Nov 8, 2009
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April 10


Moogle Assistant, Female, from Tokyo

Does anyone still use this? Aug 14, 2021

    1. XIII-roxas
      Don't be.
      I would agree, but my computers in it's "out of monthly downloads" state. it'll be better in 3 or 4 days.
    2. XIII-roxas
      Being in a state of depression couldn't be any better, honey.
      And sucks. You can never forget sucks.
      The only thing I did was punch her boyfriend in the face for being a ****.
      Not my fault popularity gets to people.
    3. XIII-roxas
      *Takes a deep breath*
      No, seriously, this is freaking scary. I havn't seen you properly for ages.
      Yes, I did.
      A little update on that there situation.
      Rejection and hatred. Ah well, life goes on, and depression follows, unfortunately XD.
      So, how's your life been?
      Don't apologize. Just big foam swords and happiness. That is all you need.
      HOORAY! Like, really, I thought it was Eens, she usually VMs me around this time. I kinda gave up on hoping it was you after the first couple of months.
      I was hoping for a "friends" at least, but no. Ah well. It was good seeing you again too.
    4. XIII-roxas
      Hey Xi-xi. Been a while.
      Just thought I'd fill ya in a bit.
      So, you may/may not have realised I've been banned from the computer. Currently typing from my Wii.

      Another thing: I told her!
      ...But still no response. *Waiting*
      Anyways, hope I see you soon, and give my best to Kay kay. Cya!


    5. Axel and riku lover
    6. bestchem
    7. anarchy666
      hey Alice XP
    8. NamineKairiXion
      nothing new just suffreing at home DX
    9. adamboy7
      lol XD I dont mind lol :D
    10. anarchy666
      ahh mad aye :)
      haha thats alright
    11. xion2468
      ^^ thanks. So how are you?
    12. XIII-roxas
      ------At night------

      Deveraux: I had no idea you could do that...
      XIII: I was desperate. I usually don't need it.
      Sky, hey, where did MX go anyways?
      XIII: Dead. Thats why I didn't use it earlier. Plus, it tires me out.
      River: Oh...
      XIII: So Axel, your paying.
      Axel: fine.

      After dinner...

      Deveraux: Okay, I'm off to bed. hwo bout you guys.
      Everyone: sure.

      End day 2.

      WOOT!!! Sorry for the long-ness. Twas nessacary for the epic battle. Kinda why I cut it off in the middle.
    13. XIII-roxas
      *Scoreboard: TP: 9. TXIII: 11* (EDIT: HAS COME TO MY ATTENTION THAT I COULDN'T INCLUDE LARXENE. Thus ruining the fairness of the fight. I added a mystery character that I don't know the name of, and killed him instantly. Restoring the score to the orginal order, let me continue.)

      The battle against the gambler was hard, Losing Ventus, With Vanitas finishing him off with an explosion of darkness.
      Vanitas: Who's next?
      A few seconds after that, a flowery man appeared. Vanitas was laughing his ass off. Marluxia forfitted.

      The fight had raged on until 5pm, starting at 9am. Eventually, it had narrowed down to just XIII and Master Xeahnort. The dark man stood, army of unversed standing before him. XIII, on the other hand, had taken a beating, and was alone. He could hear cheers from the croud, rooting for the two people.
      This is it, XIII. The moment of truth.
      The kept going for another half an hour, but the unversed kept coming. He had no choice.
      In the blink of an eye, the boy dissapeared. Thinking XIII had forfitted, the man laughed sadisticly. What he didn't expect, though, was to be grabbed by multiple dark tendrils.
      MX: Huh?
      XIII stood victorius, smirking at his success.
      XIII: Good game.
      And with that, the tendrils devoured him, dissapearing in a flash of light.
      He was worn out, about to collapse. Sky and Dev had rushed to his side.
    14. XIII-roxas
      -------------Before the fight-------------

      *XIII has Roxas, Vanitas, Zexion, Ventus, Sky, Reigon, Hollow, Rave, Deveraux, River, Terra and Riku standing beside him*
      *Axel has The rest of the organization, Sora and Master Xeahnort standing beside him*
      XIII: Let the fight, BEGIN!

