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    With a weary sigh, Semyaza spoke, "Well if that is what it is like for you, then I guess you will all just have to suck it up then." She looked around before continuing on. "Though let me know if things are being too much of a headache outside of all of that and I will keep things quiet... though..." As soon as she said that, as if on cue, they heard a booming thud coming from upstairs followed by the faint screaming about testosterone.

    Camilla squealed excitedly. My love!

    And you were calling me out for being super excited over hearing Semy's voice. Now it was Azazel's turn to get annoyed at the demoness for making a high pitched squealing noise.

    I reeeeaaaaaallllllyyyyyyyy wish I had ears to rip out right about noooooow~ The demon had it about up to here with people and high pitched squealing.

    Oh, you can both kiss my ass

    Yeah, you'd like that, wouldn't you, you filthy whoooorrree~

    Stop it now. I know where this is going, and neither of you are going to go there.

    Fine, whatever. Thank goodness things wouldn't escalate any more than that, otherwise her face might've turned a vibrant shade of red, unsure of how to explain the sudden occurrence to the angel sitting close to her.

    "I do not know if I can promise that for the neighbors." Semyaza had finally finished her thought. It almost seemed like it took her forever to finish, though that was mostly because of the extra commentary going on in her head. Time seemed to always move slower whenever they started to fight amongst themselves.

    Suddenly, a growling came from the angel's stomach. Joslyn couldn't help but giggle at the idea of an angel getting hungry and needing to eat. Semyaza got up after her stomach growled. "Are you hungry? I can cook up some dinner. Even a light one if you are not up for anything huge."

    "Oh, you don't have to b-bother. I'm sure I could m-make something for m-myself. B-besides, I'm not even th-that hungr-" Before she could finish her sentence, a loud gurgling sound came out of her stomach. Her face flushed with embarrassment, she couldn't help but try to laugh it off sheepishly.

    Oh, honey. You shouldn't try to act so tough, and you shouldn't reject someone's offer of kindness. To be honest, she couldn't even remember the last time she sat down to have a proper meal. Besides, you really should eat. With how frail you look, you could stand to get some food in you. The angel let out a hearty laugh as Joslyn buried her face into her hands.

    "You don't have to say it like that, Azazel..." She felt a hot rush of embarrassment continually wash over her as she sat there with an empty stomach.

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    As she told Semyaza that she didn't blame her in the slightest for what had happened, she saw an odd smile form on her mouth. She didn't know what struck as odd about her smile, but it just seemed off. Afterwards, after asking about her physical body, let out a little chuckle and answered, "If I knew that, I would probably know more about what is going on..." That does make sense. If Azazel didn't know a whole lot about what was going on right now, Semyaza wouldn't either. "Either way, I love it. I know you may be able to appreciate it after all that happened, but most humans just do not appreciate how amazing fresh air feels... though this place feels strange to me in general..." After all that happened. That's right, before they found themselves in this bizarre situation, they were in an absolutely horrendous situation. One where Azazel's and Joslyn's roles were reversed, with her being a voice in the angel's head. She brought her hands up and looked at them more closely.

    Joslyn, it's okay. It's better this way. I'm more used to being a voice in someone's head anyways, trust me. She was always so reassuring, kind, and helpful, she really did deserve more than just being a voice in her head. She deserved so much more, so much better.

    Semyaza took a deep breath before relaxing more in her seat. "After nearly a thousand years of being a voice in someone's head, or just being forced to sleep, it feels great to be my own being." After that, she looked over at the silver haired girl. "Those two demons are not back in your head are they?"

    Huh? What's she going on about? Ooooh, if she's about to rag on us, I swear I'm gonna-

    Gonna what? There isn't exactly a whole lot you can do in heeerrrree, you mooorrrooooon~

    Plant it, shitbag. Just because I can't do anything to her, doesn't mean I can't get mad at the bitch!

    Watch your tongue. If you insult her, I will make you pay for it. Dearly. Camilla let out a frustrated cry as she just had to sit back and listen.

