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Feb 16, 2024
Dec 6, 2006
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June 23
Researcher and student of the mystic arts


Word of advice: Let the wookie win. He's Chuck N, from Classified

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Feb 16, 2024
    1. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      *hides quarter*
    2. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      I missed you too!
      Yay, now we can have our random convos again. xD
    3. Pure Beats~
      Pure Beats~
      ...I think I'm back. ._.
    4. Forever Love
      Forever Love
      *bounces back from the reflection*

      *stares him down*
    5. Forever Love
      Forever Love
      *blocks with Keyblade...but the ice gets a snip of armor*

      *runs and attacks*
    6. Forever Love
      Forever Love
      *gets sucked in toward enemy*

      *when close enough, fires Firaga at him*
    7. Forever Love
    8. Forever Love
      Forever Love

      *blocks Blizzaga*

      *gets hit with Thunder and is temporarily stunned*

      I'll....get...you for...that.
    9. Forever Love
      Forever Love

      *blocks wind*

    10. Forever Love
      Forever Love
      Yes, IT IS!

    11. Forever Love
      Forever Love

      Um...quoting Shiki. Duh!

      *blocks his attempts*

    12. Forever Love
      Forever Love


      *swings and yells--*

      "WHY DON'T YOU BACK OFF?!!!"
    13. Forever Love
      Forever Love
      *summons Kingdom Key and Oathkeeper* Bring it!!
    14. Heaven's Angel
      Heaven's Angel
      Ohh... I see... o.o

      Well... I'm sorry, I really don't know what to say... :sweatdrop: It sounds like you guys are really good friends. Maybe it would be best if it stayed that way for a while? >.>
    15. Heaven's Angel
      Heaven's Angel
      Uh-oh... *huggles* Hmm... maybe if you're cautious... r u two really good friends?
    16. Heaven's Angel
      Heaven's Angel
      Hey, if u like her, and u think she likes u, then go for it! It's worth a shot, right? =D
    17. Heaven's Angel
      Heaven's Angel
      Aww... I feel so loved. <3

      Oh no. D: *hugs again* Breaking down sucks... I've felt like screaming all weekend. It's weird, because when I'm here, things seem alot less stressful and fun. =D

      I'm so glad to hear that! =D
    18. Heaven's Angel
      Heaven's Angel
      o.o I was really missed that much?

      *huggles* I think I do have an idea, tho... I missed u guys, too. Nothing's been the same. Seriously, it's like after I left, everything just went downhill... I've been crying almost every night. =(

      But I'm so happy to be back!!! :D
    19. Heaven's Angel
      Heaven's Angel
      Sorry... Inbox was alredy 95% full when I got back... :sweatdrop:
    20. Forever Love
      Forever Love

      Would this be the Enigmatic Soldier armor that I've heard wonders about?

      No problem, then.

      *dons own E.S. armor (Agua's to be exact)* Bring. It. On.
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    June 23
    Researcher and student of the mystic arts
    Studying how to conquer the universe...just a little bit more to go.

    Being a ninja, spy, artist, mimic, and former athlete.


    Valentine of Destiny
    Last chapter update: June 29, 2009

    To those who believe, no evidence is required. To those who don't believe, no evidence is ever enough.

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