      (Okay, so this is going to be a very big part. I will describe how they're fighting, and I'm going to use proper sentences (for most of the part, anyways.). Enjoy my failiure attemp at writing a battle!)

      XIII is charging up to Xemnas, assuming, being the leader of the organization, would be a good match. Xemmy noticed this.
      Xemnas: GAURD!
      XIII had broken through the gaurd somehow, and was now demolishing Xemnas with multiple strong, quick blows.
      In the meantime, Ventus and Roxas had teamed up and were now after Axel and Saix, who had a similar idea.
      Saix had entered berserk mode, and was smashing his claymore everywhere.
      Axel, seeing how strong he was, decided he woudn't mind if he jumped on his back and flung his chakrams at Ventus and Roxas.
      The two Blonds were dodging farely well, Jumping, rolling and gaurding constantly. Roxas got hit, falling behind, becoming vulnerable. Roxas just nodded at Ventus, Who continued to go after the Red head and his dog-like companion. Sora had jumped at Roxas, the blond dodging and countering with blizzard. With Sora frozen, he picked him up, and he nailed Axel with him. He fell off, screaming at how cold it was. Ventus took this oprotunity to smash Axel. What Roxas didn't expect was, to be hit by Saix. Roxas and Axel were eliminated, being teleported to the stands. Ventus continued to finish of Sora. Sora was in the stands.

      *Score board: Team pyro: 11 members left. Team XIII: 12 members left.*

      We now continue back to Xemans and XIII. He was just about to finish of the superior when Saix had stopped him.
      XIII: uhg!
      Sky had saw this, and was now raged. He finished off his current target (Xigbar) and dashed towards his creator. He had shot Xemnas with his bow, and had nailed Saix with a dagger. Team pyro was down another 2 members.
      Sky: Hit me, stupid mutt!
      Ventus had ran to Vanitas to aid him in his fight against the gambler, Luxord. The time manipulator was teleporting like crazy, throwing cards at his victim in the mean time. Ventus, remembering a spell Aqua had taught him, cast time, and whacked the british man over the head.

    15. XIII-roxas
      -------------After breakfast-------------

      In the Arena...

      XIII: Bring it, pyro boy!
      Axel: Is this the only way to settle things?
      XIII: Yes, but I mainly built this place for training. Now, lets fight! *pulls out 2 scythes*

      In the stands....

      Sky: Wow, Axels pretty good. I've never seen anyone who can take a blow from XIII.
      Deveraux: Or not quit after missing every hit and getting snuck up on every five seconds.
      *Phone rings*
      Deveraux: She texted back!
      Hollow: *peeks* *gets punched in the face*
      Deveraux: You mind? This is kindove personal.
      River: *whistles*
      Deveraux: *blushing*
      Reigon: Holy crap! Look!
      Vanitas: He landed a hit!
      Roxas: A hard one too. He's bleeding!

      Back in the stands.....

      Axel: Stand down.
      XIII: *huff* *puff* Finish me.
      Axel: with ple-OOOF!
      XIII: *holding scythes to Axels neck* *wound heals*
      Axel: O_O
      XIII: I win.
      *cheers can be heard*
      XIII and Axel: *weapons dissapear*
      XIII: Good match.
      Axel: Yeah.