    Semyaza sat up straight before continuing. "If they are I feel even worse for the lot of you... oh dear did I just say the lot?" She covered her face in embarrassment. "He really is getting to my speech patterns."

    Joslyn couldn't help but chuckle at that a little bit. "That does s-sound like him." She let out a short sigh. "But to answer y-your question, yes, they are b-back in my head. It gets to be a headache a l-lot of the time, but I don't m-mind it."

    As if you had a choice in the matter.

    Even if she didn't, she doesn't have to tolerate you. I know I don't have to.

    Say what you will, but we don't like this idea anymoooore than yooouuu dooooo~

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    After a few moments of peace and quiet, the silence was broken by someone entering the apartment. "If anyone is here, hello~"

    That voice! As if her prayers were answered, none other than Semyaza had entered their apartment. It seemed that she would be their roommate. The angel let out an excited squeal.

    Wow, do you really have to get that excited over all this? The annoyance was clear in the demoness's voice

    Seriously, any louder and I'd be deaf. Well, if I had ears, anywaaaays~

    Shut up, you two~ The sing-songy tone of voice she said that in made it even clearer that she was in too good a mood to actually get mad.

    "Ah, so I got Joslyn." The angel commented as she walked in and shut the door behind her. "I know you might not have recognized me but if Azazel is in here." She pointed to her head, knowing exactly who was in her head. "They may have. I am Semyaza." If Azazel had been able to make an audible squeal, it would've likely shattered all of the glass in the room. Suffice it to say, she knew who she was. It was odd, seeing Semyaza with her own body. She never really knew what she looked like, so laying eyes on her like this was strange to say the least.

    Ahhhhh, it's so good to see her. I wish I could talk to her myself, but it seems like I can't really do much but remain a voice in your head. Joslyn wanted to speak, but she just couldn't get anything out. She wanted to ask her a couple of things, though she just couldn't figure out how to get it out.

    After a beat of silence, the angel finally spoke. "Juuust to get this out of the way now. I am sorry." She didn't have to explain herself about why she was apologizing, they both knew what she was sorry for.

    Oh, Semy...

    Ugh, this sappy shit is making me sick.

    For once, I actually agreeee with yooouuuu~

    "I-" Before Joslyn could even acknowledge her apology, Semyaza had already started to walk and look around the room.

    "This is a nice and cozy looking place." She went over to the cabinets and opened them to see what was inside. "There is food." She shut the cabinet doors and inspected the room even more. "There are supplies." It was so sudden for her to apologize and then not acknowledge it at all. Was she trying to avoid the topic of talking about what had happened? Before she knew it, the angel had taken a seat on a chair next to the couch. "I would be completely content if it weren't for the fact that I have no powers here." There was a small bit of silence between the two before Semyaza looked right at Joslyn. "How are you doing?"

    "I... I'm doing well. B-better than when I w-w-was back in H-Hell, anyways..." The nervous girl finally managed to get out after several more moments of awkward silence. The tension in the air was palpable. "A-and Azazel is doing well, t-too. Sh-she was super e-excited when y-you walked through the door." She looked down at her hands, as she nervously twiddled her thumbs, forcing herself to talk. "A-and, w-well..." She took a deep breath in and made herself look right at Semyaza. "I- uhh, I d-don't really blame you f-for what happened. Th-that was o-out of your hands." Camilla had made an audible retching noise from all of this talking.

    Oh, honey. I'm so proud of you.

    That makes one of us. Ugh, seriously, can we stop this now? I don't think my stomach can take much more of this pity party.

    "So, umm... I have a-a question. W-why do you have your own b-b-body?" It was curious. How did Semyaza have a separate body from Adam? She knows that she saw both of them in the same room, so how was it that they ended up separated like this?

