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Rieze Maxia


私はポテトだ。, from Rieze Maxia


S H A R I N G  I S  C A R I N G Aug 21, 2014

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Nov 20, 2014
    1. Magick
      They're still young enough it wouldn't hurt, much. The biggest problem is the blood spatters, it eats away at my wallpaper.
    2. Jayn
      There's a song called ∞? xD I do like ANTI THE∞Holic though. :'D And World is Mine, Green Straight and Music Box of Time. x3
    3. Jayn
      Seriously? xD Me too! Which is why this is my theme~ I love the Kagamine's. What's your favorite Vocaloid song? :3
      I'll go check them out since I've heard of none of them. .-.
    4. Jayn
      I hate that. >< That tends to happen me a lot. But I think my headache was warning me of the cold that I now have. My throat is killing me. @-@
      I remember you being into a lot of Japanese music. Any new artists you would recommend?
    5. Jayn
      How are you today? Sorry for not saying good night last night. Random headache took over. ; ;
    6. Jayn
      Long time no talk. D: It's Jayn, by the way. x3
    7. Crumpet
      I accidently msiread that. Me bad!
    8. Crumpet
      Wow, your username has three seasons and a mountain.
    9. xAquaLinax
      ... good point. So what's the story with this name?
    10. xAquaLinax
      Oh my god, you changed your name again?! What is wrong with you woman?
    11. xAquaLinax
      Haha, indeed it is! With all its flashyness... FLASHY!!
    12. C
      Hm... Well going on appearance they actually do look like a eachother now that I think about it...
      Ah yes Kanji, he's just to cool for school, and yeah, he's like the youngest person in the party and he's way taller than anyone else xD
    13. xAquaLinax
      RAINBOWS! the ones on this website give you seizures :) just sayin' (not really)
    14. SpazticFantaztic >:3
      SpazticFantaztic >:3
      thank you (: Persona 3 and hiimdaisy ftw!
    15. Zeonark
      Zagi always aims to cut it off. If you pay close attention, he'll always try to hit Yuri from behind in battles.
    16. C
      Ah, I could never stand Ken personally, the "Yes, yes, yes, I leveled up!" got to me after using him for a little while. xD I think they changed it that for P3P though, since there's actually a level-up screen now for the party characters. I used Odin, he was awesome, he has the ultimate thunder attack and his final skill halves the SP you use will using magic, it's quite usfull. Of course I'm kinda biased when it comes to Odin, considering he's the god of my people (: I also had Yurlungur (who was awesome) and Surt, that's pretty much all I needed. :b
      I never healed myself, I always had Yukari as my healer, pretty risky considering you had no control over your team mates. xD Your current team I must say, looks very balanced :]

      Haha, I never really found it as disturbing as everyone else, actually thought it was pretty cool. Even if the whole thing might've been a little over the top since he had a gay-lisp and everything xD I found the next boss more disturbing though, if only for the sounds.
    17. C
      Yeah I know about it, and then he can appear in the ending. It's very neat little thing, but in terms of the whole Persona universe Shinjiro is, unfortunatly, not alive anymore. Haha I can imagine getting pretty pissed off at that, I'd rage aswell. xD

      One thing I can say is that the battle would have been pretty boring if it never changed patterns and tactics :b Oh? Who were you using in your party then? I always try to stay pretty balanced so I just went with: Protag (duh xD), Yukari, Akihiko and Mitsuru. They worked pretty well.

      Oh let me guess, it had two small allies aswell? Yeah it's disturbing, but also symbolic c:
      The thing about Persona 4 however is that the diffuculty curve is really weird, the hardest bosses are the ones at the beginning, and the game get's progressively easier.
    18. C
      How could I forget? Shinjiro is pretty damn awesome. It's a shame that the male route is canon, because that means he's dead :\

      Yeah, it never freaking ends xD At least they mix up the patterns and such every now and again. :B

      You should get them, especially P4, that game is amazing, and it's a whole nother experience from P3. It's much more happy and upbeat, or at least if you look at the surfaces of the two, if you digg deep then P4 can be darker xD Definitely get it c:
    19. C
      Nice, you're addicted huh? xD
      I've only ever played through it once to be honest. I started a new game+ but, that was so incredible boring becasue I was overpowered like crazy. I could defeat the first (real) full moon boss with one slash from Protag's sword. I do frequently replay from the last boss however, the music, the anime cutscenes and the goddamn ending make it so awesome.
      I liked Shinjiro but I never actually used him battle, I always exploited the enimes weaknesses and I didn't want the protag to run out of magic so... If I could though I would also save him, can't go wrong with a guy who uses a big. ****ing. hammer. :B
    20. C
      You are 100% correct! After the ending to P3 I just had to have him as my avatar, he is afterall the messiah.
      Nice female protag piccy btw, she's kewl <:
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