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Apr 14, 2011
Mar 11, 2007
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Oct 31, 1992 (Age: 31)
Professional Daydreamer

Ashwa <3

Hollow Bastion Committee, 31

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Apr 14, 2011
    1. Korra
      Some threads are being moved around, since Repliku made the "Usual Spot" section.
      So some threads that had post count no longer does.
    2. Radiowave
      omg...who is this badass? Can we be friends?
    3. Spunk Ransom
      Spunk Ransom
      I wanna be the cool parent.
      Although, sometimes, the irrational thoughts can be the best. Or the worst...
    4. Spunk Ransom
      Spunk Ransom
      When I grow up, I will be sure to. I want to remember what it was like to be a kid.
      I think you may be right. But this is probably because guys and gals think differently. Girls are more rational, while guys tend to think without doing.
    5. Spunk Ransom
      Spunk Ransom
      I think every person should keep a little bit of kid in them.
      Agreed. Well mainly on the little things. I think they occaisionally learn from the big ons.
    6. Spunk Ransom
      Spunk Ransom
      The beat people are. Grown ups, if completely grown up, are boring.
      It really is quite bothersome. And sometimes they repeat the same things.
    7. Spunk Ransom
      Spunk Ransom
      I think I would have to do something with balloon animals or silly little magic tricks. Or something a bit more extreme that would take a lot more planning and thinking.
      No, it can't. But I'm sure when he comes out of I will still need to worry. Considering he is a boy and boys do stupid things.
    8. Spunk Ransom
      Spunk Ransom
      I woould like to work for a cell phone company for just one day, say rediculous things, and see what the people do/say.
      He's actually not that bad, I think he is just in that awkward stage that every young person must go through. The one where they find themselves and such.
    9. Spunk Ransom
      Spunk Ransom
      Baha, they probably just hire anyone. Might actually be a fun job, coming up with rediculous antics and such,
      I worry about him sometimes.
    10. Spunk Ransom
      Spunk Ransom
      That is actually really funny. One time, there was this Verizon phone seller dude and he asked me to try and turn on a phone, and it was the kind that shocked you. Yeah, that's a way to make a sale. I just kinda walked away.

      Most likely. Especially the one made to look like Tifa, which he accidentally name Yufi. He spelt the name wrong.
    11. Spunk Ransom
      Spunk Ransom
      Ooh, ooh, ooh, what was it?
      It sounds pretty fun. I have never gone like legit camping.
      Oh, exactly. I guess he is at they age where they are just so enticing he has to choose them. It was kinda funny looking over half the time and seeing that. Bouncy, bouncy.
    12. Spunk Ransom
      Spunk Ransom
      You should drink some coffee. Where are you going for vacation?
      I'm okay. I'm in pain right now. I am also sorta waiting for Saturday. It's the next day I have plans.
      It went alright. We just sat around and watched movies. The kind where people get cut in half and stuff. It provided a great vibe. That along with his brother being in the same room playing Soul Calibur the whole time. He always chose girls with big boobs.
    13. Spunk Ransom
      Spunk Ransom
      Thank you very much!
      How are you doing?
    14. RoxaSora2010
      Not exactly, it's midnight here. XD
    15. RoxaSora2010
      Good, good. Even though summer's too boring for me. :/
    16. RoxaSora2010
      Hey there. How're you doing? u.u
    17. Dman23
      Hello ^^^^^^^^^^
    18. Radiowave
      I graduated today! So im officially free now :P
    19. Radiowave
      how are you?? year finishing up alright?
    20. Radiowave
      I guess so haha
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    Oct 31, 1992 (Age: 31)
    Professional Daydreamer
    I tend to be myself quite frequently.



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