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    (Stellar banner created by Hyuge)

    There were some interesting things going on where ever they were now. It was still an absolute mystery how they ended up there, except for something she heard from an unfamiliar voice. She was used to voices in her head, but she had no idea who or what that voice was. All she could really do is move on with whatever it is they are doing. Her head was still in a bit of a haze, especially since she had to get used to the almost constant fighting in her head again. There was so much that was going on around her, and yet she couldn't get herself to pay attention to any of it because of Camilla and Amalgam's bickering. The only time the fighting in her head really stopped was when a large, extremely muscular man went around screaming something about testosterone. Whether or not all of them were awestruck by the man's impressive physique or his extreme boisterousness, the pale little girl could not say. What she could say is that it was definitely a sight to see a man like him practically mow down an entire hallway of people.

    At any rate, she now found herself at an apartment building. After a little bit of looking around the first floor, she found the room labeled 103. With a little bit of fumbling around for the key, she finally got the door open and went inside. "H-Hello? Is anybody in here?" Silence. It seems that she got there before whoever else might be sharing that room. She looked around, trying to get a feel for the apartment.

    My God, this place is ugly. Your room back in Hell was waaaaaaaaaay better than this shitty little apartment. Joslyn had no idea how she could even say that. Maybe it was because she was just used to that kind of living area, but she was more than glad that she was no longer in that dreary-looking room.

    I, for one, think this is a lovely little room for us. That was a sentiment she definitely shared with the angel.

    I don't know, this is deeeeeffffinitely not the type of place I'd call cooooozzzzyyyyyyy~ The demonic voice chimed in.

    "Well, at least we have a room, right?" She wasn't really too sure why she was even asking them that. They wouldn't really agree with her, would they?

    I guess you're right. I mean, it's good to have a room. That means there's a place to invite that excellent specimen of a man for some fun. Ugh, the things that I would do to him... Camilla giggled, lust apparent in her voice. I swear, that man practically has the body of a God. Ugh, I want him, like, right now.

    Oh please, you're not even that good at any of thaaaaaaaat~

    Bite me, chicken shit

    I would, but you'd probably enjoooooooy that you kinky whooorrrreeee~!

    Yeah, you'd like a piece of me, wouldn't you, you perverted bastard?

    Ahahaha, yes, because I want to slobber all over you like you'd slobber all over his-

    Alright, that's enough. Look at what you're doing to Joslyn! The white-haired girl was lying down on a nearby couch, her pale skin flushed a bright red from all of the colorful ideas being tossed around. Clearly, she was mistaken when she thought they would disagree with her. In fact, Camilla was more for it than she thought she would be.

    Tch, it's not my fault the girl is incapable of handling these 'mature' ideas. And it's certainly not my fault that she's still a virgin, either.

    Actually, I'm pretty sure it's your fault that she can't even have a normal relationship. Even though she couldn't see it, she could feel Azazel staring daggers at them.

    Oh, yeah? Well-

    'Oh, yeah? Well' what? The angel was really laying into her. It wasn't normal, but she certainly did appreciate that Azazel was trying to help her out. If you weren't so lewd and horrible, Joslyn would've had a chance at turning out normal.

    Oh just shut up. Camilla knew she couldn't win that battle.

    That's what I thought.

    "Thank you, Azazel. That was getting a little too detailed for me..." The girl had always been a modest one. Whether that was because of who she was around or because of Camilla's presence in her head she couldn't say, but she knew that with that demon inside of her head, normal relationships were out of the question. Oh, how she dreamed of having a normal relationship, without any additional lewd commentary on what she should do with the guy. She longed to know what it would be like to have a boyfriend, to live with another person that wasn't just a voice in her head, to know what it's like to fall in love.

    Hmm, I wonder who is going to end up sharing this apartment with us. It could be anyone we saw in class. Oh, I remember seeing Semy in that classroom. I hope we share this apartment with her. Ooooooh, I really hope so. Her tone of voice reflected her excitement at the idea of sharing a room with Semyaza.

    "It'd be good if we shared a room with someone we know. Although, I'm not sure what the odds of that happening are."

    I wouldn't know the odds either, honey, but I do know that it's a possibility, and that's exciting enough for me. The angel was practically humming with excitement. Or, maybe we could end up sharing with Xathanael. It'll be like old times, right? Umm, I think she went by Hana, right?

