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Apr 20, 2011
Sep 16, 2007
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March 10


Gummi Ship Junkie

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Apr 20, 2011
    1. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      A glitch changed your name? xD

      I am excellent with skates, I fail hard on boards both skate and snow, but give me a pair of blades and I am good to go. I love iceskating with a passion.
    2. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      You know I would dear but I can't because then everyone else will want another name change.

      Also xD I remember doing that **** loads of times, esp on my inlines

      fun fact: when I was a kid I fell off my bike and only just narrowly escaped being run over, I haven't been back on a bike since.
    3. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      What was the favour dear?
    4. In explicit Angst
      In explicit Angst
      I really, really don't care of your opinion. The people who's opinion I do care about has said that they like it and that's fine for me. So if you don't like it then go cry about it somewhere else.
    5. Cin
      Their first album was self-titled, like most bands I guess. Hum Along is from their first album.
    6. Cin
      Do you prefer their first album to their second?
    7. Cin
      I do love how they capture the nerdy awkwardness of some relationships, not many bands cater to it, like Love is something "serious".
    8. Cin
      Oh ****. The ipod.

      I've always surprised by Ludo, I don't think there's a single song by them I don't enjoy.
    9. Cin
      **** YEAH.

      I always feel so ****ing pumped when I get someone into a band.
    10. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      Yeah that is highly possible, besides, you can actually OD on those D: so don't munch them down.
    11. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      xD I got high off cough syrup once, that was interesting.

      I get hyped so easily, blue smarties were not my friend.
    12. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      mhmmm my doctor suggested that.

      Also I have to take anti-histamines or however you spell it every day in the summer now for the rest of forever because that is mosquito season.

      I am now the owner of ****loads of repellent xD

      When I was little I always felt jealous of the other kids having allergies because I thought it made me boring to not have one, now I wish I didn't D:
    13. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      xD; it sucks ass though, it means when I go travelling I am going to have to be really careful, plus what the hell kind if an archaeologist can be killed by a ****ing mosquito bite. Ok so the chances are slim of death, but its a possibility that I could go into anaphalactic shock and die o_o
    14. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      You're welcome :B

      Well, I have always been sensitive to mosquito bites, like you know how everyone has at least a little reaction? I have always had bigger reactions than most, like a couple of years ago I nearly ended up in hospital because of them. Anyways I got bit, and they super massively reacted, like I couldn't move my arm, and my hand swelled up to like 3 times the normal size. Plus the bites themselves looked blistered and it was really ****ing painful.

      Turns out I have developed something called skeeter syndrome which is an actual allergy to mosquito bites :B a mosquito could actually kill me.

      Doctor put me on super massive strong anti-biotics and ****, and I wasn't allowed to use my arm for three days because every time I was moving my arm I was pumping the poisons from the bites more and more around my bloodstream.
    15. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      Yeah I can understand why D:

      Don't worry, when you are 30 if you are still having the same dream, I'll come and hold your hand for free.
    16. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      ...that sucks. Majorly.

      I hope you weren't paying her a lot.
    17. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain
      Well I am a lot better yes, except for the fact that it turns out that a Mosquito bite could actually kill me. Yay for allergies that appear out of nowhere.

      Oh no D: what happened in it? I used to get nightmares every single time I slept, but lately they have died down.
    18. Catch the Rain
      Catch the Rain

      How be you cheeseface? Sorry I never replied to your other VM, I was away sick and now I am majorly backlogged by a million messages @_@
    19. Misty
      OMFG YOU MUST BE JOKING. I was going to rent that today! it sounds so amazing, I've been wanting to see it for ages.

      going to bed, night homie.
    20. Misty
      Nope, although I just read the summary online and it sounds okay, maybe I'll check the library for it lol.
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