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Hey Guys, I got these awesome news which I'm super excited to share with you all!

They will show a video for it and it'll also be playable. For those not familiar with the HD Remix, it's a game collection that will bundle Kingdom Hearts, Re:Chain of Memories in glorious HD and improved textures. 358/2 Days will also be included in a compact form only showcasing the important cutscenes in the game.​
Major thanks to Vanellope(Axel91) for the heads up!​

In the November 22nd edition of Famitsu, Tai Yasue reveals that the HD collection is 80-90% complete. Sqexgal also reveals that while there will be no secret ending awaiting players after completion of the games. There will however, be an additional special feature unlocked. More details are expected to soon be released. Credit to Libregkd for the news finding and Roxam for the translation discovery.

Scan and translated interview courtesy of KH13.
Degenki has updated their site with the full Nomura Interview from last weeks Issue of the magazine. Along with the interview, all the screenshots from the article have been added as well. GoldPlanner has fuilly translated the article.