    "Right. I would love it if Hana was here with me, but I don't remember seeing her back in that classroom." She sat herself up on the couch she was on. The girl ran her hand through her silver hair, unsure of who to expect for their roommate.

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    Joslyn Taylor Jones
    (I don't got a fancy banner like the rest of y'all, so this'll have to do for now)

    The sound of a ringing school bell woke Joslyn from her slumber. Sluggishly, she lifted her head from the desk she was sitting at. Long strands of silver hair went all over the place. Drool stuck strands of hair to her face as she looked around with half open eyes. A groggy groan escaped her as she slowly took in her surroundings. Whe- Where am I? Among the haze of random, fuzzy thoughts, that was the first coherent thought to come to her mind. She didn't recognize where she was at all. I could've sworn I was... somewhere not here...

    Last I checked, we were in Hell. Azazel's distinct voice cut through the murky thoughts. Still, any place is better than there, even if I don't know where we are.

    "Oh," the girl said out loud. "Right, we got caught..." Her voice trailed off at the end, trying to process what was going on.

    Hmm, looking around, and judging from the bell that rang, it seems like you're in school.

    "School?" she answered out loud again. "I've always wanted to go, but, since I was stuck in a mental hospital, I never had the chance..."

    I know that all too well. Again, I'm sorry for that. The girl fell silent as she stared at the blank surface of her desk, saddened by how the angel had apologized again for what she really had no control over. So, umm...

    "What is it?"

    Are you gonna fix the way you look, honey? There are other people around, you know. Immediately, the girl took another look around, this time, her vision much clearer than when she first woke up. Her pale white cheeks turned bright red as she realized that her hair was a mess and drool was all over her cheek. She quickly tried to brush her hair back into place and wipe the drool from her face.

    Oh no! Oh no no no no no, how many people do you think saw me like that? Ohhh geez... She wanted to hide, but there was no place around her to hide behind.

    I'm sure a lot of people saw, not that it would matter anyways, since they're all a bunch of useless fucks anyways A demonic voice cut in.

    Zip it, Camilla. Why are you even in here in the first place? I thought you got a separate body. Azazel had little tolerance for when she started to speak so negatively to Joslyn.

    That's a really good question. I thought I was finally rid of this little bitch, but I guess I'm forced back into her whenever she isn't in Hell. Your guess is as good as mine, 'your highness'. Camilla answered sarcastically.

    Oh good, I get to hear your bitching and moaning aaaaaaallllllllll over again. Just peeeeerrrrrrfect~... Another familiar demonic voice commented.

    What was that, you hunk of shit!?

    You heard exactly what I said, you whoooooooorrrrreeeeeeeeee~!

    Don't get smart with me, dick for brains!

    As if you had any brains to begin with, you dumbaaaaaasssssss~!

    Do you wanna start something, you monster reject!?

    Bring it, sluuuuuut~!

    Oh, you're on, you ugly motherfucker!

    Alright, that's enough you two. You're stressing out Joslyn. Joslyn had lowered her head back onto the desk again. The bickering had started to give her a headache. It had been a while since she had to deal with the constant fighting in her head.

    Tch, you're getting off light, you eyeless wanker.

    Oh, I'm so scaaaaaarrrrreeeeeed~

    I said stop. Now. The angelic voice grew more commanding as she ordered the demons to stop their quarreling.

    "Thanks, Azazel..." The silver-haired girl said exasperatedly. "I'm not sure how much more of that I could've taken."

    Don't worry, honey. I'll make sure they don't get too out of hand. Anyways, we should see if there are any familiar faces around here.

    "Right," she answered quietly. She sat back up and scanned the classroom she now found herself in. There were many unfamiliar faces in the room. A few of them she did recognize, however, like Adam and Mr. Grey. "Hmm, I wonder what's going on?" She had to ponder out loud. None of this was making any sense. Her sense of wonder had begun to stir as she thought about what in the world was going on. She looked around her desk and found a key inside of it. "What's this?" It was marked with the numbers "103" on it.

