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Aug 2, 2011
Apr 2, 2007
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November 27
The Labyrinth

Catch the Rain

As the world falls down ♥, from The Labyrinth

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Aug 2, 2011
    1. The Great Gatz
      The Great Gatz
      Oh. Those are called walkers in the US. ;P Yeah, we won the war so we can call them walkers and not zimmer frames! But tea is still good.
    2. The Great Gatz
      The Great Gatz
      I had to google what a zimmerframe was. I'm still 12 and what is this?
    3. Gamefreak103
      Yeah, I rewatch ones I've seen as well sometimes, especially when you want to watch something good after watching something that wasn't good....(I can list several in my head. XD)
      I'll look into Claymore again soon, I've just caught up with a show I've been watching so now I have nothing to watch. Dx
    4. Aura
      I know. But I was too distracted with making sure I didn't mess up my laptop or anything. ._. Oh God, that happens me a lot. I always get crumbs from chips and I get annoyed when a key won't work. I've actually been wanting to clean my keyboard, but I'm afraid of taking the keys out to clean it. I actually think I saw a spider try going into my keyboard. ._. I remember freaking out and trying to get it off. XD

      That's better than a bad one. XD Thank you. Lately I've been going to class, but I end up getting to the point where I'm ready to pass out from boredom so I leave. But I've been doing my homework lately and trying to study for my mid-term on Thursday. No, I'm not very good at history. >>; I took the class since it's a requirement to transfer to a four year college. But I'm actually going into psychology. 8D
    5. Inasuma
      lololo i am well.
    6. nasirrich
      Y-Yep I saw that coming wow opps hehehehe ^^''. But I can tell you this you know... No wait uhhh ummm yes... Let's see... I got it ok ready for this is the best thing to help you out.
      What do you do at a green light?
    7. ajk515
      It's alright. It was alright :P
    8. MadDoctorMaddie
      Pretty good now, but I had somewhat of a meltdown a couple months ago before I decided to drop out of school...
      But I'm applying again to different places, and I'm probably gonna be a sort of au pair for my uncles family next summer.
    9. Technic☆Kitty
      Yeah *can't belive I didn't know wat that meant* I mean I would hate to have no life, if that ever happened I would just call the whole thing quits and go home to Destiny Islands . . . wait a minute!!!! lol
    10. Dark Shana
      Dark Shana
      Thanks, I love Shana. :D
    11. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      Zter you are so mean >:C
    12. Zter
      I'm going to post here. And you can't post back since I disabled my wall. Lawl
    13. Alex856
      Sis. how are you doing? it feels like it's been waaaay too much time. :/
      :glomp: I hope that you're okay <3 and that life is treating you very dearly.
      I miss talking with you, we should catch up sometime.. take care.
    14. Machazo
      NUUUU! I know, chicks are yellow!

      EDIT: your last VM was my 100th one <3
    15. burnitup
      Raaaaaaaiiiny! :3 :glomp: Hello!
    16. Sakura Angel
      Sakura Angel
      Not well. How about you? cx
    17. Firekeyblade
    18. Plums
      But if you kill me, then the children will go rampant.


      I...I don't know how that happened. ._.
    19. Absol
      No fair, that'll be right before I turn 18. ;;

      ...But yeah, same here. And ****ing hell, it will be so awesome.

      Great, last Monday was basically the best night of my life so far because I went to this insane Girl Talk concert. It was wonderful.
      Also, I ended up voice chatting with Advent last night via our Pokemon games, so that was fun as hell. xD

      What about 'chu?
    20. Mathias Jay
      Mathias Jay
      Haha, I am. :3 *hugglecuddle*

      Truth. But there's also the fact that he doesn't play it.

      I just said they went to Texas. xD I'm in Oklahoma. I live with my parents, they just went to Texas to help with my aunt for a day. And I don't, but time seems to drag on...
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    The Labyrinth
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