    16. XIII-roxas
      -------------Day 2-------------

      XIII: *over the loud speaker* Good morning!
      Demyx: My ears are dieing!
      Zexion: *groan* I'm supprised he even knows what death means.
      Vexen: *snicker*
      XIII: Good one, Zexy.
      Demyx: What one!?
      XIII: *Rofl'ing*
      Zexion: *wipes tear of happiness from his eye*
      XIII: Anyways, I just wanted to tell you breakfast is ready. Theres a ton of crap on the bulliten board, and we're going out for the night.
      Deveraux: *yawn* Cool. Hey, is there any way we can call the girls? I miss Dispire.
      Sky: And I miss Rain.
      Hollow and Rave: And we wanna see our sister!
      XIII: Oh! Yeah, theres a present for all of you. It's on the table. And, it comes with a phone, so STOP COMPLAINING! I'm not THAT inconsiderate.
      Ventus: Yay! I missed Aqua! *Runs out of the room*
      Sora: Kairi! *Runs with him*
      *Everyone else stares at Roxas*
      Roxas:....*Walks out*
      River: I thought Riku had a girlfriend?
      Riku: Nope. Kindove like how everyone thinks Zexion is cute, but he's always paired with guys.
      Zexion: *Shivers*
      Deveraux: Axel, don't you have to call Larxene?
      Axel: I told you before, we broke up!
      Vanitas: Ofcourse you did.
      Axel: Oh shut up! We all know you like Aqua, but your other half got her!
      Vanitas: *Crying*
      XIII: *tazes Axel* Leave Vanny alone! *runs over to Vanitas*
      XIII: There there, It's okay. What about the billions of fans you have?
      Sky: Yeah, Don't hurt Vanitas, Roxas, Zexion, him or the OCs.
      Axel: Smart ass.
      Sky: I was the first.
      XIII: Everyone, off to breakfast! I'll be with you shortly.

    17. XIII-roxas

      A week later....

      Sorry about that. But....*deep breath*
      *Gasping for air*
      Why did I leave all the comments? I needed someone to talk to. I had a very boring school holidays XD
      Yay! You liked them :3
      I <3 the 18 long second scream. Thats what makes that song very speacial.
      Never heard of any of them. Ever heard of Framing Hanley? I found them recently from a fan-fic that had the lyrics in it.
      You can SHUFFLE? Omgthatisoawesomelyepic.
      Yeah, sorry about that ^.^"


      Yay! I'll get some stuff for you too....TO YOUTUBE!!!

      (I...No comment.)
      (Horray! Number three! Not as funny, but still, YAY!)
      (....I've ran out of witty comments.)
      (I'm serious, I have nothing left.)
      (No, really.)
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-7mZkt4bP5I (I mean it. I'm out of ideas.)
      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hib0fj-iFyg (I, for one, am dissapointed with myself.)

      To the OCs!
    18. nasirrich
      Uhhh sorry can't say it is.
      I somehow got grounded 6 times for no reason. I never new that was humanly possible.
    19. XIII-roxas
      Sorry for the barage of comments, but I really miss you. I can barely go a day without you (true story :3)
      Please get back on soon.
    20. XIII-roxas
      *NOTE: I decided I would just do the boys. My girls are going under serious character design.*

      River: *Smells pancakes*
      River: Hm? Guys, wake up!
      Sky: Why?
      River: I smell pancakes. And bacon. I didn't know one of us could cook?
      Vanitas: What are you going on about?
      Sky: Someones cooking breakfast.
      Vanitas: ONE OF US CAN COOK!?
      River: Thats what I said.
      Sky: Dev, wake up.
      River: Where is Dev? And now that I think about it, when did we get cooking apliances?
      Vanitas: *peeks through door* Found him. And Axel, for that matter.
      Sky: Guys, wake up!
      Sky: *growls*
      *Distant explosion*
      Everyone but Sky, River and Vanitas: AHHHHHH!
      River: Nice work.


      XIII: Well, hello there.
      Deveraux: XIII?
      XIII: You bet your fictional asses. Would everyone please report to the meeting room?
      *Out of sync "Whats"?*
      XIII: The place where the bulliten board is.
      *Sudden realisation*

      ------In the meeting room------

      XIII: Okay, we're here to discuss your new home. This is the meeting room, I'll call you here from time to time. Then theres your rooms, and the kitchen, which is right out of your room. The hallway, which is a four way intersection, Leads to the four main areas:
      -Main room/activities
      -Meeting room/notcies
      The toilets can be located In the main room, as can showers. Although you share a room, you each have rooms that appeal to your tastes and personalities. Other areas in the main room include the arena and casual room. You are dismissed.

      -----END DAY-----

      Hooray for intros :D
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    One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree.
    "Which road do I take?" she asked.
    "Where do you want to go?" was his response.
    "I don't know," Alice answered.
    "Then," said the cat, "it doesn't matter."