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Aug 2, 2011
Apr 2, 2007
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November 27
The Labyrinth

Catch the Rain

As the world falls down ♥, from The Labyrinth

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Aug 2, 2011
    1. Explode
      Oh man, that can't be good for your back. And I probably should have done something with those apples you gave me. They've surely gone bad by now :P

      What have you been up to all this time? X)
    2. The Great Gatz
      The Great Gatz
      haha... riiiight.... I'm still just a kid in my eyes. I still feel/act pretty immature haha.
    3. nasirrich
      Ok I'll give you a hint ready... I can't say because its some next gen stuff. Yep that's exactly it next gen sorry can't now I don't even know its just that serious.
    4. burnitup
      That sounds incredibly awesome. Was the unicorn blue, male, wears a top hat and monocle(sp), and has British accent?
    5. Sakura Angel
      Sakura Angel
      Hmm ya you have a good point there cx
    6. Bushy
    7. Mr. Van Whippy ♥
      Mr. Van Whippy ♥
      Ok Smurfette, we are not there yet.
    8. Absol
      Well, say the word and I'll do whatever I can to help, as long as it's after 2012. Maybe you will be here for the road trip after all. :B

      okay :<
    9. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      Dudes and dudettes looking at this. I have gone through my contact/friend list because it was getting ridiculously out of control. I have removed pretty much everyone except for the people I frequent Voxli with, some staff members, and the odd person I need to keep on there. Please don't anyone be offended by this, it isn't anything personal, but I had almost 400 contacts and it was getting mental, especially considering I haven't ever spoken to a lot of the people on said list.

      I hope y'all can understand, and know that my removal of you wasn't done to hurt or offend anyone.

      Much love,


      Please accept these kittens
    10. Kaidron Blaze
      Kaidron Blaze
      lol may I ask what your avatar is from?
    11. Absol
      Of course.
      I promise to visit you and/or bring you over here one day, too. 8D

      fine, we'll try not to :<
    12. Gamefreak103
      Oh nothing in particular, just attending college, looking for a job to pay for said college. X_X
      If nothing else, I just play a game or watch an anime I've never seen before.

      That pretty much sums up my life. XD
    13. Makaze
      I disagree with his means, but if his goals were to eliminate threats then I have no qualms with those goals. I chose an extreme example on purpose. I did state before that it is black and white. Every single example can be worked out in principle. Either ends justify means always, or not at all.

      The Name of the Wind. Read it now. I repeat, now.

      Not likely. If they doubt anything at all, they will realize that other people only love them as much as they love others, if that, and go from there.

      I'll be waiting.

      You are welcome. Some songs on the sideline...!

      I am sure that I read it before, but it did not stick with me. Thanks again for sharing it with me.
    14. burnitup
      Anything interesting happen in your wanderings?
    15. nasirrich
      Yea, hang on you may not know her. I could have sworn you did... Hmmm uhhh well I guess it still is... No wait Oh Yea we have a mystery on our hands. Forget calling the gang with the mystery machine maybe detective Conan can slove this. YEA AWWW YEA!!!!
    16. Makaze
      I understand his reasoning. There are many ways to take such a thing. Think about how successful Israel has been with its military conquests throughout history. He probably saw it as a threat that needed to be eradicated. Or perhaps he saw that the faith for the danger that it is, and wanted to get rid of that. No matter what he did, ends to not justify means, but he could have had many good ends that we saw genocide as the means to.

      I do. I could choose a favourite... But I can choose a favourite for authors. Patrick Rothfuss and George Orwell are tied for that position. Even so, I felt compelled to clear up any misconceptions...

      Not really. You yourself said, "when you know deep down they couldn't care less." The chances of not knowing this are very slim, what with all of the self-doubt out there.

      I have been out of room for a while now. Most of them are in boxes now, in an attempt to clear up shelf space. We have a small library of text books going.

      Well put... I do not struggle with my self worth much, but I am not sure how to act in a different way. I can be humble when I am forced to be, but it is troublesome. I do like arguing to a point. I love to win, and honestly losing is even greater. I do feel trapped and bound in several ways, and I do try to dismiss it. I do not like having a physical form. I do not like having a rigid personality. On my physical appearance, I do not think much on it, and I do not think much of it, true enough. I would rather that I not have a defined physical shape... But I am not all that self-conscious about it. It would be more of a bother if I felt an overwhelming need to be loved in that way, but not right now. Loyal to what? I am stubborn, but I have been known to and will change on a dime if solid logic is presented. If I have a loophole, I am wont to take it because I need to be right in everything that I can be right in. I question whether I believe anything as strongly as I think I do. I really only take up positions in the name of logic and consistency, but when it comes down to it, I argue for the sake of being open minded. I disagree with everyone so that I may be outside of every box... And it is fruitless and without taste. Because I can control my emotions so well as I can, I can change my convictions at will. If they are up to me, then what are they really worth? The question comes up whenever my stubbornness is called. For I am against being stubborn, and would like to change if I can...

      I saw it a long time ago, but thanks anyway. Here is one for you:

      Oh, that was beautiful. Thank you very much...
    17. nasirrich
      Yea as do I. But I will tell you you may know her that's all I can say.^ ^
    18. Tikem
      Well, -30 degrees Celsius is sort of like inverse Hell.

      Well, I was planning that sort of thing too. My universe is sort of complex and would require knowledge of the string theory to understand it. And some things like majority of A3 (parallel 3) would not seem so interesting without knowing why suddenly swords act like lightsabers and such.
    19. Kaidron Blaze
      Kaidron Blaze
      lol don't worry I like playing VM tag
    20. nasirrich
      That's the beauty of it its a surprise.^_^ XD ha ha hahahaha lol.
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