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Feb 15, 2019
May 2, 2007
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October 25
Quebec, Canada


Merlin's Housekeeper, Female, from Quebec, Canada

Wow! It's been a long time since I last log in! Feb 4, 2018

~Acy_XIII~ was last seen:
Feb 15, 2019
    1. ~Acy_XIII~
      Wow! It's been a long time since I last log in!
      1. Jin and Explode like this.
    2. strfruit
      I hope all has been well for you, dear!
    3. strfruit
      Happy Valentine's Day!!
    4. strfruit
      Hello there! :)

      Hope all has been well for you!
      What do you think of the new KHV? Haha :)
    5. ~Acy_XIII~
      Looking around this brand-new wild KH-Vids.net.
    6. awesomeperson
      nothing much im only 11 i just hang around my cousins
    7. awesomeperson
      okay can i ask something what type of job you have?
    8. awesomeperson
      nothing much u?
    9. awesomeperson
    10. strfruit
      Well thank you! ^^ I always feel bad when I don't reply to someone for a long time. Such a guilty conscious I have >.<

      I hope to one day! It looks/seems like a great place to travel to. :D

      Good to hear that you are doing well. Ah....being humid along with the heat is awful v.v I will hope for your rain as well. You deserve a little break from your hard work :)

      Haha! Ah! You got the midnight purple one! Right after I got my 3DS (aqua) they came out with that one. Purple is one of my favorite colors. Was a little bummed at first lol but the aqua is pretty too ^^ I am getting really excited for KH3D!! Counting down the days on my calender :P

      I have had that happen to me too v.v I pre-ordered FFXIII and when I went to pick it up, it had been sold. >.< Was rather disappointing!

      I have been quite well :D Thanks for asking!
    11. strfruit
      v.v 10 hours at night! >.< Good that you can get a 3ds, though!!! :D -cheers-
      Haha! Kh3D is almost here! Very excited!
      Oooooo! Pool!! :DDDDD

      I'd love to visit Australia one day ^^!

      Oh yes! It is very nice to be home :)

      I keep apologizing, but, I am very sorry for such a late late reply!! Ahh v.v......forgive me!
      How have you been? Have you bought your 3DS yet? :P
    12. Judge Sunrose
      Judge Sunrose
      Boo-hoo, you've a PS3. :L Played: I, IV, V, VI, VII, IX, X, X-2, XII, Dissidia and Dissidia 012. Finished: I, IX, X, X-2 and both Dissidias.
      What about KHs? (I've played and beaten all but Re:Coded)
      Undeniably, he's the strongest top-screener, not to mention all-powerful and smart. I wish I were him sometimes ._.
    13. Judge Sunrose
      Judge Sunrose
      No. Big. Deal. Seriously.
      I didn't, actually. My favourite party composition was just lacking a Black Mage/Wizard. Nevertheless, I'm glad it turned out positively to your preference.
      Which FFs have you played?
      And do you want me to nominate you for anything in the User Awards?

      EDIT: Cool! You switched back to the Joshua theme! He's the best TWEWY character imo.
    14. Judge Sunrose
      Judge Sunrose
      Oh look, you were mentioned.
    15. Judge Sunrose
      Judge Sunrose
      Nahh, no biggie. I'm good, only bored, as usual... D:<
      Ovethinking is my greatest enemy in the entire multiverse. You could, idk, join an RP, a forum family, participate in a project or a contest.
      There's no shortage in simple things to do that don't require excessive thought planning. Except for the RP, maybe. And I saw your Traditional Art entry! :3 Ever thought (not OVERthought!) about posting some of your work?
      Anyway, I believe it has to be a gradual process. It won't do you any good to just do everything at once, it'll spoil the fun!
      Don't know if that helps...
      And just the idea of Sora runnin' around silently assassinating Heartless, climbing some building and giant bosses is... odd.
    16. Riku-Sama's Shadow
      Riku-Sama's Shadow
      Sweet!(: I've never been to an anime convention. But they're having this cosplay/ anime con thing in a local area and my sister was invited and might bring me..I'd have to dress up though! Never cosplayed either haha..so yeah(: hope you have fun:D
    17. Riku-Sama's Shadow
      Riku-Sama's Shadow
      Ah, well good pay is..good!:D haha
      Hmm well I went to New York and the beach, went to a funeral, and now..I don't have anything else to do haha. Might go to the beach again and the cinema and small concerts, but nothing big. Saving up for Dream drop distance!(: anyways, what about you ?
    18. Riku-Sama's Shadow
      Riku-Sama's Shadow
      Ah :3 what do you do for work ?
    19. Riku-Sama's Shadow
      Riku-Sama's Shadow
      Herro! I'm pretty good(: just chillin. How bout you ?
    20. Judge Sunrose
      Judge Sunrose
      I'm not doing too bad either... I guess it's because I'm getting to integrate myself a bit more in here. Joined an RP, the Literate Beans, made some more friends too. It feels very nice! How come you don't post that much? You should try it out sometime, seriously. It's somewhat "refreshing" :P

      And about Revelarions, one of the things I liked the most was the Hook-Blade. Not exactly a Keyblade, but incredibly fun as well, lol.
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  • About

    October 25
    Quebec, Canada
    So you wanna know about me...

    Nothing much interesting to said, honestly. I'm just someone... I don't have any useful talents, but I don't bite!
    I'm a bit too shy... I look more often at the forums than I post :3
    You can add me on Skype or Msn, I do like chatting even thought I'm a bit clueless about some stuff...

    Oh, I forgot to mention something that may seems a bit obvious when I write, but English is my second language... And to be honest, I understand really well, but I'm really clumsy when it come to write and talk.
    I apologize for all the misunderstanding it might causes, and I'll do my best to go through my difficulties.

    Video Games, Manga, Reading, Drawing, Writing, Taking pictures of the sky on my way home :p


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