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Apr 5, 2012
Dec 17, 2008
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Inside your mind.
Student/Asylum Inmate

Ŧiмє Яǽрεѓ

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Apr 5, 2012
    1. Spaze
      Hello there. :o
    2. Iskandar
      The Pokemon League Challenge has been handed over to me by Krowley. There is a different thread to post for updates as of now so please post there. If you have not updated in a while, please let me know how you are doing in the game. If you have stopped playing the game and do not wish to continue, please let me know.

      Link to new thread
    3. shidonic
      School work?~

      Sorry to hear your busy, *Hugs* <3 (Sorry if the heart scared you, im getting use to it thanks to a chat, no link, it'll count as adverting)
    4. shidonic
      You haven't been on in a while, what happened?
    5. kina2000
      I am Vivian, i am a girl, i just read through your profile now and i was deeply moved. I think that you are a very interesting person. So I decided to use the chance to get to know you. I think we should use every chance to be friends by any means, then contact me to my private email (viviandion2@yahoo.in) for easy communication so that I will send you my pictures and more details about me, I still hope for your reply,
    6. Spaze
      So are you enjoying uni at the moment?
    7. Spaze
      I'm short, 5ft3. :) I used to complain about my height, but eh.
    8. Spaze
      I'm jealous. xD I didn't start gaining weight until I turned 13 when I got all sad, depressed, and lazy. Guess I was "just going through a phase" or whatever.

      How tall are you? o:
    9. Spaze
      Ah yes, I remember what you told me about her. :/ I'm so sorry. I've also lost a relative recently, but I believe in resurrection so that helps me feel a little better.

      Me? Well, I'm waiting for summer to hurry up and come. =_= I just want junior year to be over with, so I can become a senior and get closer to finishing school. xD I'm also on a mission to lose 15 pounds. I've lost 64, just a few more and I'm done. <3
    10. Spaze
      Oh, you. Disappearing and stuff.

      How are you? xD
    11. shidonic
      Hm, i can simplify it for ya, if you can get on, my gamer-tag is the same as here, and you can check compare games
    12. shidonic
      M rated games

    13. shidonic
      That's to bad, they're good shooters, do you have any M games?
    14. shidonic
      (Just out of curiosity)

      Do you have a xbox360? and if so do have a gold account and black ops?

      (you will have to friend me to send a Vm back, but i have sent that along with this message)
    15. Roxas&Sora4E
      Whats up?
    16. Machazo
      Every time I read your username I read "Time Raper"
    17. Spaze
      ...Madness? THIS. IS. SPAR- *shot*
      x_x I'm sorry. What's with the elderly dying all of a sudden.


      Hah! I'm just chillin' until...Junior year. <<'
    18. jackdaniel0
      Hm...Out of curiosity, do you regularly check RP's your in for new posts?
    19. Spaze
      Oh my goodness. I've been extremely busy. x.x After watching all those Chuck Norris commercials, I decided to get a total gym. XD Working out every week (five days) and my legs are killing me. Trying to tone my body up before Junior year. You know, need to look my best. ;D Also, I've been trying to spend more time with my grandmother since the doctors claim she only has about five months until her body shuts down on her. ._. But um, yeah...

      How have you been? Any other forums you've been to when you left KHV?
    20. Spaze
      Late reply is late.

      But hey! XD I remember you. Welcome back~
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    Inside your mind.
    Student/Asylum Inmate
    The fool learns from his mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.

    KH, FF, Insanity, Metal, Tea, Blood, Sometimes Blood Tea, Ponies