwork. 8D
    11. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      The students would be pros in no time. ^^

      Oh, okay.
    12. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      HECK YES! 8D

      And how was it?
    13. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      My friend did say I could be a teacher...maybe I'll teach mulitslacking. 8D

      Oh, okay.
    14. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      I plan on getting a multislacking degree. You know, since I do it so well. 8D

      So, how are you?
    15. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      I'm multislacking right now. I should be studying for Spanish right now but I'm not.
      MULTISLACKING'S A WORD?! Dang it, I thought DP and I came up with an awesome word last year. D:

      That stinks. I have Chem lab next Tuesday.
    16. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      My day was all right; only flaw would have to be that my right arm and shoulder have been bothering me all day.

      lol, I put this in my profile.
      ...what? Math was distracting me. D:
    17. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      Yessums. It's awesome. =D
    18. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      They're stationed in Rhode Island.
      I want to go there just to pass by their office. >>

      It's like Ghost hunters only they go to different coutnries to see if some creatures exist, such as Bigfoot, Yowie, the Death Worm, Papobawa, Ropen, and occasionally ghosts.
      Oh, and if you're saying "What the heck are those creatures" go here.
    19. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      Yes. TAPS. In other words "The Atlantic Paranormal Society."

      Destination Truth is an awesome show. =D
    20. Forever Love
      Forever Love
      XD I gotcha.

      Good! That's a start, dc! =D

      Hm...Have you been apart for a long time? If you have, that may be part of it; just not seeing her after a while affects you're excitement. If that's not it, maybe you're "going through a phase", something else is on your mind that's more important, or you're losing feelings for her...but gradually.
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    June 23
    Researcher and student of the mystic arts
    Studying how to conquer the universe...just a little bit more to go.

    Being a ninja, spy, artist, mimic, and former athlete.


    Valentine of Destiny
    Last chapter update: June 29, 2009

    To those who believe, no evidence is required. To those who don't believe, no evidence is ever enough.

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