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Aug 10, 2022
Feb 20, 2010
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Washington State
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Blayz Mods

Set The World A Blayz, Male, from Washington State


I'm a modder who is trying to make it day by day like everyone else. May 10, 2019

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Aug 10, 2022
    1. Aurangzeb56
      nah u rnt disturbing me ^^ ands oh thats good well goodluck ^^
    2. AxelRedHot
      I won't be on much this week..
    3. Aurangzeb56
    4. Aurangzeb56
      Yes you would be able to play your KH2FM backup in Pcsx2 your second Q can be answered by my vid that i jus made its in the video section "How To Configure Pcsx2 AND how to make Dumps" about ur third Q yes you can use emuhaste as your normal cheat engine for pcsx2 ^^
    5. AxelRedHot
      Hello, How are you? :D
    6. Aurangzeb56
      Well without the video it would be really hard to understand anything ^^" but ill still try just watch the video while reading my steps

      1.Make dump of the area with the characters you want to swap the textures of

      2.after making the dump press G and write 01a00000 in the bar and press enter.It will take you to an address

      3.When you are in the address Press Shift+3 and enter the UCM digits of the characters you want to swap the textures of E.g. Sora so type in 54

      4. now look in tha above BAR keep pressing F4 till you see something like T...T...@...@...@ in that Bar and well stop there.

      5.Im sure you would have come to a place with a lot of address but in the line you are the Data of the address would be 00000054 for Sora so thats his UCM below the UCM line in the UCM pointer which takes you to its model and mset,below it is the model Pointer which takes you to its joints and textures and thats what you need.

      6;double click the third line from where you landed and copy its data and Press G and paste it there and press Enter

      7.You would be in a place but look at the above Bar you would be over a letter B of "BAR" and below BAR there would be something like P_EX and below that Tim_@

      8.Click the @ of the TIM_@ in the Bar above you will come to an address double click it and copy its data and press G and paste it there and press Enter i think the rest you can understand by seeing the vid ^^
    7. Aurangzeb56
      my pleasure ^^
    8. Aurangzeb56
      well DMA means Dynamic Memory Allocations also known as will work under conditions also known as a one room code A.K.A will work in only one room ^^

      And about your second Q well click configurations box and then in the drop down click controllers ^^ and about friends idk jus like that XD :P
    9. Aurangzeb56
      well you have to configure your keyboard buttons to ur liking in the configurations drop box in Pcsx2 ^^ and about friends i removed all of them :P
    10. Aurangzeb56
      well yup camtasia is a screen capture and u dont need a webcam for tht ^^ and bout ur second Q well we move with mought but attacks and other things can be done with keyboard the only way to move is with mouse OR you can buy a PS2 controller for PC and play it with tht XD
    11. TheCrownedRoxas
      Thank you. It does work better.
    12. Aurangzeb56
      hah alike i said my Camtasia wasn't configured properly back then thts why it came out like this ^^"
    13. Aurangzeb56
      yeah sry bout tht my screen recorder wasnt configured properly then ^^" but yo u should watch it on youtube with 720p and full screen ^^ What do you mean by as a cheat device?? ^^"
    14. Aurangzeb56
      ^^ glad to help ^^
    15. Aurangzeb56
    16. Aurangzeb56
      You cant use cheating device on Emulators ^^" thts why we use Emuhaste for Emulastors ^^ see how i have used Emuhaste when hacking the codes for tht tutorial i made??
    17. Aurangzeb56
      yup ^^

    18. Aurangzeb56
      -_- the one i posted here on your wall is the DW ALLY riku and im saying that the PLAY AS DW RIKU CODE i have already posted that in the thread
    19. Aurangzeb56
      well i think ive already ported the Play as DW Riku ^^" and my pleasure ;)
    20. Aurangzeb56
      The ally one??Well he doesnt T-stances cause hes an original ally and i jus gave him finals moveset and his other arm finals arm
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    Living Life is about being true to yourself, AND others and not let others get you down, don't give up on your dreams no matter what anyone says, someone special taught me that! 





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