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Oct 27, 2012
Jan 5, 2008
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Captain Hero

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Oct 27, 2012
    1. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      Who's your favorite? Mine is Rukia becauseshe's smoking hot in the schoolgirl outfit.
    2. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      Yup. 11:30pm I'm watching batman the brave and the bold. Y'know that batman's voice actor also voices Has Del Gado on The grim adventures of billy and mandy?
    3. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      it's amazing what first popped into my head when you said nurse. Anyway try chicken broth first.
    4. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      Well i just want to get used to the battle system that's all. So are you doin ok?
    5. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      slumber party of course....orgy!!!!!
      Have you heard? KH BBS comes out in winter. I know i'll be getting itvfor my emu. hbu
    6. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      i'm alright, the fight went good. i kicked his a$$. I kicked him in face. I'm sore though. We've been having bowling practice all week and i may be flexible but those workouts are tough.
    7. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      the guys in the spam zone think they know what they're talking about when it comes to pokemon whenh I'm a pokemon coder
    8. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      I just told you. In february my screename will be Nuff' Said for two weeks.
    9. Nuff' Said
    10. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      boring. just a bunch of muscleheads talking about old times. It's good that i check what i'm typing because i read my text as this musclehead stalking. do you know how to change mood on here. can't find the icon. i haven't changed it since February. Only 4 more months till my deal with you will have to be done. :Awesome:
    11. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      sorry about the late response. been feeling like sh!t. I was taken off my high dosage anti-depressants so i'm back to being my emo self. I'm not a happy girl normally. I'm only happy when i take them. I'm sorry.
    12. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      Oh well the homophobic girl at my school moved so something new happened to me. And your day?
    13. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      that i'd derep him until he was in the red. So anything new happen today?
    14. Roxas's Afterlife
    15. Roxas's Afterlife
    16. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      sleepy. got my first verbal warning for threatning Vanitas but i'm feeling ok. How was work.
    17. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      Good morning. how'd you sleep?
    18. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      I've got to sing out. Goodnight Jacob. I hpe work goes well.
    19. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      volunteer work? That's what I'm doing. I'm a flag girl for the parade.
    20. Nuff' Said
      Nuff' Said
      Thats' good. I'm just used to myspace that's all. Sory that I was so mean yesterday. Not going to go into detail but it was that time of the month again and I'm easily stressed. I might not be on tomorrow because Petru has to go to a veteran's day thing since he served in the miltitary
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