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Feb 20, 2010
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Washington State
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Blayz Mods

Set The World A Blayz, Male, from Washington State


I'm a modder who is trying to make it day by day like everyone else. May 10, 2019

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May 14, 2023
    1. Mako Tsunami
      Mako Tsunami
      for strength, def, mag, and magic def, you use values such as 9c and 8a. Pretty much hex values. The higher the value, the stronger the atk. Try not to go too high though, not sure of the limit it has.

      For HP, it's the same thing. Sora's HP in the dump is 3c, so a value like 66 will bring it up a lot

      As for the resistances, the higher the number, the weaker it is to that element. For example:

      21c6c8f8 64646464
      21c6c8fc 00646464

      The value 64 will make you receive full damage by that element.

      21c6c8f8 01010101
      21c6c8fc 00640101

      The value 01 will make Sora EXTREMELY resistant to the specified element.

      21c6c8f8 99999999
      21c6c8fc 00649999

      Anything higher than 64 will make Sora REALLY vulnerable/weak against the specified element.
    2. Mako Tsunami
      Mako Tsunami
      Alright, well if those work then these should as well.

      Slot 1



      21c6c8f8 XXYYZZWW (XX = thunder, YY = ice, ZZ = fire, WW = physical)
      21c6c8fc 0064AABB (AA = light, BB = darkness)


      01c6c900 000000??

      Slot 2


      01c6c4e8 000000?? (Current)
      01c6c4eC 000000?? (Max)


      21c6c670 00??00??
      21c6c674 00??00??


      21c6c690 XXYYZZWW (XX = thunder, YY = ice, ZZ = fire, WW = physical)
      21c6c694 0064AABB (AA = light, BB = darkness)

      01C6C698 000000??

      Slot 3


      01c6c280 000000??
      01c6c284 000000??


      21c6c408 00??00??
      21c6c40c 00??00??


      21c6c428 XXYYZZWW (XX = thunder, YY = ice, ZZ = fire, WW = physical)
      21c6c42c 0064AABB (AA = light, BB = darkness)

      01c6c430 000000??

      And here's a one-liner warrior code for the heck of it. Use it only in the same conditions as when you made the dump (same room, same save file, no other codes active)You'll have to attack in the air a bit before it appears).

      21ada9b0 01a98b20
    3. Mako Tsunami
      Mako Tsunami
      The below was for Sora, btw.
    4. Mako Tsunami
      Mako Tsunami
      Either of these could be either strength or defense, they both had the same value in the dump. Test them both with diff. values to see if they make any difference. The value in the dump is 78, so I suggest giving it a low number and see if it changes strength or defense.

      01c6c8d0 000000xx (str./def.)(?)
      01c6c8d4 000000xx (str./def.)(?)


      If those don't work, try these:

      21c6c8d8 00??00?? (Magic/Strength)
      21c6c8dc 00??00?? (Magic Def. / Physical Def.)
    5. Mako Tsunami
      Mako Tsunami
      Test and see if this is Sora's Current HP and Max HP:

      01c6c750 000000xx (Current)(?)
      01c6c754 000000xx (Max)(?)

      Just change the xx to whatever value you want it. Your current and max HP is 3C in the dump.
    6. Mako Tsunami
      Mako Tsunami
      You're welcome ^^ Please note that the codes I'll give you won't be character exclusive. They're like. . . status codes for whatever character is in that certain slot.

      For example, I could give you status slot 1, 2, and 3.

      If you have Donald, Goofy, and Sora as a party, Sora will be affected by slot 1, and either Donald or Goofy will be affected by slots 2 or 3.

      But since they're status slots, if you have a party of say... Roxas, Riku and Auron, then Roxas will be affected by slot 1, and either Riku or Auron will be affected by slots 2 or 3.

      It's very useful, imo.
    7. Mako Tsunami
      Mako Tsunami
      Alright. Do you have PS2DIS as well? I've neglected to redownload it. And I'll need the names of all characters that you want stat modded, as well as any other characters/enemies with HP and status (example: Donald, Goofy, Sora and Terra in Terra's boss battle).
    8. Mako Tsunami
      Mako Tsunami
      Sure, I can do atk, def, magic, HP (current and max) and resistance codes for any chara. I just need the dump for it.
    9. Janime6
      No problemo~
    10. Janime6
      All righty.
    11. Janime6
      If I remember how, sure. Just gimme' the codes and tell me which game and I'll get on it.
    12. Wheel of Time
      Wheel of Time
      Currently a bit busy, got exams at friday ^^'
    13. Wheel of Time
      Wheel of Time
      Just two quick questions, is it NTSC or FM?
      And what's the last line supposed to do?
    14. Chevalier
      Well, KHV was created back when the Kingdom Hearts series was in full. So a lot of people were really interested in the games. What KHV did was provide unique content (the cutscenes) couple that with the demand and booming popularity of the Kingdom Hearts games at the time--and you had yourself a successful website.

      Part of the problem with creating fan sites, its that they can only get steady numbers through the times when their respective fandoms become popular. It's also important to offer unique content (things other sites don't have)
    15. Wheel of Time
      Wheel of Time
      Why have a model mod and mset mod when you can use the UCM?
      You will need to use the UCM if you wanna mod his heartblock and not a model/mset mod
    16. Wheel of Time
      Wheel of Time
      No, I believe it was close to the heartblock
    17. Wheel of Time
      Wheel of Time
      That was really long time ago I made something like that and I'm afraid I don't remember quite, it had something to do with heartblocks though
    18. Wheel of Time
      Wheel of Time
      I believe I had the same problem and I fixed by installing the latest version of .net frameworks I believe ^^ (google it)

      Don't worry, I'll fix them for him
    19. ♥♦♣♠Luxord♥♦♣♠
    20. ♥♦♣♠Luxord♥♦♣♠
      Sorry late reply.

      Well be sure to take care of yourself.
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