    Hmm, maybe it's an apartment key? It would make sense for a school to have a living area nearby for students.

    "Really? I guess that makes sense." The girl admired the key as she held it in her hand.

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    Username: Bite the Dust
    Name: Joslyn Taylor Jones/Azazel
    Age: 18/???
    Appearance: This is it, right?
    Species: Human/Fallen Angel
    Special Powers: Azazel has the power to produce a poison that can break down anything it touches. Joslyn, however, does not have this power.
    Personality: Incredibly reserved and lacking any semblance of social skills, Joslyn is practically unable to approach people normally. Her inability to talk to people normally is due to the voices of two demons, named Camilla and Amalgam, ringing in her head. Because of the way they constantly deride and insult people, she can't bring herself to talk to a person because of her fear of blurting out what they said. Because she actively avoids talking to people in general, she tends to find herself alone in many places. As such, she vocally responds to the voices in her head, making her seem insane.
    Original Roleplay: The Fallen
    Link to Original Form: Am I doing this right?
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    Alright, with a new PV having recently being released, and a start date for the Egypt half of Stardust has been announced, I feel it's time to start updating this thread again. First things first, though, the PV:

    Now, onto the second thing. I've updated the OP with more information, now that it's been released. This includes Iggy's promo art being added to the Character Design section as well as having his CV announced. It also has information about the second opening theme, the single of which is projected for a January 28 release. It's written out as 「ジョジョ その血の記憶~end of THE WORLD~」, or as it's romanized on the OP, "JOJO Sono Chi no Kioku~end of THE WORLD~". This can translate to "JOJO Memories of his blood~end of THE WORLD~". Whether or not it will have the same style as the very first opening theme, or whether the song is a thematic continuation of that song, remains to be seen.

    Aside from that, the PV has hyped me up for the new year. I can't wait for January 9th to finally come. We'll finally get to see Iggy interact with the gang and see him get into his crazy shenanigans. On top of that, the PV did an excellent job hyping up some of the upcoming fights. The N'Dour fight, which is the very first one we'll be seeing this half, the Oingo Boingo fight, which is going to be fun, the Mariah fight, which I am looking forward to with gusto, and the Anubis fight. And each and every one of those little clips looked gorgeously animated. I'd say it was definitely worth a 3 month wait to see these fights animated in such high quality. The year cannot end fast enough.
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    After connecting the blow, he answered with a punch to her gut. She slid back slightly from the punch as she clenched her teeth. Not wanting to let him get the upper hand this early on, she used the momentum of being knocked back to prepare her arm before striking back at him.

    Unrelenting, Albrecht was far from done with his attack. Dashing forward he moved immediately to attempt to close the gap between them and give her a bit pressure when it came to defending against his attack. As he moved he reeled his right fist back and sent it forward, connecting with her own fist. His hand shivered from the intense contact of fist but he was not done as he sent his left fist straight at her face, intending to pay her back for the blow to his face.

    Elizabeth forced herself to stay in place, not letting him push her back this time. Her heart pounded in her chest, the fight was just beginning and she was just ecstatic about it. The boredom that was plaguing her was just a distant thought now. Teeth grit, she used this opportunity to grab his arm and lock it with her own. She pulled him closer and started to punch rapidly at any part of him that she could hit.

    She refused to budge and took the blow without fear. This sheer pleasure of fighting, a true sibling relationship that could only be conveyed through the use of fists and legs, it was mind blowing. Surely this was the greatest high! His arm was grabbed and immediately he found himself being pummeled by a relentless barrage towards him. The blows assailed him but anticipating it he eventually caught her fist with his hand. Holding the fight tightly he pulled her arm and sent his knee towards her chest.

    After his knee struck her chest, she released her lock on his arms and reeled backwards. This fight was just what the doctor ordered, today. After regaining her balance, she cracked her knuckles and popped her neck from side to side. "Ohh, this is good, this is getting real good, nancy-boy!" Once again, Elizabeth took up her fighting stance. "It's gonna be a real shame when I break it. Break your face, that is!" She rushed at him again, this time jumping into the air and drop-kicking him.

