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Degenki has updated their site with the full Nomura Interview from last weeks Issue of the magazine. Along with the interview, all the screenshots from the article have been added as well. GoldPlanner has fuilly translated the article.

Here is a quickie! Livejournal user Kowaiki has posted a picture of all the SE Christmas Cards. (Thank you so much!) Some are similar to posters we have already seen. CLick the thumbnail below to enlarge.


Also, our affiliate has gotten final tidbits on Jump Festa 07' including gameplay information.


• During a boss battle with Marluxia, Marluxia will use an earth attack.
• During your battle with Roxas in TWTNW, Roxas will not just have 10 + health bars and be faster than you, he can also glide and have these nobody marked shape swords protecting him. There are about 13 of these swords, or so, from what the blog user can make of them.
• Some of the worlds look extended.
• This is in relation to the org. member coming into a room, sits on a chair (or throne), and the entire room lights up. The shapes that the light turns into are in the form of nobody insignias. Also, the room looks like a room from the Castle That Never Was.

• There's a cutscene of Riku and Zexion talking to each other.
Riku:"If I go through this door, maybe I can erase the darkness in me..."
• A cutscene of Sora and Namine, when Sora finally found her.
• The music from CoM is remade for Re:CoM.

Once again, thank you! The information itself came from KH-Information. That about wraps it up.

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IGN also seems to have updated their Kingdom Hearts page, though it is nothing special, it's basically what we already know, just in flashier words XD anyways, you're able to view it Here and for all you lazy people or slow internet connections...

Ok, due to the major postage that happened, alot of news didn't manage to make the front page, I have decided to do a little Ordering Post to keep this very Organized, as now we are completly done with JF 2007 on the KH Segment here we go! Note to all, all underlined links are clickable

Jump Festa News

Kingdom Hearts Re:COM Trailer Script

Kingdom Hearts II FM+ Trailer Script

5 New Scans and JF 2007 Info

Kingdom Hearts Re:COM Demo Analysis

Live Journal Speculations 1 and 2
Well I have no way to give you an introduction so here is what I'll say.

- The demos were indeed only playable for 15 minutes, with wait lines going up to 60 minutes.

-This time they did not give out an instruction booklet (Well that's odd, someone's gonna have to clerify me on that one)

- There were only 2 chosen area demos.

- One was playing Sora's side in Halloween Town which included the Oogie Boogie Boss Battle.

- The other was playing Riku's side against Vexen!


The Stock button apparently wasn't the L and R, so it didn't feel like the GBA version there, however the gameplay is similar to the GBA version, and you still have to repeatedly press L and R, just like the GBA version to them. ( I believe they're saying L and R both have seperate commands now)

L is used to stock the cards, as R is used to unleash the techniques of the stocked cards, after you earned 3 pieces.

Sora's side
There was no Cutscenes at all for this, however once you advanced 2 rooms, you would automatically be brought into the Oogie Boogie boss battle.

The cards you have set for you are "Cloud, Jack, Heal, Gravity, Fire, Blizzard, and attack cards"

The method to defeat Oogie Boogie is very similar to that of the GBA version.

Riku's Side

This time there was a cutscene, and a boss battle against Vexen.

There were little to no changes, except that the battle takes place on the 10th floor this time.

Once you defeat Vexen, a cutscene appears.

Source: FFKHBlog
Yup first we got Re:COM now we got KHFMII+ trailer, I believe with these are certainly now near the end of Jump Festa news, KH STyle

Kingdom Hearts FM+ Script

(Note: Once again Midnight Kingdom, if you want this removed e-mail me at kadaajudoc@gmail.comThis email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

There is first an image of Namine's room, and then a picture of Namine.

Namine: Do you not want to know the truth?

The scene of Roxas' name being created by Xemnas is shown infront of the residence of Twilight Town

There is then a scene of the location where Sora and Axel faught against the Nobodies

Sora: There is hanger and hatred in the mind,

Riku: None of those things in the mind are ordered. (Eh?)

A scene where King Mickey takes out his keyblade.

Ansem begins to hold the machine that was used to absorb Data.

A scene where Namine jumps at Sora

Namine: Sleep, we made a promise that we'll meet each other again.

A scene where Saix says that Zemnas is in Kingdom Hearts

Sora helps Riku walk.

Sora has new form, and opening clothes.

Ragnarok skill has "Shot, Impact, and Gigaimpact"

A scene of the Mushrooms in Organization clothing

A new area in Hollow Bastion, and another town.

Disney characters are now not just in their normral world!?

A scene of Alladin who runs away from Jack and Nightmaresanta Sora who are in Santa's house. (Or that first there's a scene of Alladin running, and then the Jack/Nightmaresanta Sora scene)

There is a scene of Ariel, and Tron in a world.

Scene where the Beast rushes at Xaldin

New map and Hollow Bastion, Netherworld? Castle Oblivion? It's hard to use, and you also have the skill "Fly up"

Coliseum is where you will be fighting against Vexen (EH!?)

Sora Donald and Goofy vs Lexaeus (EH!?!?)

A huge pointed rock shoots out from the ground.

Sora Donald and Goofy vs Marluxia (EH!?!?!?!?)

There are alot of counter moves in this battle, mainly against Marluxia's scythe/sickle.

There is a conference with 4 members of the Organization

Luxord: He can bet against you to obtain something

Saix:There's nothing to put out, when obtaining a friend.

Xemnas: Axel shook up Sora's mind.

The Camera appraches some of the chairs

Xemnas awakes.

Sora vs Roxas

Roxas is seen in The World that Never Was, at a skyscraper where Sora suddenly has memories of Roxas.

Roxas is really really fast

The organization appears through an opening of a ground. (Possibly Xemas)

He sits on the chair in the Nobody room

The words KH RE:COM+KH2FM = KH2 FM+

There is someone on the ground in armor

Xemnas? "Friend"

The armored man appears in the secret ending however the explosion reflections his armor helmet is blown off.

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