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Oct 27, 2012
Jan 5, 2008
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Captain Hero

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Oct 27, 2012
    1. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      I hate facebook. So confusing. Anyway how are you?
    2. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      Someone kept on calling you Dr. Pepper and you said you'd rather be Dr. Johnson. I'm going to try and find you on myspace. You probably don't have one but i'll try.
    3. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      goodnight Jake. I'm not in the best of mood and i don't want to take my stress out on you.
    4. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      stressed as a rubberband. go look at your “gay friends” thread.
    5. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      I know Mr. Johnson. ^_^
    6. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      he does the threatning on my dates. he overspices the meat resulting in immediate bathroom need. He also put contact lenses liquid into your drink. it'll give ya the wicked $hits.
    7. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      Yeah I'm sorry about him calling you a pedo.
    8. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      Our parents died 2 years ago. He came back from Iraq so he could try and get guardianship ove rus. He's our older brother
    9. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      He had to take over the role of dad at the age of 20. That's why
    10. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      So am I. "looks at bottom post" Dam**it. He talked to you?
    11. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      well that sucks. Were you sleepy?
    12. Petru
      You wanna talk to her. I'll let her on the comp. The phone's battery is draining so I gotta get off. anyway
    13. Petru
      It's rough. I'm still in the process of becoming an offical lawyer. Sorry for the bad grammar. Rachael's been trying to teach me to use the internet on the phone.
    14. Petru
      i prefer hteatning in person. That way I can put laxitives in the diner. :Awesome: So how's collge? I need the memories. It'll take me back to law school
    15. Petru
      Well don't worry man I won't thnreaten you. The rules of her dating is she has to date someone under 18 until she's 17 or 18
    16. Petru
      I got to page 5. I like how she said I was bi :() I'm straight dam**T. I'm married too. I actually did threaten her past bf's
    17. Petru
      Jacob is your name but I can't figure out your username. I'll have to read your whole conversation.
    18. Petru
      Yeah and i'm struggling to remember yo. I don't remmeber her talking t a Captain Hero that much when I first joined here. Have you had your username changed?
    19. Petru
    20. Petru
      Be right back. I've got to go quote something
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