    With his leg connecting to her chest and having released her fist as she backed off, Albrecht allowed her this short retreat, allowing himself to position himself as well. He placed his hand on his shoulder and moved his hand aroud before smirking as the fight continued on. The girl took to the air and immediately in response to the dropkick he raised his arms and crossed them, blocking the impact. "Break my face? I'll just break all your bones then!" Albrecht said beginning to unfold his arms and attempted to grab the leg that had made contact with his arms.

    As her feet hit his arms, she tried to think of her next move. The fight was really getting heated and she was loving every second of it. Just the rush of adrenaline of getting hit and fighting back. It made her feel alive. More alive than when she just sat around thinking about what to do next. After he caught her leg, she fell back down to the ground. "Oh, we'll just see about that!" As she spoke, she used her hands to lift herself back up and try to push nancy-boy back as he tried to hold on to her leg.

    To be able to face somebody who could take a hit and not feel so insulted, to be able to fight somebody who was so resiliant and could throw a punch...this was the life. With a firm grip upon her leg, he clenched tightly and immediately tossed her to the side.

    She cried out as she got tossed aside. Elizabeth let out a sharp breath as she pushed herself to stand back up. Her body ached, her heart was pounding, and she just couldn't get enough of it. She screamed as she rushed towards him and tried to tackle him.

    His body staggered a bit after having tossed the surprisingly heavy girl, however he was far from done. He prepped himself in preparation for the next move but the move came much quicker than expected. The screaming girl's body connected with his and he nearly had the wind blown out as he fell back on the ground.

    As they fell to the ground, she couldn't help but start laughing. She just felt the urge to laugh and laugh and laugh. Maybe it was the rush of the battle getting to her, but whatever it was, she couldn't stop. The moment they hit the ground, she tried to straddle him and keep him pinned so she could keep pummeling his face.

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    She tossed her bottle aside as nancy-boy motioned for her to come at him. "C'mon, ladies first. Do try and keep me entertained." Her smirk grew even bigger after hearing his taunt. Oh, he's gonna get it now.

    "Hah! That's my line, you son of a bitch!" At this point, what was going through that thick skull of his was unimportant. She'd just beat the shit out of him and get it over with, no questions about it. She put up her fists and took up a boxing stance before running at him as fast as she could. Her foot slammed into the ground hard as she drove her fist forward full force.

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    Elizabeth stared out at the empty yard in front of her. The bell had just rung, signifying the end of the lunch break. She took a sip from her water bottle as her legs dangled off of the edge of the roof. It was so boring around this place, even though the place itself sounded interesting. An academy for nephilim and angelic hosts, as they told her when they first found her. At first, she had just written them off as completely blitzed, and then they showed her proof. She still had a hard time wrapping her head around the fact that they actually existed or that she was one of them. Apparently, she was the host of the Angel of Destruction, Abaddon. She'd never actually spoken to him, or for that matter ever felt any sort of extra presence within herself.

    She let out a puff of smoke as she lit another cigarette. Her thumb flicked her lighter opened and closed as she kept staring, bored out of her mind. Geez, it's so peaceful around here. There's not a damn thing to do except eat and sleep. Elizabeth almost resented the fact that nothing ever happened around the school. The only time she'd ever gotten to do anything really fun was when she got into fights with that German guy, Albert or whatever the fuck his name was. For whatever reason, he liked to pick fights with her. Maybe he's as bored as she is, maybe he's just a prick. Either way, she was hoping something would happen. Where is that dumba-

    Before she could finish her thought, as if on cue, she felt a pebble hit the back of her head. She blew out a large plume of smoke as she stood up. "You must be some kind of mind reader because I was just thinking about you." She called out as she turned around and flicked her cigarette at him. An amused look crept across her face as she stared at her soon-to-be opponent.

