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Apr 20, 2011
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March 10


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Apr 20, 2011
    1. Ashwa <3
      Ashwa <3
      Oh wow. A wallet made you feel old? xD I can kinda understand that though. It makes sense.

      Uh yeah I did get other things I wanted. Some dvds that I wanted like Across the Universe, Chicago, Flyboys, Cloverfield..
      Uh cds and some awesome new hats and scarves. My christmas has been awesome. I'm glad to hear yours was good =D
    2. Ashwa <3
      Ashwa <3

      I got mah cheesecake :3

      How'd yours go?
    3. Ashwa <3
      Ashwa <3
      A small town on the outskirts of Cincinnati

      Kinda far away from you o.o
    4. Ashwa <3
      Ashwa <3
      Where in Ohio do you live?
    5. Ashwa <3
      Ashwa <3
      Lucky duck. I want to learn French so badly. Especially since if get the accent right, it does sound sexy.

      Latin is a dead language but its basically easy. You just have to get the vocab down. And most of the words look like the english meaning or like something like it. Like canis in latin means dog. xD
    6. Ashwa <3
      Ashwa <3
      My school used to offer french but then the teacher retired. Now my school only offers Spanish and Latin.

      Still, mandarin? Wow.
    7. Ashwa <3
      Ashwa <3
      Eh, latin is easy for me.
      French?? Lucky! I wish my school offered french.
      I'm glad my exams are over. I found out I got the highest score on my Honors English exam though. And I'm on break now!

      Still, you're lucky you get to take French!
    8. Ashwa <3
      Ashwa <3
      Yeah. I dunno why, but I didn't want to take spanish. Do you take a language?
    9. Ashwa <3
      Ashwa <3
      Awesome! I think I'm taking the PSAT later in the year. And the ACT towards the end.

      Tomorrow I have Health, Honors Modern American History, and Latin II. Then I'm done thank goodness.
    10. Ashwa <3
      Ashwa <3
      Those exams are ridiculous. I take the rest tomorrow. You're lucky yours are after your break D:
    11. Ashwa <3
      Ashwa <3
      We used to have them after our break too. But then the kids were complaining about how they forgot everything so the school decided to do them early.

      Today I have my Honors English, Honors Biology, and Adv. Algebra 2 exams. D:
    12. Ashwa <3
      Ashwa <3
      Oh wow. That sounds like it would be amazing 8D That's awesome that that happened for you.

      I'm kinda eh right now. I have exams this week so I'm kinda stressed Dx
    13. Ashwa <3
      Ashwa <3
      It HAS been awhile.

      How've you been?
    14. Shizzy
      yes, yes it is...
    15. Shizzy
      OMG! Sweeney Todd on your avvy!!
    16. O R A N G E
      O R A N G E
      aye aye. You? I just realized that the comments don't sensor, I don't think.

      *TEST* **** **** ass ***** ***** cock *TEST*
    17. O R A N G E
      O R A N G E
      xD I'm on the mom's computer so that's not possible atm because if I do AIM will start shitting on me or something
    18. JellyBeing
      You're welcome.

      Haha, thanks.
      i fel speshil :,D
    19. JellyBeing
      Commence commenting on the comments commented now.

      Hello there, your profile looked quite lonely. :3
    20. O R A N G E
      O R A N G E
      You need comments.
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