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Jan 8, 2008
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Trapped on an Island
I Work for the Government


Crystal Princess, from Trapped on an Island


Low-key anxiety. God pls. Dec 22, 2015

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Jan 1, 2016
    1. Jiku Neon
      Jiku Neon
      First of all, I had not the slightest proof to lead me to believe you were not a native English speaker. I understand that you don't always have the best spelling and the like, but you write better than a lot of the English speakers I've encountered. It's odd how that works out. ^.^

      Yeah, I understand where you're going with working on something else. It does help me work out issues when I'm able to think about something else more clearly.
    2. Jiku Neon
      Jiku Neon
      Come on, if I gave two shits from a rats ass about being popular with people I don't know I'd be a sad specimen.

      Sounds pretty bad.
    3. Dinny
      Visitor message for joo~ :3

      Heya there Chervalier~! >w<
    4. Jiku Neon
      Jiku Neon
      I know, I know! You're going to ask Ernest Hemingway! Am I right? Am I?
    5. Jiku Neon
      Jiku Neon
      I haven't seen you around in like a few days, I thought you'd died a horrible and gruesome death.
    6. Jiku Neon
      Jiku Neon
      You'll come back they all--
      Kyaa! I just realized something. I'm in your seegunatoor. lol
    7. Jiku Neon
      Jiku Neon
      If you're small enough you can. :D
    8. Jiku Neon
      Jiku Neon
      I am so amusing I gave myself a hernia. Don't you dare speak otherwise, I will bare my fangs at you.

      What would you do at night otherwise, huh? :3
    9. Jiku Neon
      Jiku Neon
      Whatever do you mean? ^_^
    10. TheLightIsGone123
      because i choose not to have any
    11. Xaale
      Viiiisiiiiitooooor meeeeessssaaaaaaaage

      Hai :3
    12. Jiku Neon
      Jiku Neon
      Not too terribly much. I did a few things, but mostly everything outside the spamzone was silent.
    13. Jiku Neon
      Jiku Neon
      I forgot no one listens to JoCo... anywhere. Sorry 'bout that.
    14. Jiku Neon
      Jiku Neon
      Heya Tom it's Bob from the office down the hall, great to see ya buddy how've ya been? Things have been okay for me except that I'm a zombie now, we really wish you'd let us in. I know I speak for all of us when I say I understand why you folks might hesitate to submit to our demands, but here's an fyi: you're all gonna die screaming.
    15. Jiku Neon
      Jiku Neon
      You need a profile picture.
    16. Chevalier
      woot, i finally got a visitor message
    17. Ampex
      yay first one!
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    Home Page:
    Trapped on an Island
    I Work for the Government
    Hey there.

    If you're wondering more about me, I will say there's not much to say. I'm just a regular person trying to live life. I enjoy anime. I like Figmas and Nendoroids. I like Video Games. I also enjoy reading and doing some graphic stuff. I'm also somewhat fond of Opera. If you ever want to talk, I'm always willing to chat. So don't be afraid to follow me and start a conversation.




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