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Apr 4, 2007
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Sep 27, 1995 (Age: 28)

Daenerys Targaryen

ok, Female, 28


nate is weird pass it on Dec 30, 2012

    1. KeybladeSpirit
      Also, really wishing I could rep VMs now.
    2. KeybladeSpirit
      Yeah, I know. I was really only calling because she promised she'd call me back on Monday, and that never happened. So I called once on Tuesday, twice on Wednesday, then a couple more times on Thursday when I only left one message so as not to clutter up their answering machine. I figured it was reasonable and that she'd just say so if she wanted me to stop. And that's when it hit me that she was probably avoiding me.

      And hey, I could never hate her! It's just that she knew (a) that I loved her, (b) that I've been in love with her for two years and had a major crush on her for at least six months before that, and (c) that it was my first kiss. It just seems like the healthiest thing for me right now is to stay mad at her for a while. If she apologizes (or forgives me, depending on her perspective) I'll likely run right straight back into her arms at full speed anyway. And if that doesn't happen, I'll need a new con buddy.
    3. Hayabusa
      Its fine, but I just use it as a time-filler sometimes.

      I don't think anyone's perfect obviously, and I can state flaws of the girls I've liked easily, and many of those flaws I actually like since they're similar to mine.

      The dream was like, I was just sitting with this girl who had long dark hair, cuddling or something. It was so simple, yet it really left an impact on me. I despise being at malls too long cause of the people and the prices.

      Its good you have at least a few best friends. I have acquaintances, regular friends, and good friends, but I don't really feel like any of them are that close. Sometimes I get the feeling that they don't really want to be, but I'm fine with that I suppose, I'm not the super-affectionate person anyway. And I know not all girls are expectant of expensive things. One of my friends is probably more of an Assassin's Creed nut than you (she works at Gamestop)
    4. Hayabusa
      I find it kinda funny that we talk on here more than on Facebook lolz

      Anyway, yeah he did. Maybe its because of his story that I've always had this dream of finding the girl who'll change my life for the best and stick with me. I think I told you about my actual dream of a girl too. And shopping....gosh, I salute guys who can deal with their girls during shopping sprees...

      Thanks Haley, and same for you....though I can't really say much about romantic things? Then again, you probably would go to someone you personally know for that anyway...I'm talking too much
    5. KeybladeSpirit
      tl;dr: We were just friends, but now we're just kind of nothing. I can't even really say that I'm her ex.
    6. KeybladeSpirit
      Best friends, though it got kind of blurry after that one night. She said we weren't exclusive, which I took to mean, "Let's try this out, but still just act like friends, especially around our parents. She also mentioned that this is how she and her ex also started out and that their breakup was due to circumstances that didn't apply to us (age difference), which I took to mean that there was a good chance of us being "together" for real.

      A month later we hung out again, but it was like that night in February had never happened, which hurt. Then we started to discuss meeting up over her Spring Break, and that was when she stopped returning my calls. It didn't hit me that it was because she was avoiding me until Thursday, and we hadn't spoken since Monday at that point. 3 PM tomorrow (today? It's 1:30 AM right now) will mark a week since we've spoken.
    7. Hayabusa
      Well, there's a reason I find myself so similar to Squall sometimes lol. But anyway, I tend to be the more level-headed guy I suppose, but I enjoy laughing a lot (who doesn't?) so comedy is I think a forte of mine sometimes, and no job right now, though I'll probably gonna look for a summer one. The last person I had a thing for I met through theater, but that was in high school, and I'm really not interested in doing it at a community college (poor lolz)

      I appreciate it, but one in my position can really only hear so much advice from people currently or previously in relationships before it all just seems to sound the same, as true as it all is I'm sure.
    8. Hayabusa
      I do, but I'm not that talkative a person really. I guess I have to partially chalk my singleness up to slight social-awkwardness. I'm usually busy with something though when I am around them. College is a very boring, very busy place, and I rarely see a girl I'd think worth pursuiting anyway.

      (romance help with Haley!)
    9. KeybladeSpirit
      I actually just got over the hating myself part. Now I'm in that mindset that she broke it off for my sake and I'll thank her for it later. Unfortunately, when I forgive her she'll probably never know
    10. Hayabusa
      It does make me wonder on why though. Apparently I'm good looking and nice and all that, but no girl's ever stated affection towards me past friends, except online (which doesn't really matter in my opinion cause we both know what that led to). I'm wondering if its cause they haven't actually met me and gotten to know me?

    11. Hayabusa
      Its fine, just my own personal thing I suppose. I'd give my input, if I had any.

      And I was joking when I said that y'know...
    12. Hayabusa
      Glad you find that amusing, but I meant it o.o

      I always dislike hearing my friends talking about sex and stuff. Not cause I'm against it or anything, but its like, awkward to think of them like that, and it adds to the awkwardness when I've not had a girlfriend...so yeah (forever alone)
    13. Saxima
      Yeah, I liked Brotherhood and II a lot more.

      I'm doing multiplayer right now . . . and I can easily say that I like Brotherhood's a lot better.
    14. Saxima
      Happy Easter, dear.

      There's a link in the OP, it leads to my private messaging.

      You message me and I post the confession.

      [sorry for the late reply, playing Revelations.
    15. Heart ❤
      Heart ❤
      Hey, Your sig is very cool. Where are those little peoples from?
    16. Hayabusa
      No no no no no no Rinoa is amazing. Have her, Zell, and Squall.
    17. Hayabusa
      For the final battle? Yeah, but you can easily just buff up 3 of your party members, and have her kill all the others off lolz
    18. Hayabusa
      8's last bosses are actually pretty easy once you figure out their patterns. Its recommended to beat them in a specific order too.
    19. Hayabusa
      I could tell you what to do.

      But Final Fantasy does not like babying >:C
    20. Hayabusa
      Totally. Once you get the hang of it, the main game is so easy. Even on Proud Mode.

      Final Fantasy will wreck your **** though, regardless.
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