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Nov 28, 2009
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Hell 71

Ars Nova

Merry Christmas dickheads, Versandrogyne, from Hell 71


Miracles do happen Dec 17, 2019

    1. Senbonzakura Kageoshi
      Senbonzakura Kageoshi
      You haven't gone on PSN yet :(
    2. Rissy
      u hore. ):
    3. Rissy
      Teehee, your avvy is blowing up.
    4. Plums

      I know xD
      But satire is satire.

      And at least your death was creative. Chev's was a page taken from Fearless' typical killing method.
    5. Juicy
      I'm afraid these days that event seems to be a rare occurance ><
      but you are of course, worthy of far greater things <3
    6. Senbonzakura Kageoshi
      Senbonzakura Kageoshi
      Well name a few of your PS3 games you have, i might have the same.
    7. Senbonzakura Kageoshi
      Senbonzakura Kageoshi
      Do you have Calamity Trigger?
    8. Juicy
      Of course you are, lovely <3
    9. Senbonzakura Kageoshi
      Senbonzakura Kageoshi
      I don't have Continuum Shift yet though
    10. Senbonzakura Kageoshi
      Senbonzakura Kageoshi
      Well hiyah I see you're a tager fan. do you have PSN?
    11. Senbonzakura Kageoshi
    12. reptar
      YOU TOOK MY LEG OFF IN THE PROCESS. That tissue wont clean the mess up that easy you punk :c
    13. Bareri-San
      Disgaea~ <3
    14. Boy Wonder
      Boy Wonder
    15. Korra
      Yup, no problem. :]
    16. Guardian Soul
      Guardian Soul
      I'm pretty sure that the things that you're searching for on are the Community Combined Codec Pack(CCCP) and AMVApp. CCCP is suggested by most of the people on the org because it basically allows you to be able to view most video containers that are used these days(like .avi, .mp4, .mkv). Before you install though, you should make sure to uninstall any other codec packs that you may have installed because multiple codec packs tend to conflict with each other. AMVApp is pretty useful because it contains all the tools that you'll need to get your footage ready for editing them. There's also the guide, READFAGLOLZ, on the org that teaches you how to get your footage ready and everything. It's a long read but trust me when I say that it's very useful.

      I think I know what your problem with Vegas is. First things first, AVI isn't a codec; it's a file container. A codec is compressor/decompressor like Xvid/DivX/Lagarith. There's nothing wrong with the AVI files you're using. It's just the way that they were compressed is the thing that ****s Vegas up. I'm assuming that they were compressed with Xvid or DivX. No matter what anybody tells you, you should never edit with anything compressed with those two codec(I could type up all of the technobabble but I don't think you would understand it tbh xD). The easiest solution to the problem is to convert them into lossless AVIs. The guide that I posted a link to has all the information that you'll need to be able to convert them. The only downside to converting them into lossless AVIs is that the filesizes will be HUGE. It's not uncommon for something to be around 5 GBs when it's encoded lossless. There are other ways to compress AVI so you can give you smaller filesizes (information for that is also in the guide) but lossless is the safest way to go in my opinion. I haven't had any troubles with it.

      If you do decide to join the MEP and edit more, you can always ask me for some criticism on your work so you can improve.
    17. Guardian Soul
      Guardian Soul
      An MEP is a Multi Editor Project. Here are a few examples of what they are:

      As you can see, it's basically a collab except with more people. MEPs usually focus around a theme or all the songs could be by the same artist or like the second example I gave you, it could just be random tracks by people put together into one video. KHV used to have an annual MEP but it kinda disappeared since we don't have that many people interested in editing anymore. I'm planning to bring it back but I need to at least have a group of dedicated people to work on it so it doesn't fall apart. I might also need the staff's permission too but I don't think that that will be a problem. You wanna join?
    18. Top-Tier Roxas.
      Top-Tier Roxas.
      Awesome. I couldn't pull it off myself. lol.
    19. Korra
      Hey, just letting you know that I deleted your departure thread rather than locking it just to eliminate confusion.
    20. Misty
      I notice all.

      Thanks. <:
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