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    After the angelic image disappeared from the mirror, she stepped out of her hiding spot and went back to her bed. It was getting bothersome to have to hide every time. She had considered actually answering her several times before. Each time, she hadn't mustered up the will to even get in front of the mirror. Facing the Angel of Annihilation was difficult for her. Even though she had apologized to her every time, she just couldn't stand looking at her. Simply looking at her reminded her of Joslyn. And even though she could see her every day in her mind, seeing someone that looked like her standing on their own two feet caused her great pain. Azazel was a little more than angry when she actually brought her up in conversation. She was even angrier at the fact that she didn't remember her name. As Harbonah spoke, she thought about actually reminding her of Joslyn's name, but decided not to.

    "A fair trade, huh?" She muttered. In her mind, it was far from a fair trade. "No way, it's not even close to being fair. Her soul is worth far more than that ignorant little bastar-"

    "Azazel..." The soft voice cut her off. Azazel sighed as she curled up in her bed.

    "Sorry, just a little agitated." She realized that Joslyn didn't like it when she got upset. "Well, what do you think about this all?"

    "I'm not sure what to say. I admit that it would be nice to have a real body again, but..."


    "It has been a hundred years. I don't think I'd fit in out there anymore, not that I ever really did in the first place."

    "Are you sure? You wouldn't have to be stuck in this dreary place with me anymore." Azazel wasn't too keen on having to keep her confined alongside her. If she could have it her way, she would've just let Joslyn live out her life in peace, able to go about as she pleased without having to worry about a constant clamor in her head.

    "I'm in here with you, so I'm definitely not lonely. Besides, you're the only one I've ever really been comfortable with. Well, you and Hana, but she isn't here with us."

    "So then, what do we do about him?"

    "Hmm, I'm not sure. Maybe you should do it. Even if I don't get my own body, you should at least help her out. She seems really sincere about this."

    "You are a real sweetheart, honey. Alright, I'll talk to her about it the next time she calls." A little smile graced her lips as she lay on her back and stared up at the drab ceiling of her room. She rose out of the bed with a little spring in her step. Her little talks with Joslyn always put her in a much better mood.

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    After sorting out everything on his desk and putting everything in a neat stack, he left his classroom to grab lunch. He stretched out his arms and let out a loud groan. It was tiring sitting in place for several hours, getting up every once in a while. He rubbed the back of his neck with his hand, trying to massage the tenseness away. "I don't think I'm ever going get used to sitting still like this." he thought aloud. "Maybe I'll take the longer way, I need to stretch my legs for a little longer."

    After an invigorating walk taking the roundabout path to the dining hall, he stepped through the double doors and made a beeline for the buffet line. He thought for a while about what he should get, looking through the always appetizing spread of food. All of it looked great, it was a pain having to choose one. Suddenly, he remembered a certain someone and looked around the hall. He spotted Molly eating enjoying her meal, talking to one of the others. Though, he was fairly certain it was his mother controlling the girl and eating for her. He continued to look around after he spotted the little girl.

    Not here. Of course. A weary sigh left him as he finally grabbed two sandwiches and two bottles of water. What a pain. He left the dining hall and wandered about. I think I know where they are.

    Another long walk later, he finally got to the roof of the school and found her there, lying by the edge. Her legs were dangling off of the ledge, the smoke of a cigarette was billowing out of her mouth. "Figured you were here."

    As she placed the cigarette back between her lips, she lazily sat herself up. "What do you want?" Annoyance was clear in her voice.

    Reuben handed her a sandwich. "Here. You should eat every once in a while, you know?"

    "Yeah, yeah, yeah." She grabbed the food and flicked her cigarette off of the roof.

    "And you really shouldn't smoke, especially at your age."

    "Who are you, my father?" He gave her an unamused glare. The irony of that comment physically hurt. She didn't even bother returning the glare, simply taking a bite of the sandwich.

    After placing one of the bottled waters he got next to her, he turned to leave. "Just eat, okay?"

    "Whatever, dad." He let out another sigh as he left the roof.

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    Name: Elizabeth R. Valentine

    Age: 19
    Angel: Abaddon - Angel of Destruction
    Originated: United States of America
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